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  • Obviously made to capitalize on the (deserved ) success of the miniseries which French TV broadcast the precedent year,this is a movie which is not far from worthless;the ending might suggest the writers had a sequel in mind ,but it was not to happen.No sense of mystery,ponderous comic reliefs ( including a gay couple) , cock and bull story,actors who could not care less .The scene when the young couple is sentenced to death is a rehash of the laser beam in "Goldfinger".

    Deface this dud and try to get the DVds of the great "Belphegor" miniseries starring Juliette Greco which was really scary and mysterious.
  • Great "noir" (more then horror) movie in 6 black and white episodes. When I saw Belphégor in 1973 (I was a child) I was amazed. The phantom of the Louvre was really terrific. I saw it recently, 30 years later, and I would consider it a "gothic" movie. I'm looking forward to see the forthcoming remake. Interesting sequences, at the beginning, showing Paris in the 60s. Yamato video sells it on tape (available in Italy).