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  • Paul Chang Chung (1931-2010) was a major star in Hong Kong and Taiwan as a young actor in love-stories and Wuxiapian of the 50's and 60's. When he got older he became a recurrent character actor in the Kung-Fu genre. He starred in 176 movies and directed 7, including this DEATH COMES IN THREE, released in Hong Kong 5/11/73, where he plays an aged avenger helped bu younger Alan Tang. There are fistfights and gunfights, well-staged by action director Chan Siu Pang. The War-crime theme is interesting as well as the final death of the hero. Not a classic but a not-too boring result for a veteran in HK cinematic industry. Stuntmen Thompson Kao Kang (the evil manchurian in STRANGER FROM CANTON/KARATE KILLER) and Sum Gam Loi (one of the many Han's guards in ENTER THE DRAGON) add pepper in the action scenes. The great actor Pai Ying (the evil eunuch in DRAGON GATE INN) plays one of the three Japanese War-criminals. Released in Italy 1973 as CINQUE DITA E UNA PISTOLA (transl. FIVE FINGERS AND A PISTOL), a title that blatantly exploited the incredible success of FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH.