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  • gustafsundberg6 November 2009
    I do not agree with any of the following writers. C/o Segemyrh is a hilarious sitcom, In my opinion, one of the best. And which TV program doesn't have a laughing track nowadays? You can see it almost everywhere, even from studios where the audience is at the current location ("Hål i väggen"). I really don't think that Johan Ulvesson or Olle Sarri overact at all, they are both playing two very energetic characters so I think they are doing a great job. Swedish comedy can't get any better than this. Great plot, funny jokes and a nice mix of actors make this a truly worth-watching series.

    Maybe it's a bit hard to understand all of the jokes for a foreign person, but being a swede, this is some funny stuff :)

    Except from season 4, which i think is awfully bad ;)
  • smirre4429 September 2001
    This is supposed to be the swedish version of "Mot i brøstet (1993)" and doesn't really do a very good job at copying it (not that the original series was any good). The humour is extremely dry, (maybe if I were swedish, I would understand it better) and the overacting syndrome seems to have snuck in here as well. Avoid at all costs. All I can say is, we Scandinavians don't seem to be very good at doing sitcoms. It's our lot in life it seems. :)
  • apmolekyl13 November 2007
    Extremely awful attempt at a sitcom. In fact, it's so bad that when Swedish journalists showed a couple of episodes to the writers of Friends (itself utterly worthless) they fell asleep. That's how bad this show is. It's supposedly a comedy series yet fails to entertain even in the slightest. Everyone overacts, especially Olle Sarri and Johan Ulvesson. Mediocre actors spouting flat, painfully unfunny jokes in absurdity. The bizarre thing is, the Swedish audience love this show. I don't know why. And the fact they put a laugh track on these awful jokes is mocking and extremely condescending towards the audience. Laugh, damn it. Laugh. I think I'll pass, thank you. Avoid like the plague...