Warner Bros. was the original intended studio to release this film under its original title "Prime Time" but declared it unreleasable. Cannon Films later took over distribution and eventually released it under "American Raspberry".

The "Manny's Nymphs" segment was a spoof of the TV series Charlie's Angels (1976) which was still currently being broadcast when the movie debuted.

"The Charles Whitman Invitational" segment is a controversial of the shooting of forty-six people which killed fourteen and wounded thirty-two by a college student on a campus tower at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas on 1st August 1966 eleven years before this movie.

Final theatrical feature film directed by Bradley R. Swirnoff.

One of the sketch anthology films released during the 70s along with The Groove Tube (1974), Tunnel Vision (1976), The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977) and Coming Attractions (1978).

An alternative poster for the movie features a TV monster rampaging a city similar to Godzilla. Other anthology comedy films about TV before this also used an anthromorphic TV monster in their posters (a gorilla with TV head in the Groove Tube while a smiling blue TV monster in Tunnel Vision).

Debut theatrical feature film of actor Stephen Furst.

Movie posters for "American Raspberry" version feature the Stature of Liberty turning around and winking.

One of the segments was an adaptation of a National Lampoon humor magazine article.

The film was an early screen role for actress Joanna Cassidy.

The "Die Tough Battery" was a parody of Sears' "Die Hard Batteries" that power an execution advertisements.

The "American Excess" commercial segment was a spoof the "American Express" credit-card.

Warren Oates: as a celebrity sportsman.

Kinky Friedman: as Ole Ben Lucas.

Harry Shearer: as a trucker's friend.

Harris Yulin: as Charles Conlin.