Judith McGrath is the only cast member to appear throughout the entire duration of the series.

Two former co-stars are in talks with producers and the network to bring back the series for a possible revival/reboot over 9 years after the show ended.

The series was highly popular and during its peak had 2 million viewers, when the series was cancelled in 2009 it averaged 1.175 million viewers, ranking highly in 3rd, 2nd or 5th, the series was cancelled after costs per episode went over $500,000 due to season 12's revamp which many fans still claim to this date as 'stupid, unnecessary and ruined a fantastic thing the show had going for it' . A member for the 7 Network years later said it was his one of his career regrets in cancelling the show.

Season 12 of the show was re-titled "All Saints Medical Response Unit", and it is believed that it was the cause of the shows cancellation due to going from to a regular medical drama to a response unit which made the doctor characters travel to insane medical emergencies. The budget for the final season was blown on the addition of the MRU, and most of the cast thought the MRU addition was stupid.

According to cast members the "big wigs behind the scenes" refused to watch any filming for the final season because the "big wigs" were figuring out how to end the show, due to budget concerns and multiple time changes to accommodate other shows including other drama series Packed To The Rafters and US repeats of Private Practice.

Jeremy Cumpston as Connor Costello (33 episodes) is a qualified doctor in real life and spent a year (2001-2002) working as a doctor at Bourke's Aboriginal Medical Service in Bourke, New South Wales, Australia.

Tammy Macintosh, Celia Ireland and Libby Tanner would go on to work with each other again on TV drama Wentworth (2013).

Like many shows in Australia, All Saints had filmed many episodes in advance, this is known in season 11, after the death of one of the actors, his final scenes where filmed before he died, and his last scenes were shown 2 months later.

Jared Levine (played by Ben Tari) Swears for the first time in all Saints when he tells Joan Marden (played By Kim Hillas) to Fu** off.

John Howard who played frank appeared in All Saints in an earlier season as a try hard or go home Laywer who ended up having a heart attack.

All Saints Western General Hospital is located in the fictional Sydney suburb of Clydesbridge.

Dr. Mitch Stevens lives at the fictional address of 51 Hillier Street, Fullers Green, New South Wales.

Was canceled in 2009 due to growing production costs from the addition of the Medical Response Unit.

All Saints became Australia's longest running medical drama after 12 years on air.

Many guest actors who joined for one episode, were often invited back as either a doctor, relative or patient.

Josh Quong Tart appeared in the Second Season as a disstressed bloke who'd lost his missus. before becoming a regular co star as Matt Horner.

Paul Tassone appeared as a patient in the first season. Returning later as one of the main nurses.