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  • garko809 July 2004
    This was the third and the last western from Batzella and it isn't better than the other.

    Two good actors, Cameron and O'Brien, a simple story and a bad directing makes a not really bad but boring movie. The soundtrack from Kojucharov is OK. He also composed music to a few other Spaghetti Western. This movie is also a combination of the two others so you can see a lot of scenes which you have also seen in the other both.

    All in all there is nothing more to say about this movie. You don't have to the three Batzella movies. Better to watch the western from Demofilo Fidani, they are also bad but very funny.
  • Mexican bandits have taken over the cattle trade in town, and are holding Esmeralda Barros captive to get their hands on her father's silver mine. Sheriff Attilio Dottesio can't do anything about it because reasons, so he asks the cavalry for help. They can't do anything, but they can release Jeff Cameron (nee Goffredo Scarciofolo), a native of the town for a week. Will he alone be enough time to kill off the bad guys and restore the town to a decency which the sheriff and the many good people in Langford City can't accomplish? Why do you even ask?

    They aren't called 'spaghetti westerns' as a term of respect. They were cheap, and usually got most of the details wrong in a way that reflected neither the American myth nor history. No one here looks like anything but a 1970s Italian, and the cheapness meant no retakes; early on, while horsemen are riding through a street filled with corpses, one of the bodies moves when a horse gets too near.

    If you want to see lots of gun battles and people behaving badly, this is the western for you. It's not for me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    GOD IS MY COLT is a familiar spaghetti western made on a low budget. The story is about an army officer working undercover in order to rid a town of a group of Mexican bandits who have been ruling the roost there. Jeff Cameron is the wooden hero of the hour, and the whole thing has a shot-on-the-fly feel to it which robs the entertainment value somewhat. Still, Euro cult star Donald O'Brien plays in support and there's a wealth of action throughout, so it's not all bad; just middling.