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  • The late Jim Holliday was for porn what SIskel & Ebert provided for mainstream: bad advice on what to watch. I managed to ignore all of them and make my own choices.

    So catching up with this big-deal VHS era porn title and its sequels decades later is no thrill. As pornographer Holliday believes in overstuffing his features with talent, so much so as to be self-defeating.

    This one is merely half a loaf, with a simultaneously shot Part 2 necessary to complete the action. Biggest mistake is endless footage of guest star E.Z. Ryder as a conspiracy theorist dishing out boring plot elements regarding the sorority at Lost River College being some evil witches coven, a story gimmick not relevant to this Part One of the saga.

    Dozens of beautiful porn actresses are in the cast, though only the leads played by Ashlyn Gere, Victoria Paris, Bionca, Madison and Selena Steele are spotlighted in the sex scenes. There's a massive lesbian orgy climax, and at the end a preview of Part Two in which an even more elaborate daisy-chain lesbian orgy (featuring the same actresses) is promoted.

    The sex content is far from stimulating, and breast in show girl Alex Devell (usually a crew member rather than star) gets lost in the shuffle. I suspect that Holliday would have done better to specialize in softcore porn with this sort of overwritten material, for example the hardcore (but made to be amenable to softcore version) feature "Revenge of the Petites" made in a similar fashion in the DVD era.