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  • The team of Jonathan Morgan and director Jim Enright were responsible folr several hjt comedies in the '90s for Wicked Pictures (e.g., "Haunted Nights") and this lesser effort by them for Caballero is also entertaining.

    It takes the premise of the mainstream hit "The Money Pit" and rather than imitating it slavishly in casting and scene-by-scene ripoff of today's so-called porn parodies, uses the gimmick for original shtick.

    Lynn LeMay is delightful as Morgan's wife, with both spouses cheating on the other half throughout the show. An unlikely pair of construction workers played by Rebecca Bardoux and another femme liven up the film, while Stephen St. Croix pops up without credit as a buidlng inspector who gets to inspect Lynn's mammoth mammaries.

    Harmless entertainment, with the unusual gimmick of starting off with a montage of Morgan's bloopers, rather than holding it for the end credits.
  • This may be the chesty Lynn LeMay's best film. It's a total spoof on THE MONEY PIT, but with a lot more sex and a lot less budget. Generally, most of it is fairly typical of the genre, but LeMay's sex scene in the kitchen with her husband is one of the best I've ever seen. It's done in a great, fun way that makes it thoroughly enjoyable, as opposed to so many of these films that make the characters look grimacing and upset while they're going at it. LeMay actually looks like she's enjoying herself here, and that's always a plus. The scenes with Rebecca Bardoux as a repairwoman have their charm too, but this is definitely a vehicle to enjoy LeMay and her assets.
  • I rented it with my girlfriend at the time. Some sex scenes were very hot, others were frightening, others were just plain laughable. But it was all in good fun. The couple selling the house probably had the best scene, and the two handywomen were the most laughable. But it was ok.