Michael Herlihy: Wait, I forgot Something

Sarah Weinstock: What?

Michael Herlihy: My Heart.

Bill Herlihy: Are you still my baby?

Katie Herlihy: No, dad, I grew up. But I am still your daughter.

[On his son Michael being a Conscientious Objector to Vietnam]

Bill Herlihy: "If my son says he can't fight, it's not because he's not brave enough, it's because he's brave enough to stand up for what he believes in."

Sheriff: You know, Willie, these cameras ain't gonna be here every day.

Rev. Willie Taylor: No they won't. But we will.

Rev. Willie Taylor: Don't you EVER forget what you seen here.

Brian Herlihy: This is the wrong war for your principles.

Bill Herlihy: I may not know what exactly a consciencious objector is. But I do know what a consciense is.

[Michael is depressed after Robert Kennedy's murder]

Bill Herlihy: Who do you want? Nixon? Becasue that's what you're gonna get if you keep this up. Nixon.

Katie Herlihy: [Katie is broke and no-one will help her] Peace and love, my ass! I hate this goddamn city!

Katie Herlihy: Michael Rainbow, I'm going to make you a promise. I am going to take this money, and then I am going to find a nice, warm place for us to stay, for as long as we want.

[starts crying]

Katie Herlihy: I don't know where! But we are never going to spend another night sleeping on a stranger's couch and begging for food, I promise you, ok? I swear to God!