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  • T V rag just like the magazines. If you remember the old movie Hollywood Confidential with the line Hush... Hush.... and on the Q T! Inside Edition is similar to the fictional movie magazine Hollywood Confidential. Stories of scandals, bizarre events, sensationalism, and human interests segments are red meat of Inside Edition. For myself except for the odd interview or a story like the weird in counter with such and such Inside Edition is just too much. Kinda like the co worker or classmate which is into the gossip I find Inside Edition just too much and too deep. Not for the relaxed even flow personality like myself. A show for the sensational magazine/talk show crowd. 5 stars.
  • Inside Edition is ok. It covers a lot of human interest stories that are interesting in themselves, but they are meaningless with respect to the country at large. These stories tend to be overly alarmist and the reporters do a lot of "naughty, naughty" finger waving. Lisa Guerrero does this a lot and she comes across as really snippy and obnoxious. Sometimes it gives short segments on current news stories. These short summaries are good if you don't have time to delve more deeply into the news. If you like human interest stories for your entertainment, Inside Edition is passable. On the other hand, if you want to learn about the important news going on in the world, watch some other news outlet.
  • DKosty12322 January 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is like a television New York Post. The difference is it is more boring and less informative than Murdocks paper. The thing with this too is that following the extremely poor Entertainment tonight, it might on first pass look better. Once you watch it a little though, you realize it is brutal and poor.

    NBC dumped Deborah Norville over here. She really has not been able to help. It seems that Norville, though better than some of the folks who are reporters on these, can't make up for poorly written and researched stories. Nothing against Norville as even NBC was having trouble getting her good material.

    The fact is that when you give someone on screen a script of half-written rubbish, it is not easy for the person to make it entertaining. I am not sure if anyone could make this show better, though the Cookie Monster and Pee Wee Herman could make it worse I suppose.

    Not a great source of information here. Can not find shocking enough material to draw ratings as of yet.
  • Sylviastel10 September 2007
    Inside Edition was just another news show which featured a focus on celebrities and tabloid journalism. They followed the O.J. Trial and other cases that brought media attention too like Robert Blake as well. Inside Edition is okay but it's not great or much different from other tabloid news shows. Deborah Norville who used to be on Today as Jane Pauley's successor is now anchoring this show. Inside Edition may be considered tabloid journalism but they do focus on stories like the disappearance of Madeleine McGann, the British girl, who disappeared from the Portuguese resort on a family vacation. The show is not much different than the other shows on the air. They do pick the sensational news stories of the day much like everybody else. They chose to shock and jolt the audiences as well but don't have the same effect as other shows but still has a solid audience.
  • "INSIDE EDITION," in my opinion, is a good news magazine show. I enjoyed seeing Deborah Norville as the main anchor. There are many reasons why I said that. Also, I had no idea that Bill O'Reilly was an anchor on this show before her present work on "THE O'REILLY FACTOR." If you ask me, it seems that nobody stays with a TV show throughout its entire run anymore. Still, I enjoyed hearing about what's happening in the world. The only thing I didn't like hearing about was when someone had been murdered or gone missing. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever bring this show back, I highly recommend it to all you die-hard news magazine fans. You will really enjoy it.
  • I for years have watched "Inside Edition" this little 30 minute news program is informative and entertaining, and it's good the program runs on a daily basis even though it's syndicated. "Inside Edition" mostly focuses on and reports news of the famous and the stars, though from time to time they have stories about the everyday citizen. True over the years, as just with any news show changes come and go, as this program use to report more on crime and world events, still the reports come in but mostly it's scandals of the famous and political figures. The latest Hollywood news is reported daily including movie news, relationship gossip, book releases, and reports on upcoming DVD's and magazines, and the awards coverage and star interviews are top notch. I must say it's always a pleasure to tune in and see this show hosted by ex Georgia beauty queen Deborah Norville, she always dresses in the most colorful and elegant clothing she makes just a fabulous host and does such a fine job. Interviews and reporting of awards shows and hot stories are done now by the beautiful and voluptuous Lisa Guerrero, who was a former "Monday Night Football" sideline reporter, well Lisa has now found her niche as an entertainment reporter. "Inside Edition" is always a pleasure to watch it's clearly the best alternative news show around.
  • Its interesting that Author from the post above: getyourdander wrote that "Inside Edition is like the New York Post".

    What the author probably did not know is that ALL of the top management at Inside Edition ARE from the New York Post, that includes the Executive Producer, 2 of the Managing Editor's and many of the top senior writers.

    David Frost was the original host followed by Bill O'Reilly until Deborah Norville joined in 1995 !

    The show has stayed on top only being outdone in the nightly ratings by Entertainment Tonight, it beats the rest of the nightly Entertainment shows and many of the top CNN and FOX news shows in the ratings daily!
  • I can barely stand to watch it anymore, it's so slanted to the left, just really shows slanted they are attacking Trump and the Republicans. They never say anything negative about the democrats
  • Anything this show airs is staged events. It is kind of like star magazine or one of those fake story telling newspapers.
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  • We loved this show. We recorded it. We stopped watching completely. Cancelled recordings. Sent feedback. Why? 1) many of the shows started a few minutes late, and therefore, ended a few minutes after watching got almost an hour, you'd did not get the conclusion. 2) often the episode would be pre-emoted for some other program

    How can you be loyal....or even watch at all.....this or any other series? We gave up. Honestly media makes it SO HARD to be loyal to anything. We don't know when it will arrive, which channels pick it up, if there will be another season. We give up. No loyalty. To what? It's random! So hard to watch anything!
  • Satan used you and you dont even know it. 😂Shame on you for testing and demeaning Preachers and Pastors. I will be sure to share with as many people NOT to watch your program ever again.
  • This show is the worst show you could watch. This show is terrible and is trash. Jjjjjjhvgvgggufufucucycycyxtxxtxycuckvvovicucucyxrxrxt. Ycuvuvuvuvivivivivyctxreddfhjj.
  • sugarbaker28 July 2020
    Interesting content but far too many ads and much of the show is repetitive previews of what's coming up. Would like more substantive content.
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