During the course of the film, the character played by Shahrukh Khan passes through each of the 7 shades of love defined in ancient Arabic literature - attraction, infatuation, love, reverence, worship, obsession and death.

Shah Rukh Khan did not use a safety harness while the filming the sequence aboard the moving train for the song "Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya."

The film's first song, "Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya", is also the opening song of the Hollywood movie Inside Man (2006) starring Denzel Washington and Clive Owen.

For the song "Jiya Jale, Jaan Chale," singer Lata Mangeshkar had some problems singing in the higher octaves due to her age, so composer A.R. Rahman kept her voice as low as possible.

The first hindi film of filmaker Mani Ratnam.

Kajol refused Manisha Koirala's role due to date issues.

Rani Mukherjee was offered Preity Zinta's role but declined it.

Preity Zinta's movie debut.

The film's first song, "Chal Chaiyya Chaiyya," is also the opening song of the second act of A.R. Rahman's, Don Black's, Shekhar Kapur's, and Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical "Bombay Dreams," which opened in London in June 2002 and in New York in April 2004.

American TV show CSI used the song " Chaaiyan Chaiya " in a episode.

The film was previously titled " Ladakh - Ek Prem Kahani".

Mani Ratnam had the inspiration for the movie from a Sufi song called "Thayya Thayya" (which is available in the soundtracks.) The two lovers are said to share the relation of God and devotee.

Tigmanshu dhulia makes a cameo appearance in movie (scene general post office)

Dubbed into Tamil as Uyire, with Arvind Swami giving voice for Shahrukh Khan.

Kajol was the first choice for Manisha's role.

Shilpa Shirodkar was signed for the Chaiya Chaiya song with Shahrukh Khan. Mani Ratnam was unhappy with Shilpa's weight problem and dropped her from the song.

Some of the parade scenes were shot during the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of India's independence.

Model Achala Sachdev was approached for Chhaiya Chhaiya but did not have any dates available.

"Proximas" by Shades of Paradise sampled " Chaiyan Chaiyan".

"Tchaiya Tchaiya " was a cover version of " Chaiyan Chaiyan" by Olli And The Bollywood Orchestra.

Sukh Knight song "Jiyajale" sampled the song "Jiya Jale".

Sukh Knight song "Prisoner" sampled the song "Jiya Jale".

Partho Gosh was directing a film titled " Chaiyan Chaiyan " with Fardeen Khan and Preity Zinta that he ended up shelving. This was in 2000.

The lyrics of Satrangi Re were sampled by Dr. Zeus for his song Aag Ka Dariya. The song was sung by Ravindra and had Yana Gupta in the music video.

The song "Jiya Jale" was sampled by Sid Vashi for the song "Rane" from the album Motherland and Tourism.

Cleopatra by Anik Khan sampled the song Jiya Jale.

Arjun 's original song "Chaiyan Chaiyan -Super Bass Remix" sampled the song "Chaiyan Chaiyan".