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  • Anthony LaPaglia's brother, Jon, starred in this short-lived sci-fi series about a government agent who can travel a short distance back in time and does so on behalf of a secret agency that tries to right some recent wrongs. Like the U.S inadvertently starting World War III. The show was a knockoff of TIME COP, but with its own peculiar charm. LaPaglia is the usually cool, calm and collected type who occasionally gets a bit frantic trying to make things right. One memorable episode, the plot of which has turned up in virtually every time travel show or movie ever made, has the agent returning to an altered present where no one believes or knows him. In that case, trying to make things right almost gets our valiant hero killed. The rest of the cast is generic. You can see their lookalikes/soundalikes on current shows like EUREKA and any CSI series. Keep your eye on LaPaglia and enjoy the ride. Too bad the show didn't last longer than it did. Admittedly, it was a low-budget effort, which couldn't have helped.
  • To make a series with a story based on time travel is quite tricky. There are a lot of theories and logic to consider. Seven Days may not always get this right. It certainly has it flaws and errors, but if you don't take it all to serious and don't think too much about it this show will be quite entertaining and enjoyable.

    Frank Parker is pulled out of a secret mental institution and trained to be the chrononaut in a secret government project called Backstep. From the remains of the Roswell crash they have managed to build a device that can send one man seven days back in time. Under NSA control a Backstep is issued to correct events concerning national security.

    If you take this series all too serious you will get disappointed cause this show don't take it self all that serious. This series is a nice mix of action, sci-fi and comedy. This blending is nice and well done and the writing is generally good. It could've been a lot better, but the nice punchlines and great characters make up for a occasional less good story. Most of the stories are good. Not all are original, but it's entertaining.

    The cast is good. Jonathan LaPaglia does a good job in portraying Frank Parker. He mix the insane, sane and comic really well. Along with Justina Vail as Dr. Vukavitch the two make a pretty pair of characters and actors. They go well together and kind of steals the show. The rest of the cast is great too and they go well together. The general performance is good, but there are a little miss here and there.

    Scott Gilman has done a very nice job scoring this series. The music is fitting and really gets you in the right mood. The theme is kicking and cool and so is the rest of the music.

    The cinematography is OK. There are an occasional shot that sticks out as really nice, but in general it's nothing really special. The lightning is at times very good and over all good. When it comes to CGI and effects this series has quite a few. The sphere and time travel effects are good, but the for instance the CGI explosions are rather obvious fake and less good, but they do the job and it could have looked a lot worse.

    Over all Seven Days is an entertaining and enjoyable show. If you don't take it too serious and don't get caught up in the science and logic (where you'll find a lot of errors) you can safely watch this show. It's not a must see, but it's certainly not a bad thing to watch when nothing else is on.
  • Usually, I'm not a big fan of science fiction. But when I heard Jonathan LaPaglia was getting his own series, I just had to check it out. I was not disappointed. "7 Days" was an awesome mix of sci-fi, action, drama, suspense, and dark comedy. Frank B. Parker, the Chrononaut (aka time traveler), was a mischief-maker and had a lot of emotional and mental problems. But deep inside he was a good guy -- he did the right thing by saving the country (sometimes even the world) because it was his job and honor to do it.

    I wish UPN had given this show a better chance, rather than shuffling it around and taking it for granted. I miss it, but I'll always be thankful I watched it.
  • I absolutely LOVE time travel, and anything to do with that be it books, movies, or TV shows. And guess what this show came along and wow I loved it...

    I watched most of the episodes when they were on TV here and I really got to like the show. From the never ending come ons Frank did to Olga to try and woo her to the various missions he did. Some of the show did at times get a bit repititious but I glossed over that and just enjoyed the show for what

    it was, which was entertaining....

    It's a pity our local TV station gave it a bad run but I live in hope this will come to DVD and then I'll probably buy the whole set....
  • Even though the premise may seem repetitive, this is a very creative show. They really aren't keeping the horse in the barn on this one. Every week there's a interesting mission or twist on the concept of time travel. The characters are very unique and are well portrayed. This is the best time travel show since Dr. Who.
  • pjbeilby11 April 2008
    When are they going to bring out 'Seven Days' on DVD. Almost every other TV series has been released on DVD. Why not this one. Looking at the ratings on the website, it rates well. The majority of TV shows have DVD's released normally start a couple of months after the final episode of the first season goes to air and yet, 5 Years after the final episode of 'Seven Days', it is still not available on DVD. I am not the type of person who would go online and download Movies/TV Shows to add to my collection. I believe that writers should always get paid for their work, so I think the writers of 'Seven Days' would still like to collect royalties for 'Seven Days' by people going out and buying the series on DVD.
  • I too LOVE this show.....I watch the re-runs every comes on at 1 A.M. where I live, but I always watch it!!! It's a very fun show...if only we could accomplish this in real life!!! Oh yea, and for the females that don't like the action stuff, Johnathan LaPaglia is hot so that should make you tune in....I personally love the action & a hot lead star helps make it even better, but that's not the only reason I like the show!!!! I haven't seen an episode that I don't like....they have great story-lines!!!
  • ruthlg19 April 2000
    This is one of the best shows I've seen. It has a lot of character development and great plots. The second season has been a little weak so far, but has gotten much better as it's gone on. It's a shame it has to be on UPN because UPN isn't shown in all parts of the country.
  • I really enjoy this movie along with Star Trek: Voyager. I myself along with others have wondered why Frank doesn't run into himself 7 days in the past but I think this show is really good. Frank goes back to prevent disasters. I also agree that it does always have the same basic story but it is intriguing to see what Frank has to do or prevent next. All of these negative critics don't take the time to actually watch the show. They just look for faults. Watch the show, you will be satisfied.
  • This is a great series. While it had the problem of being the same every week, the producers were able to create different stories and situations to avoid that. The interactions between the characters are very good. You can't help but like these people. I always crack a smile when Frank is trying to flirt with Olga, the bickering between Frank and Ramsey, or when we get a peek into Dr. Ballard's amazingly good love life. This is a great show. Very light. A great watch when trying to unwind after a long day.

    As for the reason why Frank doesn't run into himself: Because when Frank goes back in time, he "jumps" into himself minus a week. That's how Never Never Land knows a backstep has taken place. Frank and the Sphere disappear. Regards. :-)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've always enjoyed time travel shows from Time Tunnel to Quantum Leap. Seven Days has a good mix of drama, comedy and action, however, at times the writing just gets plain lazy. Take, for example, the episode, The Football. Are we to believe that the man carrying the device which must not leave the president's side could just be left behind by the president and the Secret Service? Are we also to believe that the person given the responsibility to carry that device would choose a) to take a cab and b) to walk the streets with it when the cab breaks down? Whenever Frank makes a back step, the first word out of his mouth is "conundrum". This is done to ensure the listener's complete attention and cooperation. Yet, when he tries to tell Olga about the problem he can only mutter, "you have to listen to me" while she hangs up (twice). To further insult my intelligence, a gorilla can randomly punch the keys and get lucky with the correct combination, then, when faced with global destruction, Frank chooses to woo the gorilla rather than killing it. After all, killing a gorilla to prevent the death of billions of humans (and of course, that same gorilla) would just be cruel.

    Let's not forget to mention that the security at this top secret location is so lax that Frank can escape armed only with a pair of bolt cutters. And why does Ramsey still consider Frank a screw-up after he has succeeded in every mission he has taken? The show is mostly entertaining but I can see why it was cancelled.
  • I love time travel shows and Seven Days was one of the best series out there...I especially enjoyed "Empty Quiver" (episode # 3.16) 3/21/2001. I thought it was way cool to go back in time and see Molly as a young girl...the girl who played Young Molly (Jenny-Lynn Hutcheson) was really scene she was crying and explaining what she sees and my heart just went out to her...soooooo emotionally convincing...I will never tire of time travel shows, especially good ones like Seven Days...anyways I was very sad when it was canceled!!
  • What a great TV series! I too, watched it because it was on before Voyager, and am in love with it! I love the whole premise of the series, going back in time only 7 days, and not being able to go back 7 days, then 7 days again, because the reactor needed 7 days to recharge! But there were some violations to that i think, in the first season, the first few episodes i think, oh well, nothing perfect! And the whole Roswell Aliens thing, that made it even better!

    I wish they were still making more episodes, i miss it! But its on Spike TV, at 12 noon on weekdays! But, i cant wait till it comes out on DVD! I hope it does soon!
  • Every now and than some tv show comes along on one of our commercial Tv stations, we have 4 in Holland, that is worth your time and is not going to persuade you to bang your head against the wall in utter terror mumbling "how bad can it be, it can't be this bad" The Outer limits was one of them, the first seasons of X files was one of them and now there is 7 days in the re- run. The first look will have you search your favorite wall again, bulky muscle guy in the lead role, mindless explosions, the cast made up of an atractive female lead( is there a spark between her and the muscle guy , duuuhhh), a smart guy in a wheelchair, a not so good guy, you know the drill. But leave the wall alone, the stories are quite good, there is budget that is well used( not he sphere that is used for the time-travel, it's a big blue screen tennisball) and everything falls in place,the actors are believable and the whole thing is fun to watch. The series lasted only three seasons, a shame really...

    See it if you can!!
  • If you love Sci-Fi then you will love this show. It is about Frank B. Parker who has worked on a secret government project for the NSA. He gets to travel back in time 7 days to fix anything like the killing of a great leader or the White House being blown up etc. This is my second favorite show, my first one is The X-Files.
  • I don't get it - it seems like all the good TV shows get cancelled into the fifth or sixth season. Seven Days was no different - UPN obviously thought the show was "expendable" and decided to start changing the time slot it was on, so nobody could watch it, cause nobody knew when it was on. Nice job, UPN. You ruined a perfectly good TV show, that was a great compliment to Star Trek: Voyager.
  • omnisentinel3 September 2006
    7 Days.
    I loved this show from the very beginning. It had a whole new concept. The show had a few episodes that were a bit close to home. From the White House being hit by a plane (9/11)... to one episode where someone hit the Pentagon with a remote control bomb (9/11).. they had great foresight, even if they were only just a show. I almost wish that the show had never been canceled, it had such great promise. I can't even begin to imagine what other episodes were written that we will never see. As for the main protagonist, Frank, I thought he was cool. He had this cool demeanor. There was even one episode which made him question his sanity, to which i still wonder about.
  • Allright, I'll admit that the concept is a bit limited, but if you think about it, every show on television has one repeating theme. So if you can get past that, you'll find Seven Days to be one of the most entertaining shows to hit primetime TV in a long time. Johnathan LaPaglia plays Frank Parker, a former soldier who spent the latter part of his life in the looney bin, until the NSA recruited him for a top secret government project. They've developed a device that can take one man back in time 7 days. As you can probably guess, every week something horrible happens, and Frank must travel back in time to prevent it. What makes Seven Days so good is the characters and their interaction with each other. LaPaglia is very likeable, and plays the hero role very well. He's not perfect, but yet perfect for the job. Justina Vail plays Olga Vukavitch, a sexy russian scientist who quickly becomes the object of Frank's affection. Watching these two flirt back and forth makes us long for the day they actually hook it up and stop kidding themselves. Having that kind of sexual tension is good for any show. The rest of the cast is made up of folks you've seen in other shows and films. Although none of them are famous, they all play their parts with perfection. The plots, while repetitive, are always filled with action and suspense, and occasionally hints of romance. They do a great job of NOT limiting their audience to any particular group. The production values tend to run high in each episode, especially in the first season. I would advise anyone who would like to get into this series to look for the two-hour pilot to be re-run. It's always hard to jump into the middle of a sci-fi series storyline without knowing the facts leading into it. Many people have said that this show doesn't reach it's potential. Just remember, it's still relatively new to television, and like any show will take time to grow. X-Files didn't pick up it's popularity until the third season! I see quite a bit of promise here. After watching a couple of episodes back to back, you'll understand what I mean. If it doesn't last, look for LaPaglia to move on to bigger things. He could be the next Mel Gibson.
  • This is a great show if you take it for what it is: a cartoon with Frank as the caped crusader. There's action, sexual tension with Olga, and some alternate history thrown in.

    If you're looking for "reality" in any way, on the other hand, you should probably look elsewhere.

    Here's the problem with the premise: It's not really possible to "fix" anything when traveling backwards in time. If you travel backwards in time and fix anything, you just erased the reason for your trip in the first place, along with your memory of why you did it. The way that standard time-travel stories work is to create alternate universes, but if you do that, then it defeats the purpose: The problem you set out to fix remains a problem in the universe you just left. You just solve the problem for someone else.

    As long as you can ignore that, you're in for a great ride. :)
  • The Pilot is a real perfect product for a TV Series of that time and comes close to a cine film like "Stargate (1994)" and is pretty sure worth the rumored 10 Mio

    The first season is really interesting, catches up with most time traveling ideas and and is really entertaining. The 2nd season has to be split in a 1st bad half and a 2nd amazing half. It seems they ran out of ideas and money in the first half or they did just party too hard, after the success of the 1st season, and spend the money on everything else but not in the production. The 2nd half of the 2nd season is amazing and more than compensates the lacks of the 1st half. Emotional, well scripted, no overflow of bad CGI and the best I've ever seen in a Sci-Fi Series. The third and last Season is solid work, except some lost knowledge of their own history and more goofs.

    In short words: Good Start, getting low (of budget) in the middle and than solid to the end line. Overall more than well done low Budget Sci Fi Series, using some elements of the PC game "X-Com" and a must seen for every Sci-Fi Series fan. 6/10 for some pleasant hours of watching and worth to be re-vitalized.
  • The general premise of the series makes possible an endless number of intriguing and thought-provoking stories. Unfortunately, the writers generally fail to achieve anything close to its full potential.

    The actors (Nick Searcy in particular) must be frustrated with their often one-dimensional characters, who never show any character development or long-term growth, and who are frequently forced, by the requirements of ill-developed plots, to act entirely unlike the scientists and military personnel they are supposed to be.

    (Would a paranoid security chief really overlook major personality shifts and gaps in basic knowledge every time a protagonist is replaced by a doppelganger or impostor? I tend to doubt it, especially given the regularity with which it seems to occur.)

    The show is also plagued by gross scientific implausibilities and continuity errors, all of which could easily be remedied (or at least be given better explanations) -- but that would require the writers to put forth a great deal more effort.

    This show COULD be good, perhaps even excellent -- but only if the actors are given better material to work with. It's a shame to see such a great premise go to waste.
  • I was under the impression this was shown on UPN but it might have been ABC or even CBS. Actually it must have been UPN because CBS owns the rights now.

    I watched this every week, mostly because of Norman Lloyd's involvement in the first one and a half seasons.

    They kept Norman's name in the credits for most of the second season even though he was only involved in a few of the episodes. But he was in a few of the episodes of the third season.

    Jon Lapaglia (Tony's brother) is a Chrononaught, there is a secret program called Backstep, based on technology left over from the 1947 Roswell crash that allows them to send one person back in time seven days.

    There's always a question of whether or not they have to send the person back exactly seven days, there was one episode where they only sent him back a day.

    But usually hilarious things ensue because of Frank Parker's (Lapaglia) limited foresight.

    Many of the episodes parody TV shows and movies that were popular during the time the show was on, i've located charmed, three kings, maybe even 2001 where an artificial intelligence goes haywire and has to be shut off the same way Hal was, by regressing it back to infancy.

    I never noticed these homages when I initially watched the series, but now that I'm able to watch it again, they become apparent.

    Some of the stories are kind of cheesy but the series as a whole was very well done, and, well it makes this series a kind of a collectors item because they only released it on DVD and those are very hard to find. CBS all access may have it for streaming.
  • Seven Days is one of my favorite TV Series of all time and I wish they would put it on DVD.

    For the whole official series I will pay $120 but I would not pay for the Fraud sites that I have seen. If there is any other fans interested they should go to, email them and bug them tell they do put on DVD.

    If I were to compare it to another TV series it would be Sentinel because they both prevent bad events from happening. When I watched this TV series almost every day that it was on TV, a few weeks later I had a dream where I was the main character.
  • This show is from a different era. No, it wasn't perfect and it's not at the same level as something like ST:TNG. But we had some pretty good acting, a somewhat unique premise and mostly self contained episodes. None of this modern junk with constant emo-angst-drama and story arcs that are dragged out like taffy. It's unfortunate that the show's wheels started coming off in Season 3, but it was awesome while it lasted.

    Jonathan LaPaglia and Justina Vail really did some great work on this series, and without them I don't think it would have made it past the pilot.
  • Korpus50010 August 2019
    Rediscovered this show tonight and remembered how much I enjoyed it. I'll definitely be watching all three years again. Lapaglia is a great character actor and I'd like to see him in more shows!
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