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  • When Captain Murphy is attacked by two thieves, the unemployed sailor Bob recovers his money, and in return, the captain hires Bob to work in his ship. In a storm, they leave the vessel and their lifeboat is rescued by pirates. With the support of the cooker Lin-Fo that drugs the crew, they escape with two sisters to the Devil's Island. The pirate captain and his master chase the group in the island, where a tribe of cannibals worships a monster and protects a treasure and chase the survivors.

    "La Isla del Diablo" is incredibly awful, and in spite of my desire of stopping and rewind the VHS, the temptation to see how bad this movie is was greater. I do not believe how a producer (John P. Simon, in accordance with the cover of the video) can invest money in such crap. The terrible screenplay has some of the most ridiculous dialogs I have ever seen in a flick. For example, the group escapes to the Devil's Island expecting to be rescued by another ship while Captain Murphy says that the foregoing island is not in any nautical map. The ham actors and actresses are amazingly dreadful. Unfortunately I do not have how to be reimbursed and return this VHS to the seller. In my country there are several good movies that have not been internally distributed, and I do not understand how "Grupo Mundial Filmes" distribute such garbage for Brazilian viewers, showing a total lack of respect with the audiences. My vote is one.

    Title (Brazil): "A Maldição da Ilha do Diabo" ("The Curse of the Devil's Island")