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  • It starts on the battlefield with two men on horseback. The loser's head is delivered to the king. One of the king's men chases after Hsu Feng. At a tea house he encounters and fights a bearded man and his gang as she observes. He returns to the king then chases Hsu Feng again. They talk and form an alliance. Next, cut to Carter Wong's prison break. There is also an absurd scene where some king is boning a babe and Chang Yi enters. He disapproves and orders the babe killed and the king is powerless to stop it. Later he joins with Carter.

    The action is diverse with empty hand and weapons fighting, gang brawls and one on one fights, with acrobatics added but minimal wire work. There could have been more fights but Taiwan movies of this era tended to be more dramatic instead.

    My copy is a digital file that plays on a HDTV as wide screen but still cropped on the sides a tad. It is subtitled in Chinese and English. The video quality is comparable to an old VHS tape but the color is still good and the scratches and other wear and tear are not bad. I suspect the source was a laser disk but the current quality of my file is about half of that. This is obviously a big budget production with the top stars of the genre in 1975. I first watched it in 2015 but did not post a review as I expected to find a better copy. This seems to be as good a copy as it gets so I watched it again to post my review.

    This is standard fare for fans of martial arts movies of the golden age from 1967 to 1984 and worth a watch if you are such a fan.