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  • Jacques Daniel-Norman 's best efforts are two detective films such as "120 Rue De La Gare" and "La Femme Que J'Ai Assassinée"."Le Briseur De Chaines" is also a movie to be recommended .

    "Monsieur Gregoire S'Evade " is the follow-up to "120 Rue De La Gare",and ,like it,it is a detective film ,although the comedy aspect comes more to the fore.The first half ,the best ,shows a timid insurance clerk,fond of crosswords -he's just won a prize in this field- ,overtaken by events ;thus the best scenes are to be found in this part: the newspapers Grégoire delivers , his triumph in crosswords for all to see;his boss , dangling the prospect of a promotion before him;his so called best friend disgracefully wooing his wife .Sadly his name and his photograph in the newspapers attract a jewel thief who mistakes him for a former accomplice ; the gangster's moll, browsing through the photo album and stealing the compromising picture.

    Things begins to deteriorate with this complicate story of "Rajah gang" who wants to recover a jewel ;the screenplay becomes muddled (the director wrote it himself and it suffered accordingly: "120 Rue De La Gare" was based on a Leo Mallet novel.);although handicapped by Jules Berry's absence : his pairing with Bernard Blier was excellent in the first half.

    Half an entertaining movie:you make it on the percentages but loses out on the bonuses.