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  • chuckb77726 February 2015
    I'm not a huge fan of celebrity entertainment shows but occasionally there is a guest or a topic that I want to see and listen to their opinions. I happened to wake up to the morning show with Billy Bush and some woman. I couldn't get over how overly talkative and opinionated this guy is. He seemed to say the most inappropriate things to the guest Amanda Peet. He seemed to want to dominate the conversation and boxed out his co-host a lot. What a self absorbed prick!

    I did some research on him and I guess he has a history of being prima- dona. What the heck happened to Nancy O'Dell???? She get tired of his antics?
  • This show was once the Gold Standard of entertainment reporting (I think they even call themselves that in the credits). But in the last year or so it has gone from legitimate reporting to a simple tabloid show. Billy Bush seems to have only two jobs on the show; to give his opinion on whatever crosses his mind and promote his morning show. They need to replace Billy with somebody that can do an interview and report the facts without editorializing.

    If you only want to know who is sleeping with whom or which celebrity is rumored to have done something and you don't feel like buying the National Enquirer watch this show. But if you are looking for real entertainment reporting go to the internet there are many sites that do a much better job.
  • In my opinion, this is an excellent entertainment world news show. I enjoy seeing Nancy O'Dell as the main anchor. There are many reasons why I said that. Even though Billy Bush is an okay co-anchor, I sometimes wish that Pat O'Brien hadn't left. If you ask me, it seems that nobody stays with a TV show throughout its entire run anymore. Still, I enjoy hearing about what's happening in the entertainment world. The only things I don't like hearing about is when a couple has broken up or gotten a divorce. Now, in conclusion, I highly recommend this show to all you die-hard entertainment world fans. You will really enjoy it.
  • I always tried to catch when Access Hollywood came on Fox late at night in 1998. Strange Universe (Read My comment on Strange Universe) came on at 1:30 AM and then Access Hollywood came on at 2:00 AM CDT and then the pre-recorded news. Well, It was always cool to watch them but they were both way to short for their subjects in my opinion. I hate to say it but Access Hollywood, after a while got on the wrong track with things and when you wait to see something you wanted to, well, you wait for it and it only lasts for about 15 seconds and its all over with. They rush to many things in thirty minutes. Out of the two shows Strange Universe was My favorite (and its a shame because Strange Universe I believe no longer is on the air) but if you want a show that's not long at all and has really short interviews and behind the scenes then check your local listings!
  • josephbrewer-8253116 April 2019
    Awful don't waste your time. I don't recommend! hate it, just awful.
  • I used to watch the show for its personality and the hosts really showed that. But to let Nancy O'Dell and Maria Menounous go for Kit? She is tacky, corny, and personality-less of a host there is on TV. She is just loud and has little to her. But I guess thats what you get from an MTV reality "star"; its seems to be a requirement to be on that show and get far in life. I no longer watch this show "religiously" as she is the main reason. Kit is on there more than she should (from AH Live to AH). Billy, you should've had more say of who you want as your host, being the "main man" on the show. You are better than that. Leave the quirky talk show couples to local morning TV.
  • Access Hollywood wins hands down.

    Here in the Seattle area, we can watch both shows since one is at 7pm and the other at 730. Many days I've watched both and notice how far more informative and sensitive the Acccess Hollywood anchors and reporters carry out their assignments. ET does enjoying sucking up to just about everyone.

    AH usually far fresher.

    Also, it was a bit of an overkill the way ET sucked up to Anna Nicole and Howard. AH was sure on the side of the angels in that important competition.
  • Access will be starting their 9th season. They are so far ahead of ET you really can't compare the two shows anymore. Et has even resorted to ripping off Access's graphics.

    Pat o'brien rocks. Sorry, Bob goen is a great guy....but Pat is clearly on top of his game.

    I was happy to read that people like the graphics....but you ain't seen nothing yet!

    Macdonald's and BurgerKing seemed to benefit from the competition. Of course

    BurgerKing had to reinvent itself to keep up. Et seems to be standing still.

    Et's demographic tends to be loyal, but I don't even think their clearances are going to bring them back to what they once were. It doesn't hurt that Access has the best executive producer on the planet.

    Yeah, my opinion is a touch biased....but it doesn't make it wrong!
  • Access Hollywood is sooooo much better than Entertainment Tonight! The reports and correspondents are amazing! I get 80 percent of my entertainment news from there and 0 percent from Entertainment Tonight. Also, the graphics are great!
  • "Access Hollywood" now shown all over syndication is watched by many people who use it as a source to get the latest entertainment news. This series doesn't match the quality of "Entertainment Tonight", but it is a spinoff of "ET" for the way it reports entertainment news. Hosted by former sports commentator and analyst Pat O' Brien and the elegant Nancy O' Dell you never have a dull moment with Hollywood news on "Access Hollywood". This is a great show to watch and stay informed!