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  • It opens with a fight between two contemporary triad gangs. Next the big boss gives his orders. Wilson Tong has a gentle moment with his girl. His dad has just been released from prison. Some guy leaving a bank gets robbed.

    At about 19 minutes – Hello Sa Sa! What a body! She joins the triads. The movie turns into a comedy while the old guys pay to look through a hole in the wall.

    I wanted to watch a martial arts movie. Yes, there are a few fights. They are all street fights and not much to see. I would have settled for an interesting movie. I ended up pressing the fast forward button until Sa Sa came back in frame.

    I cannot recommend this movie at all and rate it below average.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie has no plot and after the first 45 min the viewer has no idea who the main bad guys are. The movie is shameless and only features lots of make out scenes with naked Asian women who get raped. The acting is also terrible. After the movie is half over there is hardly any action at all except sex action. If there is a duel at the end of the movie that would prob be the best part. There is also a scene where a bunch of dirty old men act like peeping toms spying on a naked woman making out. This movie could have been better if they included some kind of story behind it and less make out. Def not recommended for young kids.