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  • Two sugar rafineries are in competition with each other ;the main problem is the raw material : sugar beets ;besides the managers are not what you call scrupulous honest ;one of them ,Laverdac (Michel Simon ,whose last line is great ) lines his pockets at the expense of the factory.

    One of the rafineries manager has a good idea:why not unite agriculture with industry by marrying his daughter Colette to the son of the countess who provides the factory with its raw material ; but the girl is in love with the engineer and is not prepared to accept it;neither is Max, the young noble ,busy inventing useless things .

    As the engineer 's plans to modernize the production may be stolen and used by the competition ,Colette asks Max to keep a watchful eye on her dad's plant ;this is the best moment in a far-fetched story : Max (René Lefèvre )gets himself hired as a worker ,but he knows neither the manners nor the slang of the working class ;Lefèvre is excellent as the naive young man ,in the least bit snobbish ,like her haughty mom; his relationship with his mates on strike -and they do not know why !-who suggest he make the coffee (they get a foul brew prepared in a retort!)is priceless.

    Some will see echoes of the 1936 Popular Front but it's mainly a pleasant comedy which is not to be taken seriously.