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  • "Pourquoi Pas Moi" ("Why Not Me?"), is such a lovely film which depicts a five young people who work together at a provincial French publishing cooperative. Three lesbians, a straight girl, and a most charming gay guy. Only one of the five is "out" with her family, and her activist mother decides to invite the five for a weekend at her country house at the same time as their parents.

    This is the recipe for a very special get together, and the parents end up being just as interesting and as their offspring. The film develops into the kind of warm, witty farce, which the French seem to master so well.

    The director, Stephane Giusti, is really talented and can be compared to Spain's Pedro Almodovar. A refreshing naivety, strong cast performances, and a surprisingly well-rounded act by Johnny Hallyday have made this film one of my all time favorites.
  • I remember having seen this movie at least twice, very late at night, and each time with the same results: a warm feeling of happiness, and love (no kidding, after watching it, I just loved everybody, and not just because it was 3 a.m. and my tiny brain stops working at midnight). This movie will make you laugh and think (that part was harder). And I have to say this, I loved the actors, they were great.
  • This film deals with coming out, with fun but not in an idealistc world. Lesbians and gays are not pointed out as some people living alone but just as people in love. At the end of the day, is just about love and being yourself.. .
  • What more could you want? Hot chicks, a strong storyline and plenty of laughs. The English subtitles are very faithful to the French dialogue and display the subtle, but keen, witticism of French cinema. We bought the video several years ago and have since lent it to dozens of people, all of whom have loved it. And with some absolute classic one liners, who wouldn't?! Seldom does queer film successfully mix humour with poignant truths about the reality of being gay, but Pourqoui pas moi is a rare exception. This film is for all those poofs and dykes out there struggling for acceptance, and anyone else who knows what it's like not to fit in to the love/live mould. It well deserves a 10/10 rating.
  • What an unexpected gem! This film is hilarious! It falls in that very rare "laughter hangover" category ... films that make you laugh so much that you wake up the next morning with an aching gut.

    Terrific cast! Tremendous performances!

    The cinematography and blocking are also fantastic. A variety of unique visual techniques are ingeniously employed, serving to underscore dramatic tensions and to heighten comedic effect.

  • I saw some more or less recent comedies about sexual choices, homosexuality, coming out... This one maybe the best since ages, because the acting is all right, because the casting is full of surprises (Johnny Halliday - the french Elvis (?) -, Elli Meideros - punk star of the eighties, Marie-France Pisier, and lots of young actors I didn't knew), because it's never heavy,... Worth seeing, to say it in the simplest way.