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  • I like the fact that Vivid made modest features 20 years ago, similar to the '40s and '50s major studio B movies, running 70 minutes apiece. "Dangerous" (aka Dangerous Lady) fits the time constraints, but is seriously lacking in scope and content that might hold the viewer's interest.

    'Tis a shame, since director Toni English emerged soon after as a force to be reckoned with via her wonderful 22-part feature series "Naked Hollywood". This rather glib piece concerns a group of folks who like to take chances, notably superstar Taylor Hayes. The incidents depicted don't ring true, especially a set piece wherein she goes to a seedy part of town to engage in an impromptu gang-bang with street guys, played by the estimable Mr. Marcus and Billy Glide, latter wielding a dick even bigger than the Black superstar beside him.

    Similar games-playing and risk-taking involves a sort of one-upsmanship that I found childish and singularly phony in mixed company. Sure, a tale of boys being boys, whether in boarding school, men's clubs or locker rooms, is readily credible, but having girls and boys competing for King of the Sexual Mountain is frankly absurd.

    Lost in this shuffle is an all-time favorite of mine Chloe, who fortunately was so prolific in her career that one can find at least two winners to counteract a loser like this in which she appears.

    When the dust settled, I got the feeling a talented screenwriter and a series of careful and honest re-writes could have fashioned this germ of a movie into something tangible, maybe a tale of thrill killers or even doomed lovers on the run like Nick Ray's "They Live By Night" or even the modern equivalent Tarantino meets the late Tony Scott in "True Romance".
  • Another Toni E/Kelly H movie and another one with Taylor: usually adult star get heavier along the years while Taylor goes the other way: thinner, almost to a skeleton state... In the same time, she acts like crazy, more unstable and at the end, for me, she is indeed a dangerous woman! I don't like girls like this because you can't never relax or be cool but always aware and cautious which is not the better state for sex! In addition, Taylor scenes are pretty dull, not at at all erotic. I just notice the treesome on the boat because it likes visiting the Baywatch closet and there is a beautiiul orange, gold light trough the scene that mixes well with this wooden cabin. Except this, nothing else unfortunately...