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  • This remake of the classic, I married a Monster from Outer Space, is a very enjoyable piece of sci fi cotton candy, without any deep insights to be gained, but a nice way to spend an evening and preferable to watching crappy sitcoms or dumb reality shows. There's nothing really scary in it and there are nice moments of humor as we watch the alien become acclimated to human habits and behavior. Kind of a more serious version of the "Third Rock" sitcom, and actually not as good as it. Yet it is nicely paced and doesn't slack off or run dry, and it's seemingly a bit oriented towards the womens' point of view, likely since it is directed by a woman and that makes it all the more interesting. I saw it on VHS which was fun because all of the points where the commercials are cut in instead cut to the next scene, which gave me a nice sense of relief each time it happened. With several nifty scenes of aliens and effects, it's definitely worth the $2 I paid for it, and I have no qualms about watching it with my any girls who can't stand scary films, but like soap opera. They'll dig it.
  • I thought the original of this film was quaint and charming as well as having me sitting on the edge of my seat trying to figure it out.

    Since I had already seen the original, when I saw this on Sci Fi Channel- I don't know if this remake was deliberately made for Sci Fi - I knew what it was within the first few minutes. Since I like Richard Burgi as a character actor, I wanted to see how he would pull it off.

    The writers/producers etc, modernized the film a bit by trying to explain the plight of the "aliens" (They could no longer reproduce their own kind and needed help) using the same pseudo science that has been crammed in our ears in the 90's. Maybe it added a bit of polish to the film, or not.

    This film. Film? This production takes on a more sinister edge than the original did- The original ended with a confrontation between the young woman and the alien and an understanding of sorts took place, although no resolution of the Alien's problem.

    I sort of remember that in this remake, the woman became rather hostile towards the Burgi/Alien- I think it could have ended better. But the ending is just the ending, and the yarn is a swell yarn, being of the basic 1958 Science Fiction Pulp Stock. Many great science fiction stories were written in the 50's and some of them even made it to film.

    This is a swell thing to watch on like a rainy day or something. I rate it highly cos of all the remakes of old 50's Sci Fi, this one came off well. I actually enjoyed this quite a bit.

    But if anyone really wants to see this story told WELL, I suggest the original 1958 version with Tom Tyron and Gloria Talbott, directed by Gene Fowler Jr.
  • This film is typical of a made-for-TV movie. A remake of 1958's "I Married a Monster from Outer Space," it comes off second best. It is nowhere near as slick, well written or well acted as the original.

    Tom Tryon and Gloria Talbott were far more effective in the lead parts than former soap star Richard Burgi and TV vet Susan Walters. To be fair, Walters' acting was adequate, but Burgi's uninspired performance cast a shroud over the whole production.

    On the plus side, effective use was made of the technology, and the FX were not, for the most part, overdone.

    If you have a couple of hours to kill, this movie will do the job. If you like the genre and want to see a better film, rent the original.
  • I MARRIED A MONSTER is an ill-advised late '90s remake of the 1950s B-movie sci-fi classic I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE. In this version, the story has been modernised to the then-present day, with a situation and bunch of characters who look like they belong in some insipid daytime soap rather than a decent sci-fi film.

    And, at the risk of being sexist, I'd say this was a film aimed at the housewife market. It's a safe, non-confrontational production, in which the scares are diluted and the sci-fi elements handled in that embarrassingly cheesy way so beloved of the decade. The TV movie budget means we're saddled with weak scripting and even worse special effects.

    Future DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Richard Burgi plays a suburban husband whose trip into the woods at night sees him returning changed...somehow. There's a mildly successful air of mystery surrounding the production, and a few eerie scenes reminiscent of INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS, but it's weak overall. It doesn't help that there are some AWFUL CGI effects used to animate the aliens which make the entire climax a laughing stock. As usual, stick with the original for the best version of the story.
  • This movie got extremely silly when things started to happen. I couldn't care less about any of the characters; Susan Walters was so annoying, and the leading actor (forget his name) also got on my nerves. Can't quite remember how it ended and so forth but the whole idea of aliens possessing human bodies and all just seemed stupid in this film, things didn't quite carry off. My dad told me it's s stupid movie...I should've listened to him.
  • Sure it's "cheap SciFi", *but* it sticks to the plot of the original "I Married a Monster from Outer Space" (1958) with some interesting CG embellishments. For my money, it's just as good as the original. The feel and look of the 1998 version also are different, perhaps because it was directed by a woman. I found IMM an intriguing remake, and I'd like to own both it and the 1958 version on a DVD, particularly if we could get the principals of both to talk about the differences between the two versions.
  • This picture for me scores very highly as it is a hugely enjoyable and amusing spoof of Alien Invaders taking over a town and many of its' men folk.

    The town and the players are all decked out in sort of 1950's style and the whole movie has a deliberate tacky and kitschy feel to it. Some of the scenes are hilarious like with the birth of an alien creature.

    All the actors give full blooded and serious performances which makes the film even funnier and the special effects and Aliens are at least it seems to me intentionally 3rd rate to add to the amusement.

    These type of films often deserve a cult following:

  • Nick and Kelly are ready to be married but Travis (Kelly's dog) leads Nick to a strange blue wall that will change the honeymoon for Kelly. Richard Burgi and Susan Walters play Nick and Kelly and make a good couple. Nick loves to drink, smoke, and play pool with the fellas for fun but Nick suddenly abstains from this type of fun. Sex is the one thing that he loves because he wants a child. We find out that an alien race is dying and needs to interbreed with women from Earth to save their population. It becomes a battle of survival between humans and aliens with the dog population also being involved. A fine film.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I MARRIED A MONSTER is a late 90's remake of a late 50's sci-fi/horror goof-ball called I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE (granted, that's a slightly better sounding title than TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE). They could have easily named it "I Married Computer Generated Colors From Outer Space", as that's basically what the aliens (and their ship too, for that matter) look like. The aliens and their spacecraft look like a bunch of liquefied, fluorescent colors (mainly purple, green and blue) thrown in a mixer. Their colorful appearance usually manifests itself in the form of a skeleton-like structure, which could pass off as an alien, I suppose. Now, I could argue that back in '98 the CGI technology wasn't as advanced as it is nowadays. But who am I kidding? STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM MENACE came out in '99 already. That's CGI galore and as colorful as a little kid's sketchbook. But at least it looks neat. Sure, I'm comparing a big budget George Lucas SFX fest to an unknown made-for-TV movie. Unfair, I agree. But still, most of the time the CGI used in I MARRIED A MONSTER is so laughable, that I suspect they did it on purpose. Either that, or they weren't even trying. They make the technology look like if it had been just invented the day before.

    Okay, enough about the SFX. They're colorful and funny to look at. What about the movie? Well, if I had to take a wild guess, I'd say this film probably isn't any better or worse than the original from '58. From what I've read, both films basically tell the exact same story in pretty much the same fashion. So why the different ratings then? Oh, yes, I know, it's "Classic Black & White Sci-Fi vs. Crappy Color CGI Re-Make". I'd love to see the original, to be able to compare. As far as this re-make goes, it's not good and it's not bad. It's just right there at that spot in between. Come to think of it, it's right there with practically all the other 90's sci-fi/horror made-for-TV efforts I've seen so far.

    Most of these films, by the way, learn us that if ever aliens should decide to invade the earth, they will choose a nice little picture-perfect small town nobody has ever heard of. Makes you feel safe living in a city, doesn't it? If you've seen one too many of those films, you just know how I MARRIED A MONSTER will play out. It's basically the umpteenth take on INVASION OF THE BODYSNATCHERS or INVADERS FROM MARS, only with a slightly different agenda for our alien friends. Somehow, I don't quite know what to make of this film. Sure it's sci-fi, I got that part alright. But as horror, there's no tension, there's no atmosphere, it's not frightening and it's not creepy. It might be a bit of a comedy, maybe, but it's just not funny enough. It could be a spoof, but it's not farcical enough. The acting was certainly fair enough, and none of the cast actually seemed to be playing it as a comedy. Which makes it even more strange.

    At best, there are a couple of funny touches (mowing miniature crop circles with a lawnmower) and mildly amusing scenes (the aliens not being able to hold their alcoholic beverages). The ending (final scene after the aliens have been defeated) simply can't be more typical. I usually like seeing these type of endings, over and over again, all possible variations on it. But here it's just too ridiculous: They actually forgot their baby was conceived by an alien? Very funny actually, when you consider they played it out as a shock ending. Oh well, my general rule is: "Be mild for made-for-TV productions". So there you have it.
  • AR-619 March 1999
    This movie, in my opinion, is cheap science fiction entertainment. The idea of using human host for alien reproduction is totally cheesy. An alien race using female humans in a desperate attempt to populate their species. What brings to my mind: does that mean we as human beings are 100% compatible genetically with other extraterrestrial beings somewhere out in the solar system? Despite it all, I admire the computer graphic effects.