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  • Burt Reynolds interprets the hardest and implacable cop of Florida again, in this movie that is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting and tense series of TNT.Coming back in directing the film, Reynolds is Logan McQueen, and at his side,there is his partner Charlie Duffy (Charles Durning),who constantly challenge the streets of Miami. "Hard Time"'s great idea is the fact it shows a raw and sincere reality of the policemen's degrading routine: the homosexuals, the prostitutes, the criminals, all this is shown by the lens of the director Burt Reynolds, without make-ups. Perhaps that's why some people complain of the explicit violence of some scenes, but "Hard Time", by exploring the reality, turns into an original and interesting crime-drama. The production is of an exceptional quality, the film is expensive and luxurious, with action scenes very well built and unforgettable characters.In "Hard Time: Premonition" , Logan McQueen has to hunt a terrorist who is exploding Miami, and as his only ally, he needs to trust in a convict who says he is capable to foresee the explosions!

    The film is explosive, shocking and violent!Burt Reynolds is excellent, as always, and,as he said on an interview, he seems that he used tactics to give the best of his performance: he installed a monitor in the filming sets, so that he could constantly verify his acting. The film is not better than the first of the series, but it is brilliant, and TNT already prepares the next release ""Hard Time: Hide and Seek", the third, with Reynolds, Charles Durning, and Keith Carradine (who worked with the star in "The Hunter's Moon"). My advice is: see the first "Hard Time", and later check "Hard Time: Premonition"!if you like interesting and explosive films, in "Sharky's Machine" style and "Payback" , you have to watch it!!!
  • A Burt Reynolds mad bomber mystery with a script that is severely under developed. Burt does however wear a nice assortment of hair pieces, as he tries to piece together several random bombings in Miami. Further complicating things is Bruce Dern, as a death row prisoner with premonitions of the bombings in his dreams, making the story extremely disjointed. Charles Durning is barely in the film, with small parts in the beginning and end. If you blink, you will miss Paul Bartel playing a hotel desk manager behind a cage. Essential to any deranged bomber screenplay is insight into the bomber's motivation. Here the motivation makes zero sense, and thus the movie itself becomes a "so what?" Unfortunately, "Hard Time the Premonition" is totally forgettable, even for Burt Reynolds fans. - MERK
  • fahlstrom29 December 2011
    Burt usually just plays himself and occasionally that's enough to carry a well written movie - like "Sharkey's Machine.

    Not so this time. It's a lame story, lame acting, a lame screenplay and in general a waste of time.

    Save yourself from this one and watch something else or just go to bed early and get some rest.

    On the other hand - if you want to see Burt in something that is actually worse than this bomb, try out "Big City Blues".

    That one will really have you gagging.

    It doesn't deserve a 1.
  • Sloppy Burt Reynolds thriller about a man who receives a premonition of a terrorist attack and tries to stop the killer before it happens. At least that's what I heard before watching the movie. All I got was loads of cheap made-for-TV-style dialog, sex scenes and violence.

    Dumb, dumb, dumb.