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  • I wanted to see this movie for Monica Ghiuta, an exceptional actress in Romania. She has a modest role, as a woman who doesn't know what she wants, to choose between her career as a plastic artist, leaving Romania for a qualification in Bruxelles, or to remain for the sake of a pilot played by Emil Hossu. A modest but daring role, there is a love scene in which she shows a breast, something difficult to imagine in the Romanian films during the communist period. Emil Hossu is the same in all the films he played, the same looks, the same voice, smile, intonation. Liviu Ciulei and George Motoi are decent in the roles of some losers, the first as a pilot, the other as a surgeon. The main theme of the film is Hossu's character's obsession with flying a helicopter. The second half of the film captures the 1970 floods in Romania.