Ruby Montgomery: What if I had your brother's name tattooed by my deal, a sex reminder every time you went to fool with me? That's how I live every day of my life, rain or shine.

Claude Montgomery: A rose is just a symbol that represents a flower called a rose. And you oughta be damned proud that I covered her name up with a feather that way, 'cause I done it for you. Out of love.

Ruby Montgomery: Bullshit! I stayed on your ass is the only reason you fixed any of it. And the only reason you got that one means *God* is to take my attention off *her* being all over you!

Claude Montgomery: I didn't necessarily say it meant God. That one guy in there said it meant God, the other guy said it's a weed whacker, or a Communist flag, or something. And they don't believe in God. Or Jesus.

Ruby Montgomery: I like to be up when there ain't nobody else up. Feels like the whole world's asleep. Can't nuthin' get ya or bother ya. Ya know?

Claude Montgomery: Well, it seems to me that's when everything *can* get you. That's when folks get knocked in the head, and shot, cut up and everything, at night.

Ruby Montgomery: I don't want to think about things like that right now. If your gonna keep talkin' about it, you'll have to sleep on the couch.

O.T. Montgomery: Yeah, I got in a lot of trouble in France.


O.T. Montgomery: That's where I did most of my fighting, military-wise. But I kicked up my heels a time to two. What, uh, what war did you lose your legs in?

Man in Wheelchair: I ain't old enough to be in no war, except the Gulf.

O.T. Montgomery: Oh, that wasn't no war. Just a bunch of missiles shootin'.

Man in Wheelchair: My ex-wife shot me in the back.

O.T. Montgomery: Didn't even shoot 'em by hand, they used computers. One old boy broadcast it on the news from up under a bed.

Claude Montgomery: [in a neck brace] I can't have a head-on collision in peace! I coulda been torn to pieces here.

Ruby Montgomery: Yeah, well, you have fun at your little nightclub?

Claude Montgomery: Well, shit, we didn't get to the nightclub. We ain't but a mile from the house. We was headed that way, and J.C. bent down to pick up his Molly Hatchet tape, and we been here ever since.

Claude Montgomery: Alvin busted in on me in the toilet tonight while I was doin' lumber.

Ruby Montgomery: I'm sorry, sugar.

Claude Montgomery: I guess it's okay, he's my brother.

Claude Montgomery: It's kinda like that book they had us read one time in school. It started out sayin' it was the best time I ever had, and it was the worst time I ever had. I believe it's by Dick somebody.

Ruby Montgomery: I'll be dogged.

Claude Montgomery: So I've been puttin' up with all that shit from daddy all these years about grand babies, and I been shootin' at a steel door.

[last lines]

Ruby Montgomery: Some clouds comin' in. Maybe there's a storm comin'.

Claude Montgomery: Nah, them ain't storm clouds.