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  • a_draves20 June 2006
    This was an amazing show! It's too bad they canceled it after only the first season! If only they'd continued it, imagine what could have happened?! Specially between Angela and Jacob. Compared to the movie it was based on, I liked the show much better because she had constant help that didn't die early in the show, and you get to find out who her invisible online helper is, which will surprise anyone who hasn't see the show yet. Another character is added near the end, an FBI agent who becomes a constant character. I won't tell you why, since I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't seen it. The show is now finally out on DVD in other countries and will, hopefully, make it to the states. All fans of the show should make sure the DVD releases here in the states. Over all, it was a great show, and her sidekick, now in the show CSI, was amazing too! lol, great show, see it when it comes out on DVD! It's a must see!
  • I think the show has very well written characters. Most of them aren't just 2 dimensional. The only problem is that the stories are somewhat far fetched. They're just not brilliant. But the show is still very entertaining, and I would recommend it to anyone. And since they added that new character, Jacob (The Sorcerer) the show has some comedy. He was the reason I started watching. :)
  • This show has the potential to become the next "Nowhere Man," or rather, "Nowhere Woman". Brook Langhton plays Angela Bennett in this television version of the 1995 movie, "The Net," which starred Sandra Bullock. Angela comes off as very likable and friendly. And the concept of an erased identity is always interesting. However, there are some problems. The enemies, a group of computer terrorists, don't come off as sinister or dangerous enough. They always send the same agent after Angela, and each time, he proves himself most incompetent. There is never a feeling of urgency or fear for Angela. The stories need to become more serious and threatening, while maintaining the wry sense of humour. It has a good lead character and a great actress, and some surprising twists in its story. Hopefully, improvement will begin as the first season progresses. All in all, a neat show, but it needs more energy and excitement.
  • This is my all time favorite TV show!!!! Definitely a must see show!!! Do whatever you can to watch it!!! Find someone who taped it, buy the DVD's online, whatever, you will love this show!!! Brooke Langton does a truely awesome job playing Angela Bennett!!! And Eric Szmanda, is the best actor on TV!!! Jacob makes a great "supporting character/sidekick" for Angela. This is a great drama, showing more of the characters than the movie did. Here, you really get to know Angela, you get to see how much she wants to get rid of the Praetorians, but, that she still has a heart when it comes down to it. One really awesome show!!! Still my favorite after all these years!!!!
  • I never knew this TV series existed until a few months ago when I saw the entire series available on DVD at my local video rental. I am a fan of the movie of 'The Net' with Sandra Bullock so I was interested strait away when I saw this TV series. I found this TV series quite enjoyable, it has the same kind theme as in films like 'The Fugitive' and 'North By Northwest'. Laura Langton is brilliant in her role as Angela Bennett, she is a great actress in fact I think she is a lot prettier than Sandra Bullock. This TV series has the same basic plot as in the feature film. Angela Bennett is a computer genius and software troubleshooter. She comes across a program she was never meant to see. A program used by a secret organization known as the Praetorians who use the Internet to manipulate world events. And before Angela knows it her identity has been deleted and she has been given a new identity "Elizabeth Marks" a cyber-terrorist on the FBI's most wanted list. So Angela travels from place to place trying to avoid both the the Praetorians and the police and FBI. While at the same time trying to thwart the Praetorians attempts to disrupt society, trying to stay free and alive and ultimately bring down the Praetorians.

    Angela Bennett is also assisted by this mysterious online email contact known only as the "Sourcerer" who is voiced by Tim Curry and Angela communicates with him via an email chat room. So I think this TV series is very interesting to know about. If you liked 'The Net' movie with Sandra Bullock then I highly recommend this TV series.
  • I absolutely LOVED this show! I loved the whole premise of it, and i expecially loved that Angela Bennett was a strong, intelligent woman. But, I must confess that my favorite character was Jacob Resh. What a HOTTIE!!!!!! I hope that someday USA realizes their horrible mistake of cancelling "The Net" for "Happy Hour" ??????? Jeers and 2 thumbs down to USA Networks.
  • This is a work in progress comment so it will be updated after I have completed watching all the episodes. To Start off I was impressed by the Sandra Bullock film version of the Net so I thought I would give the series a go. I liked the opening episode and was particularly impressed when the series Angela Bennett lifted a line from the film Angela Bennett, that is to say "I'm not trying to save the world just myself". I felt that (all future references to Angela will be for the series) Angela was somewhat rushed into her 'they've taken my identity bit" and I'm not sure that the reason this happened is justified. I,m not clear as to why she could not prove her identity seeing as she was speaking to a client via camera link. She could see him so surely he could see her and therefore could vouch as to her identity but I guess it must have been a one way thing so we'll give her the benefit of the doubt. The other issue I have is what kind of series is it? There are two types of TV series. One is that you have the theme and then stand alone stories each week with the occasional two parter. Or two the main theme with story lines that regularly span episodes or things happen that carry for into other episodes. For example in an episode of the Net Angela is given a yellow BMW however by the next episode the car is gone. Then in one episode her tormentor is beaten to within one inch of his life and is taken to hospital but by the next episode he is a right a rain with no mention of his ordeal. However this issue may resolve itself as the series progress. As for me the Net is an undemanding piece of television and Brook Langton is good to look at but I would expect that this is a series whose following would not have been large enough to take it into many seasons. As I said earlier it is a lack of continuity that lets down this show otherwise it is quite good and I will revise my score upwards. So back to the lack of continuity. At the end of one episode Angela's nemesis is hoisted up into the air only to be dropped to the ground seemingly fatally or at the very least severely injured. Yet again like on previous occasions in the next episode he is as right as rain. Then on the plus side there are some cracking episodes like the one where Angela's nemesis in on a plane and all the flight control computers are down. So what does Angela do? Does she fix the computers thereby saving her nemesis's life or leave them and he dies. Good stuff. So i am coming to the end of the episodes and I'm not sure if 'The Net' series is properly concluded and that would be a shame. So my advice to all budding series producers is build in a wrap up clause so if you find that your TV series is going to be cancelled you can at least do a final wrap up episode. The Net for one deserves it. FINAL ADDENDUM. I now see how the director was going to prolong the series and I have to admit that it was a good idea to have Angela clear here name and then be recruited by the government to fight cybercrime. I think that if the producers cut the episodes that followed the film version of The Net to about ten, the series might have gone beyond one season. Sadly it did not because I've grown accustomed to Brooke Langton's face and I like the fact that she sings at the end of some episodes and she can sing.
  • This is a really great show! It is about a woman whose life is erased by a group of computer terrorists. Brooke Langton is an EXCELLENT actress!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recommend this show to EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It is of course the sad part of using the computer in the public world. The sad part is identity theft, and this is what character Angela Bennett (played by Sandra Bullock) faces.

    She loses a lot in this theft. Her husband's plane crashes outside LA--she herself almost does not take off from LAX to Cozumel, Mexico, after a big computer glitch in the airport, and after she does go to Cozumel to meet up with Max Devlin, whom she met through an online dating service, she finds out that it would not be the the best vacation of her life. Devlin's Mexican accomplice steals Angela's purse filled with important documents, only to get shot to death assassination style by Devlin, and then, by odd means, Devlin gets the disk out of the stolen possessions. When Angela realizes his bad side and knocks him out with a wine bottle and tries to escape by powerboat, she does find the disk, but does crash into the rocks during her attempted escape.

    In the hospital, Angela bails out of the place and realizes that she can't go back to the Mexican hotel room, her calling card number is invalid, and she had to sign a fake temporary visa to get to the United States. And once she lands in the USA, she realizes that her car and her house is gone. And the worst thing is that Angela Bennett's identity was wiped out by character Ruth Marx, who masked Angela's name at Cathedral software, Angela's place at work, while still being pursued by the romantic Devlin. So she is being marked for death on both sides.

    Angela had to do an inside job of stopping her devastating mess. She actually went to the place of work, and by a unusual ruse...a false fire alarm...she goes into Ruth Marx's computer, and realized that all of this deleterious stuff happening to her was choreographed by character Jeff Gregg of Gregg Microsystems, who was the helm of a mainframe computer security program called the Gatekeeper...the one that caused her the multitudes of malicious incidents.

    After saving the disk contents, she rushes to the Moscone Convention Center at a computer convention, sends all of the stuff through email to the FBI at the Cathderal software computer station, and even though Devlin catches Angela in the act, Devlin makes the fatal mistake of pressing the escape button on the Gatekeeper mainframe because he loved Angela so much, disintegrating everything on the Gatekeeper program forever. And finally, Angela was able to fend off Devlin and his silencer pistol by killing him in self-defense by a fire extinguisher.

    With that, Angela Bennett's good name and identity was finally restored.