High Priest: I forget what we're doing tonight.

First Priest: You're sacrificing a virgin to the rain god Mole.

High Priest: What for?

Second priest: Rain, what else? Rain.

[to second priest]

Second priest: He's passed it.

First Priest: We'll have to elect ourselves a new one.

High Priest: Rain? Oh, yes, of course. Of course, rain. Isn't that little Ruth? Why are we sacrificing her?

First Priest: She's the only virgin we could find on such short notice.

Second priest: If we had more time...

First Priest: Even then it wouldn't be easy. They're very hard to find.

High Priest: But I've known little Ruth since she was knee-high to a cricket.

Second priest: We've sacrificed chickens, sheep, and bulls and they didn't work.

The 'Peddler': [after being told Sodom has been destroyed] How did it happen?

Naamah: God destroyed them for their wickedness.

The 'Peddler': Some religious thing, huh?