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  • Believe me, it is worth getting the Season 12 DVD set, just for this episode.

    Firstly, no other member of Five O, is featured or mentioned. It is just McGarrett.

    Further, he doesn't have just an administrator role, as is many of the last few seasons.

    He does it all- spy, police officer, even a dual role, as the Professor.

    Beautiful cinematography, and scenery.

    Acting excellent.

    Many lengthy scenes between Wo Fat, and Steve, something we have craved for many seasons.

    Very lengthy scene in the woods between Kigh Deigh and Jack Lord, including Jack Lord running, jumping, and more.

    The first fist fight of Jack Lord, in about 7 seasons.

    And a fitting ending to the show; the season; and to the entire 12 seasons.

    It is lamentable to see other reviewer's ratings of this.

    Please, please, remove your reviews
  • Warning: Spoilers
    During the course of the 12 years of "Hawaii Five-O", the episodes involving the Chinese communist spy, Wo Fat, were among the most clever and entertaining. Sadly, in this final episode of the series, Wo Fat and McGarrett have a big show down and it turns out to be just awful-- due to a serious problem with most every episode this season...bad writing. There just was no excuse for all the logical errors in this one and I felt really dissatisfied as I watched.

    The show begins well enough. A top scientist is kidnapped--taken prisoner by one of Wo Fat's henchmen. WHile it's unbelievable, the premise is that they use some gas on her and two other scientists to make them very, very compliant--so compliant that they'll work on a dangerous project without question. Using the gas, Dr. Wo Fat has convinced them he's a benefactor of mankind and whats them to build a system similar to the so-called 'Star Wars' missile defense system that Preisdent Reagan announced only a few years after this aired.

    Soon the Pentagon realizes something is afoot. Three top scientists who met eight years earlier at a conference discussing such a proposed system have disappeared--and that's too much of a coincidence to be random. So, they set off for Hawaii, as they predict that the leader of this old symposium will be the next on kidnapped.

    So far, while the show is far-fetched, it was entertaining. The stupid stuff is about to begin. It seems that the man who will be kidnapped next looks almost exactly like McGarrett but with a gray beard and Beethoven wig!! The odds of this are about 2948237561020 to 1--and it only gets more absurd. Later, when Wo Fat kidnaps the fake scientist (McGarrett in disguise), he never once remarks that this scientist looks like his old arch nemesis!! Nor does he keep an extra careful watch on his! And, oddly, Wo Fat refers to himself as Wo Fat--and any of these folks might have heard about this international criminal! Does it get any Sloppy wing abound--such as when Wo Fat catches McGarrett and FINALLY realizes it's him. Instead of shooting him in the face, he gives him several hours in his room as punishment for his deception before he executes him--giving Steve LOTS of opportunities to escape and destroy the complex. And, speaking of complexes, why didn't they put it in Chinese territory --with lots of ships and planes nearby so as to make a US raid on the base at the end impossible?! Duh!!! All in all, a severely stupid show and one you might just want to skip--which is something you could also say for all of the final season.
  • I have now watched every episode from Season 1 to 12 and can't agree more that the last two seasons were sub-par with a few exceptions.

    There were too may far fetched plots that were getting into the supernatural and occult which means that the writers were stretching for stories. There were usually plot holes that you could drive a truck through, although I realize that these shows are just escapism. Today's shows try to be more realistic and introspective which is not necessarily a good thing.

    Also, McGarett was not involved or as emotive as in earlier seasons.

    The Kimo Carew character was too much of a peer to McGarett, while Williams to McGarett was more of a father and son relationship. The chemistry was not there with Kimo. You felt that Williams would be the head of Five-0 someday which is something that you never felt with Kimo.

    Really missed Chin Ho too!

    I also think that the female addition, in the last season, to the team could have been utilized more in the story lines. As another reviewer mentioned, for the most part this role was used as a gofer.

    Anyway, just to add to another review of the final episode I found the chase in the jungle/forest unbelievable. Wo Fat had a machine gun but missed McGarett so many times at close range. This made the whole plot unbelievable even in the world of TV Fantasy.

    A very disappointing end to a series that was so good for ten seasons.