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  • I just saw this film at the Fantasia festival here in Montreal. The festival mostly shows action/kung-fu movies, but this is definitely not in that category. This film makes you want to get up and scream...but what would you say?

    I don't know how this film got made, as I don't know much about the Spanish film industry, but I'm suddenly really intrigued. This film delivers!

    The acting, directing, music and costumes are all great, but the writing is off the charts. I want to see more films like this. It made me laugh so hard and made take a serious look at how I perceive celebrities-I was in good hands during this film.


  • This is a great comedy, I really don't know a thing about Spanish TV, but it doesn't matter, for this movie speaks a universal language, the language of comedy.

    Packed with scenes of absurd nature, this movie is a fantastic farce, as we follow the ridiculous careers of a pair of comedians who's fate is dictated by the public, rather than by their own decisions.

    Its exaggerated drama gives the perfect tone through the entire movie, you can either follow it or just wander about the ridiculousness of every single minute. Some may regard this kind of comedy dull or dumb, but the truth is its the most simple, minimalistic, rawest, unpretentious comedy you will ever see.

    Ridicule, absurdity, nonsense, drama.... you can find everything in this movie.
  • I enjoyed this film, if not for its comprehension, then at least for its outrageous, odd characters and plot. I love the surreal imagery, and although it has some dirty, disturbing scenes, the point of view is so unaffected and indifferent that its even humorous. This movie is a dark comedy, because it deals with many issues that in reality would be disturbing: death, insanity, loneliness, envy, hatred, etc....And yet the film attempts quite indifferently to use these motifs in its humor.

    There are also many subtle details in the movie that catch you by surprise, disgust, or shock. For example in one scene when nino is talking to his manager in prison, in the background you will see a woman with her top open and....well, you get it.

    I don't think this movie is perfect, but I appreciate the artistic freedom it took to make it, and the violent, absurd, insane, vile shocks from its twists and turns that leave you strangely and happily confused.
  • Roaring and twisted tragicomedy by the king of black comedy , Alex De La Iglesia , including strong performances from two protagonists and excellent plethora of secondaries . Nino (Santiago Segura , Alex's fetish actor) and Bruno (El Gran Wyoming) are two comedians who reach the heights of success with their duo act, turning them into huge TV celebrities , being interviewed by the famous presenter Jose Maria Iñigo . However, the hate between them grows as fast, and as much, as their fame . They are two singers and stand-up comedians who reach the heights of their fame and fortune with their jobs , being hired by the manager Julian (Alex Angulo) , and subsequently contracted by Chicho Ibañez Serrador for ¨1, 2, 3¨ program , but their confrontation turning them into deadly enemies . As the lethal hate between them grows as fast, and as much, as their strong facing off leads to unexpected consequences . It all ends with a breathtaking and operatic duel in a downward spiral of madness .

    Alex De la Iglesia is an excellent Spanish director , he is back with this tragical dark comedy with ironical elements , thrills , emotions and results to be pretty entertaining . Alex had much success as "Accion Mutante" , " El Dia De la Bestia" , "Perlita Durango" and ¨La Comunidad¨ , among others . Here deals with a homage to dark humor and a typical Spanish story in which there are comedy , tongue-in-cheek , black humor , action , drama and a lot of amusement . It's a groundbreaking drama/comedy giving the right developing through the whole movie .¨Dying of laughter¨ or ¨Muertos De Risa¨ is a full-on surreal psychotronic black-comedy that blends thrills , suspense , tension as well as an amusing script full of dark humor , drama and exciting situations . Packed with scenes of ridiculous nature, this story is an absurd farce , as we follow the ascending careers of a pair of comical actors , Santiago Segura and El Gran Wyoming whose fates are issued by a top rise to fame , it is inter-weaved by the appearance a third character , a gorgeous girl , Carla Hidalgo who has some nude scenes . Interesting screenplay Alex De La Iglesia who usually writes his films and bears remarkable resemblance to ulterior ¨Balada Triste Para Trompeta¨ also with two artists -Carlos Areces , Antonio De La Torre- who reach big hits with their spectacles , becoming them at the same time into huge enemies .

    The narration is so filled with colorful characters , noisy action , nutty comedy, crazy violence mixed with humor or with silly elements and an underlying sense of tragicomedy, and it is so excessive and plenty of surprises, one can't help but keep watching, much as it is over the top in more than one time . The film works on various levels and is constantly reconfigured , however contains some embarrassing , contriving moments and also certain excess . Alex De La Iglesia has created a picture here that in all honesty is very difficult to categorise in terms of genre , as there's a little bit of action , quite a lot of comedy, a good deal of crazy situations and a host of extreme gruesomeness ; but it does not fit into any one genre very well at all, in truth this is one of the things that makes it cool . Acting personnel all do excellent work in bizarre roles. Although director Álex de la Iglesia considered casting Fernando Esteso as Nino and Andrés Pajares as Bruno. Very good support cast formed by notorious Spanish secondaries such as Eduardo Gómez as Tino, Manuel Tallafé as El Mago Silber , Maria Asquerino as Mother , Ramon Barea , Alfonso Del Real , Jesús Bonilla as Sargento '23 F' , Alfonso Lussón as Berasategui and the great Sancho Gracia as Legionario . But special notice needs to be made for Alex Angulo for also being quite ridiculously role throughout . Furthermore , a brief intervention by the presenter Jose Maria Iñigo , and the magician Uri Geller . Interesting screenplay Alex De La Iglesia and Javier Guerricaechevarria who usually work united . Atmospheric as well as evocative cinematography by Flavio Martinez Laviano with a nice camera work . Adequate musical score by Roque Baños , the soundtrack flows great with the film in every way, and creates fantastic atmospheres in every moment ; the main theme of the soundtrack is based on Los Pekenikes's song Embustero. The motion picture lavishly produced by the great producer Andres Vicente Gomez was well directed by De La Iglesia . He's a cool director has got much success as ¨Accion Mutante¨ , ¨Baby's room¨ , ¨Oxford murders¨ and ¨Balada Triste De Una Trompeta¨ and winner of several Goyas (Spanish Oscars), however his movies have not yet reached box office in USA, but he has strong followers . Nonsense, ridicule , laughters , absurdity , disturbing scenes .. and many other issues ; you can find everything in this flick . The movie is a lot of fun, especially for those who enjoy surrealist as well as crazy humor . This is without a doubt a fun and enjoyable movie to be enjoyed for dark humor buffs and Alex De Iglesia fans.
  • De la Iglesia is back with a tragical comedy about two Spanish comedians of the 70s. Including homages to old shows as "Un, Dos, Tres" and "Directísimo", this is a comical (Or tragical?) approach to the last 25 years of Spanish history. Segura and Wyoming, comical as always, blend into their characters. The movie is a lot of fun, especially for those who know the historical period. Despite some criticism, I think this is, with "El Día de la Bestia", De la Iglesia´s best film.
  • The idea was very clever; the director was one of the best in Spain; the cast was stellar, putting together some of the most famous comedians in the country; even the song that came with it was a huge hit in the Spanish charts! It couldn't fail, could it? Yet it did.

    Because this was supposed to be a comedy, but it doesn't have a single laugh-worthy joke. Seriously. I really wanted to enjoy it, because I'm a fan of all the main players involved (de la Iglesia, Segura, Wyoming, Angulo), but I found myself staying silent throughout the whole thing. The problem is probably that the comedy is so black, that it's not comedy any more. It just isn't funny. But it doesn't work as a tragic drama either, because the story is so exaggerated and so absurd, that it's impossible to take it seriously. So it simply doesn't work at all. A pity of wasted talent.
  • "Muertos De Risa" had such a lot going for it, it's hard to see exactly how director, cast and crew could make such a stupendously stupid film. Yet somehow, through colossal ignorance of what makes a decent movie, sheer bad luck or a complete lack of talent, Alex De Iglesia's supposed laughfest offers little more than a bewildered titter at the point of the thing.

    The thing was, I went in with such high hopes. The poster looks good, I was in the mood for a knockabout screwball comedy, and I had been busy defending this type of movie to my Spanish friends (who clearly aren't too impressed with this genre - see "El Milagro De P.Tinto"), and I was looking forward to a nice seventies kitsch affair. But it just failed to deliver. The comedy was dire (alright, I might have missed a few Spanish language one-liners, but judging by the noises the Spanish audience were making, I doubt it). But really, what's going on? How on earth did this make it past greenlighting? It can't be entertainment, surely.

    Nevertheless, before sitting down to write this review, I endeavoured to find some positive aspects of the film. And, to my surprise, there were one or two diamonds in the very, very rough. Firstly: the title sequence - lovely, stylised animation, nice attention to seventies detail. Secondly, the goat gave a sterling performance - I can honestly say I have never seen a goat play dead quite as realistically - fantastic! (In comparison). Finally, the comedy old mother is alright, I suppose. But animation, goats and mothers aside, there isn't a lot to look forward too, I'm afraid.

    The thing is - it's all so bloomin' unnecessary. There is no need for all the naked women (no there isn't, to all those lecherous readers out there), there is no need to push the jokes quite as far as they try, because the jokes don't work on their own. There was just no point in making the film: a brief comedy sketch on "Saturday Night Live", fine - but a feature-length movie? Never. "Muertos De Risa" is crass, stupid, unnecessary and irritating (like most of the actors). I don't think I've ever hated a movie quite as much: which is good, I'm glad it's got my passion up. I might try to watch it with subtitles, just to see if I did miss something stupendous - and you will be the first to know if I did. But I really don't hold out much hope.

    Alright - this is a personal opinion; you, of course, might love it. But my advice is this: if you're after screwball Spanish comedy, watch "El Milagro De P.Tinto", if you're after soft porn, watch anything by Russ Meyer, and if you're after an example of the best Spanish cinema has to offer, then try "Todo Sobre Mi Madre". If, however, you're after something to irritate the hell out of your friends and family, maybe this is the film for you. It certainly isn't for me.
  • dalton218 April 1999
    I can't believe there are people who like this movie. Of course, their opinion is as valid as mine, but it's hard for me to understand that. What's in this movie? A few pseudo-comic scenes, several references to old spanish TV programs and music hits (if you want to feel nostalgic with all that stuff you can watch a spanish TV documentary instead and that'll be surely better), and a surreal plot only understood by the people who made the film. I must confess I didn't laugh a single time, perhaps I smiled twice or three times during the whole movie. Sorry, Santiago, I don't like it !

    My rating is 4 out of 10 (and I'm being generous because I'm spanish).
  • Not among Spanish cult director Alex de la Iglesia's best movies, this film tells the tale, through almost two decades, of two TV comedians who are a very famous and successful duo (though their act is nothing else than one of the guys slapping the face of the other guy) but who grew to hate (and really hate) each other to death. The duo is played by Santiago Segura and El Gran Wyoming, two famous comedians in Spain. Segura, the fat guy in the duo and the one who gets slapped, is famous there for the Torrente films, in which he plays an hilariously corrupt cop. This movie is only mildly funny, and I'm not sure it would travel well outside Spanish speaking countries.