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  • A fun story where fantasy meets reality for a young man asserting his independence. Great to see Fred Savage again. He may have sideburns now, but he's still got that boyish charm and innocence - no doubt frustrating to an actor trying to break the mold. This film has a good tongue-in-cheek attitude throughout. It doesn't pretend to be more than a modern day fable, and delivers on its promise. Aussie actress Allison Moir is an interesting find and is remniscent of a young Jane Seymour. Disappointingly, she doesn't have anything credited after this. Definitely worth a look. The pacing is good and the story holds throughout. My only gripe - the ending seemed forced. I saw this on a compilation DVD - "Short" #2, which is good value, considering you get 6 films for the price of one.
  • I bought the Short DVD for La Jetee and this film happened to be on it. All I can say is this film is certainly worth the half hour to watch it. I have sat through 2 hour movies that I enjoyed less than I enjoyed this one. The DVD's like 15 bucks and trust me, it's well worth it.
  • A fun short about Josh Cohen (Savage) and his exploits on a road trip to California. I thought it was very entertaining, and the editing was brilliant.
  • This was a very amusing film staring none other than Mr. Savage Himself. The Wonder Years are no more, so Savage lived it up in this western-themed short. It's definitely worth checking out. I saw it on a DVD called SHORT 2: Dreams. There's an alternate audio track with the writer, director and producer. It's well worth it. I bought my copy on Go give it a whirl!