Darryl: Sydney, If you really want to dis someone, you have to stick with the 'yo mamma jokes', here, I'll tell you one, "Yo mamma's so big, that when she was hit by a school bus, she turned around and said, 'stop throwing them rocks!'"

Michael: How 'bout this one? 'Your mamma's teeth are so yellow, that when she smiled, all the cars in the road stoped!'

Darryl: [Darryl laughing] That's really funny son, now GO TO YOUR ROOM, I don't want you to be talking about my mamma like that!

[Sydney disobeys Darryl and meets up with a guy she's been chatting with on the internet]

Sydney: [van window opens] Oh my god! YOU'RE 'Hotguy16'?

Darryl: That's right! Didn't I tell you not to go in those chatrooms? Get in the car!

Hattie: God better have your soul 'cause your behind is mine!

Sally: Did somebody order a naked white woman?

Darryl: I'm not afraid of anything.

Michael: Ok, how 'bout this tarantula?

Sally: Arachnophobia - - fear of spiders.

Darryl: That doesn't scare me.

Michael: Then what about this snake?

Sally: Snakephobia - - fear of snakes.

Darryl: That doesn't scare me either.

Michael: [pulls out video tapes] Ok, what about these movies..."When Harry Met Sally", "Sleepless In Seattle", and "You've Got Mail"?

Darryl: Eeeeek! Get those away from me!

Sally: Megaphobia - - fear of Meg Ryan movies.

Milsap Morris: You two are busier than a pallbearer at the Kennedy compound

Milsap Morris: I'm one bad mother...

Darryl: You know, I think that's a girls coat.

Ronnie: Ain't no thang but a chicken wang!