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  • If you remember to set your VCR, or if you get up at a little before 9 AM on Sunday mornings, you can tune in to what has now become one of the last commercial network television shows in which you can still see at least one feature story about the arts per week. In fact, no other commercial television program I know of covers the arts AND politics as well as this one does, not even "60 Minutes".

    "CBS Sunday Morning" is one of the very few shows on the air that devotes equal time to news, politics, historical events of past years, famous people from all walks of life, show business, and the arts, and it does so in a highly entertaining manner. Despite recent efforts to gimmick it up with high-tech graphics in what has come to be known as the MTV style, plus an unfortunate new tendency to include commentary about rock musicians and rock music releases at the expense of stories about classical musicians (in a misguided effort to pander to the under-30 crowd) the show remains one of the best on television. It is most likely the only commercial network program that would have had the guts to broadcast the "Horowitz in Moscow" concert live.

    The producers of this show should take pride in what they have accomplished over the last twenty-five years, instead of trying to be trendy and buying into targeting their audience. "Sunday Morning" does not need to apologize for appealing to a more intelligent segment of the television public, nor does it need dumbing down. Flautist Eugenia Zuckerman, who usually covers the program's classical stories, may be unable to still do this, but surely CBS could bring some other classical luminary as a regular correspondent and put more emphasis on classical music than they recently have.

    Still, that is no reason to write this program off as unwatchable. On the contrary, it is highly watchable, and it is the ONLY commercial television program, aside from, perhaps, "60 Minutes", on which one can see and hear the work of some of the world's greatest artists. No one should miss it, even if they have to set their VCR's to catch it.
  • I have watch CBS News Sunday Morning for many years and to me it's a diverse blend of news, features, the arts and nature. Since it's debut in 1979, two men have presided over the show in a low-key and comforting manner, Charles Kuralt and Charles Osgood. They keep the show moving and set the viewer up for the upcoming feature. There are also some moments when Osgood sings and plays the piano.

    All of the elements resemble a Sunday newspaper's magazine section and offer the viewer something for everyone. There have also been commentaries from people over the years such as Jeff Greenfield, Ron Powers and Ben Stein.

    One feature I enjoy is at the end of each episode when there is a nature scene. Usually running about a minute, there is no dialogue, just views of mountains, waterfalls or other outdoor scenery. It's one of the best uses of the visual aspect of TV.

    Though Osgood recently tuned 80, Sunday Morning is a show that could go on for many years to come, even after he decides to retire. It's a timeless show that never gets stale and one of the few spots on network TV today that spotlights classical music since the demise of shows like Omnibus and The Bell Telephone Hour.

    If you're looking for something to watch after sleeping late on a Sunday Morning, give the show a shot. from the opening trumpet theme to the closing nature scene, you will be informed and enlightened.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am always looking forward to the CBS Sunday Morning show, especially in winter. In summer I have a little bit of a conflict because I usually go on a long bike ride on Sundays and I am not good at recording things. Most of the time I enjoy all the segments, even if the subject does not interest me first, they usually succeed to hold my interest. I am especially looking forward to segments about visual art, architecture and classical music. Something which you barely find in any other show. I could live without celebrity interviews if they are from the movie or pop music kind. There is enough of that on every single talk show. I nearly always follow up on the artists they feature and find out more about them . Great inspiring show.
  • sclsl30 January 2008
    We've been enjoying Sunday Morning since the late 70's. It's versatility of coverage (news, arts, commentary, humor, to mention a few) have been providing conversation to us two old time marrieds weekly.

    Recently we saw a young violinist, Aaron Weinstein, perform at The Bickford in Morristown, NJ. Duly impressed with his talent, we bought one of his CD's, "Blue Too," produced by Arbors Records, Inc. (at the outrageous price of $20) and we would like to put Sunday Morning arts producers on notice to check out this talented young man.

    Read the well said commentary on the back of the CD by Nat Hentoff, jazz critic.
  • A family tradition of mine since it first aired back in 1979, CBS Sunday Morning is 90 minutes of infotainment, combined with original reporting and amazing stories that are inspiring and fun to watch. It's also groundbreaking TV and worth watching live even with commercials on. The show is still the #1 show on Sunday mornings and its easy to see why...
  • Sunday Morning just is not what it used to be. It was special and unique, full of small town America human interest stories which were fun and heart warming. The change has been gradual and consistent. The politicization is obvious. From the sex and sexual preference of the journalists to out and out political posturing. It was nice to have one show which took a look at the positive things throughout our great country. We have enough political commentary. Can't we have this one show which features the good of America and Americans. Now it feels more about gay rights, women's lib and other political agendas. And the commentators are awful. This was a good and unique escape from the fantasy of fiction and the often sad reality of the News. Instead Sunday Morning was a positive depiction of reality and a celebration of the good things throughout our country. The whole tenor of the show has changed and digressed to the lower standards of the status quo of network TV. Please bring back the real Sunday Morning.
  • Dear CBS Sunday Morning I have been fortunate enough to watch Sunday morning since inception when it was possible to tape the shows that was great because it was on 6:30 a.m. in my area but I got up anyway i am writing because i love the show but the commentator makes the show too...Jane Pauley for some reason is not a good fit she is like a mannequin expressionless but watch the numbers changes when Lee Cowan takes over he is a natural this is my opinion thank you for letting me review I appreciate it Shirley Main

    As you can tell I didn't use punctuation thank you.
  • By far the best weekend and Sunday morning news show is "CBS Sunday Morning" long now a staple for nearly 40 years this program is a winner for the way it presents news in the form of a variety. As topics range in many different forms for viewer interest. Interviews are given always with top political leaders, and well known movie stars and music acts, also sometimes just in depth informative profiles are a treat. Also shown are works of art and stories are given on the latest pop culture trends, and at first the latest world and U.S. headlines are given. And pop culture commentary is given on hot button issues and historical years are revisited and looked at, also graphics and screens shots of data and stat figures are given. Also the national weather map is shown with a weekly upcoming map of important week ahead happenings. Many stories are medical and business case studies. As always enjoyable is the nature ending scene each week from a selected national park or nice looking lake or mountain wooded area. All of this in 90 minutes before the famous horn sounds!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Every time I watch CBS "Sunday Morning" I learn something new that I research further after the show. Today I learned about small-town Casey, Illinois' large items like the world's largest rocking chair and the largest mailbox built to attract tourists. This segment makes me want to travel to Casey to see these creations. Then I watched another segment about the French artist Francois Gilot, who is known as the lover and artistic muse of Pablo Picasso from 1943 to 1953, and the mother of his children, Claude and Paloma. She later married the American vaccine pioneer Jonas Salk. This TV show is worth watching every Sunday morning. I wish there were more similar quality programs on TV.
  • hellraiser721 April 2019
    This is another favorite document show of mine and another childhood gem of mine as I saw this show when I was six. I remember whenever I got up early on Sunday in the morning before having breakfast and going to church, I would turn the TV on and run into this program, once I heard that trumpet theme it got me drawn in. I also remember this show is one of the shows that inspired me into getting into the journalism field, to find and produce more positive stories like this show and if possible, somewhere along the line host this show. I know long shot but hey a guy can dream.

    I'm personally not one that normally watches news programs, let alone documentary programs, as I said before it depends on the subject matter. This show was one of the only excepts I made because of one thing, it's good because there is news worth watching.

    That theme song is great, it's one of my favorite themes of all time, just that big trumpet music just sings the rising sun and the bright beautiful morning. I really like the set pieces, which was always an interesting look, from that diagonal desk which sort of looks like a prop stand for orcastratic music for their music.

    But it was those glass walls on the stages that always caught my eye as they always had so many word graphics but also the titles for the stories of the day. I remember always wondering about what the rest of those words on some of the walls the host visited said or would sometimes look to the sides, up or down to know what the rest of those words are.

    There are also those photographic images on the commercial breaks which I thought where interesting as they always display a scenery of nature or even a work of art. I thought it was a nice touch just to address how there truly is beauty all around us.

    Really liked the hosts mainly the late great Charles Kuralt whom always had this gentle, series but positive tone to him. Really like how he always had this positive outlook on life which is part of what made each of the stories he presented memorable. And of course, there have been some other hosts over the years whom are good in their own way, but Charles to me is still the best one of the series.

    What really made the show unique is each of the stories were about America but the positive side of it. From the arts, what programs people run and are involved with in the community, a certain sight in America to visit, entertainers of yesteryear, just any other positive subject and story you can think of. Seeing and hearing each of those stories I'll admit really made me think of actually taking a road trip or two to some of the places presented.

    Each of the stories just really gave a sense of community as most of the people interviewed are ones with bright outlooks on life, want to make the country better or just simply people living life with joy let alone doing what they do best in life and with love. But most importantly this show just gave you a good feeling inside and makes you proud your living in America but also increases you sense of wonder.

    After sunset there is always sunrise.

    Rating: 4 stars
  • Since Jane Pauley took over, the show has turned into a political showcase for Jane and CBS. I'm sure Charles Osgood is appalled at what it's become.

    For years we looked forward to hearing about all the good things happening around our country. Now it's just turning into another news show full of opinions.

    Get it back to showcasing good people doing good things before myself and everyone I know that enjoyed it for the good news, stop watching altogether.

    We see enough of all the political crap 6 days a week, used to enjoy the 90 minutes of hearing that there are still good, happy people doing good, happy things...

    Sincerely, Tired of Bad News
  • Although I have watched this show for decades, lately I have been so bored by it's serious lack of ethnic diversity. The show is a platform of platitudes for upper class white values. America is a diverse nation with people of all incomes and races yet this show seems to only focus on one group of people who are doing well, have upper class lives, and all seem like they live in the same Happy Town USA. I am wondering why this is the only image presented to viewers? I now look at the show in hopes of seeing something different, but unfortunately never do. In my opinion this makes the show very boring!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've have enjoyed this program since its beginnings with Charles Kuralt, through Charles Osgood, and now with Jane Pauley. The recipe of this show with human interest stories, art, nature, and celebrities is the chemistry that has made this program so successful and a pleasure to bathe in every Sunday Morning.This show takes the viewer away from all the daily news grind we get beat up with all week long and takes you to a gentle, serene place where simple humanity touches your heart. With that being said, I am very concerned with 2 similar stories that have recently aired, both stories done by special contributor,Ted Koppel. In his piece done earlier in November, he polluted your incredible recipe, by introducing the ingredient of "POLITICAL CRAP." The story was about citizens in a coal mining town devastated by unemployment in the mining industry. In his piece 3 times he uttered the phrase, "Do you really think Donald trump will make a difference?" His focus went from the true human story to politicizing the story. The piece he did that aired this morning 12/18/16, once again, the ugliness of politics and fake news was the focus of his piece. Your staff correspondents and reporters over the years have been an incredible asset to the success of CBS Sunday Morning.They have a grace and a passion for bringing the human story front and center. Whomever is making the decision to air Ted Koppel and these political pieces is messing with success. Whereas Charles Kuralt and Charles Osgood mellowed with age like a fine wine, Ted Koppel brings a gruff sounding old voice and a subject matter of politics that we dread and look for escape from in viewing this show. His chemistry and background of infusing politics into the show do not mesh well with the incredible fabric of Sunday Morning. I would hope that CBS News would keep their political stories for Monday through Saturday programming and keep it completely out of Sunday Morning.
  • bigoldlauli21 October 2018
    I've always enjoyed the human interest stories. Sadly they're disappearing. Political drama has now invaded this once feel good series. So sad.
  • This used to be a favorite show of mine for over two decades. But now it has turned into a leftist political platform. I will no longer watch as long as this politicalization of the show continues.
  • I've always jumped up or set my clock to watch CBS New Sunday Morning Show, but the more I watched the more I realized there are NOT enough Afro-American stories aired on the show. Today was kinda like the straw that broke the camel's back. My mother and I would watch the show together from separate homes and discuss the topics during commercials. Today-we phoned each other after watching the whole show simply to note to our amazement, NOT ONE discussion of the Late Great Mrs. Maya Angelo. Really-I'm done. That's it, I'll contact CBS directly on Monday, but for the CBS review-I had to advise my people or those who care. The producers must be crazy to think-Maya would NOT be missed today. :(
  • jptellez5 May 2019
    The Kardashians are a family of grifters. I had to mute my TV to avoid being sick. Please don't mistake them for information or entertainment. They don't belong on an esteemed program like Sunday Morning!
  • treyself18 February 2018
    The article today about Michelle Obama's painting shows Michelle's extreme prejudice in choosing an artist the dress below and the painting above are two separate painting the arm is way too long to consider just because she's black and female that she was a good artist shows her extreme prejudic the article today about Michelle Obama's painting shows Michelle's extreme prejudice in choosing an artist the dress below and the painting above are two separate painting the arm is way too long to consider just because she's black and female that she was a good artist shows her extreme prejudice I failed to believe that this woman would even show this painting on television