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  • It's a very weird story told here, from an unusual novel and adapted by François Guérif himself, the great film noir specialist and crime novels publisher from France, the close friend of late Eddy Bunker and Jim Ellroy. And the director of this small gem made for TV is Jean Marboeuf, not the most know and understood director of all times. But although a great film noir lover. I had some difficulties to get in this story of a mysterious man arriving in s small village and seeking for something, related with the past. But what, exactly? What truth? The author of the novel from which this TV movie has been adapted is Michel Quint, a prolific writer describing countryside noir atmospheres and from whom it has been made EFFROYABLES JARDINS. But he is not really a crime novels writer, at least not anymore. He used this to be known. It's a scheme which we have already seen before, but Clovis Cornillac gives here a powerful performance in this noir, and dark tale. Not for all audiences, for sure, although rewarding for the authentic noir lovers as I truly am.