Catherine: Are those people OK?

Jerry Farrelly: No they're not OK, they're guests on my show.

Angel Zorzak: I didn't say you could wear my jacket!

Connie Zorzak: I didn't say you could fuck my husband.

Troy Davenport: ...absolutely NO weapons of any kind.

Starletta: Why he look at us when he say that?

Black Woman: Let me tell ya something. This is the size of his dick baby, I'm talking bout my nail, I'm talking about the pinky part. Feels like he's poking me with a coffee stirrer!

Starletta: Then you went out natural with your Erykah Badu shit, and your hair fell out from that bad perm, I'm the one that bought the wig!

Vonda: Move your knees out da way!

Starletta: If you're ass wasn't so big, you wouldn't need all that fuckin' seat room! Bitch needs to be on a diet. You know the TV gonna put 10lbs on your big ass!

Natalie: How do you know your friend is having sex with Desmond?

Starletta: 'Cause I'm standing in his living room while he getting some sorry piece of traitor ass.

Vonda: Who you calling a sorry piece of traitor ass?

Starletta: Ho', I ain't even talking to you, it's the people from Jerry.

Vonda: Who you calling a ho'?

Starletta: Put you hands on me, bitch, come on! Put your hands on me. I guarantee 911 won't get here fast enough for your ass!

Starletta: When you was walking down the street with a trail of blood behind your ass, I bought your Kotex!

Connie: Hi, I'm Connie - I'm mom in 'I slept with my step-daddy.'

Charlie: I'm Charlie, 'Man By Day, Woman By Night.'

Claire: "ER" my ass!

Starletta: [Starletta notices Angel turning around to watch Demond walking by] Hey, Linda Blair, spin your head around one more time and I'll give you an exorcism.