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  • All Saints is the best. That was decided by the Logie (Australian TV award) that it won for Best Drama, over constant favorite Blue Heelers. The combination of solid characters, good writing, moving performances and fantastic actors who all work well together makes this show the delight that it is. It's also not troubled by dealing with the tough issues, as was shown by earlier episodes where they dealt with male rape and de-tox trials. Filmed in Sydney, this show may occassionally slip into the unrealistic (as do all shows on TV) but other than that, it's fantastic.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    All Saints is a wonderful medical drama.

    Having grown up watching it, it is hard not to get attached to the people and their problems. From Nelson and his drinking to Frank and his daughter and ex-wife. Each week there is a new problem, like a drug-addicted patient, or a new plot twist that could change the series for ever.

    It is, from what I have seen in actual hospitals, very true to an Australian hospital ward.

    Hopefully this isn't a TV show that channel Seven is going to axe at the end of the year.
  • "All Saints" is now in its fifth season on Australian television, and it continues to captivate audiences and critics alike. The show has won widespread acclaim, and it's not difficult to see why. The show makes you genuinely care about the plight of its characters, and continually delivers tense situations and riveting storylines.

    The show has everything to keep you interested, including the touching romance between paramedic Ben Markham and nurse Bronwyn Craig. The "will they, won't they" relationship between Terri Sullivan and doctor Mitch Stevens is also captivating, if slightly frustrating!

    The tense opening episodes of season five were an example of the show at its best, as Ben, Scott, Rebecca and the other paramedics worked frantically to save lives amid a terrible train wreck. The episodes, continued over a two-week period, were fantastic. Watch this show. It reminds you that it's not just Americans who can deliver a fantastic drama series.
  • Its a great Aussie Medical Drama and is like the American TV show "ER" and is more realistic than that It has a great cast of people since Terry Sullivan left last year and is doing well. And it should be on TV for years to come.As long as it doesn't get Americanised then it will probably get canceled cause no one likes when Aussie shows get over dramatized like ER. The actors who are in the show are young and have a bright. They should keep the show going for as long as possible. Bring on another 10 years of All Saints. They just need to keep it on in its usual time slot of 8:30pm on Tuesday nights and then they wont have a problem keeping there viewers
  • One of the best Aussie tv medical dramas. the show was brilliant in every way, drama, heart and comedy, what this show was truly about. some great actors/actresses got their start here and some guest actors/actresses would later work together again. a true aussie drama with everything going for it.
  • This new Australian drama series has captured viewers throughout Australia in its first season.

    With actors/actresses from other shows you might have seen working with new faces that you probably haven't seen or heard of until now, but they're working together to create episodes, that loyal viewers and others, tune in to every Tuesday night to watch and share in the good and bad times that happen to the characters.

    The Christmas episode for 98 won its timeslot! How did they do that? With this...

    CHRISTMAS SPICE- The 1998 season finale is packed with emotion when Ward 17 celebrates Christmas. A sick child that her wish will come true; an elderly man asks Santa for a special gift for his ailing wife; Von learns the true meaning of Christmas; a homeless man goes to great lengths to stay in All Saints for Christmas dinner and Bron is in for a surprise at the Ward 17 Christmas party.

    Now you should be able to see why they have had such a great start!!! Congratulations to the All Saints cast and crew!