Plan 69 from Outer Space (1993)

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A porn version of the infamous Ed Wood Jr. Plan 9 From Outer Space cult film. Plan 69 squeezes in UFO's, scream queen bimbos, goofy make-up, and lots of sultry sex to boot! Hilariously ... See full summary »


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19 June 2010 | Michael_Elliott
Ultra-Cheap Homage
Plan 69 from Outer Space (1993)

* 1/2 (out of 4)

As a die-hard fan of Ed Wood and his infamous 1958 film PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, I had always wanted to check out this adult homage/remake as I've heard different stories about it. I've heard from some that it was great fun. I've heard from a few saying it was horrid. I've even heard a few say that it was a scene-for-scene remake of the Wood film only with hardcore sequences thrown in. Well, that's certainly not the case and I'm sure most will just want to pass this thing up. There's no real story other than we get some aliens coming to Earth to remove the brains of a few people and then we get sex scenes. This is a pretty hard film to judge because on one hand it's an ultra-cheap and rather useless porn but then again we do get a few funny jokes but these here are going to be appreciated by the biggest fans of the original movie. The jokes that work best are the ones dealing with the flying saucers and a few characters not knowing if paper plates are really plates or if they're the saucers. This joke happens a couple times through the movie and I must admit that it made me laugh. Most of the homages come from cheap looking sets meant to copy those from the original film. We also get a Dracula like character who is clearly spoofing Bela Lugosi, although there aren't any extra jokes about this. I doubt fans of adult movies are going to find anything too special here as the sex scenes are all rather boring and poorly filmed. The budget here is probably smaller than anything Wood ever had to work with so not too much is done.

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