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  • I thought the original Pinky & the Brain series was excellent, but this spin off was pretty bad. Pinky and Brain were still funny, but everything else wasn't. For those that don't know, Elmyra was from Tiny Toons. Her character worked there, but in this show she was really just annoying. This show lacked a lot of the humor it's predecessor had. This show lasted only one season.
  • I know, I borrowed a little from Roger Ebert there, but that's just about the only way I can sum up my feelings about "Pinky, Elmyra, and the Brain" [shudder]. Oh, my gosh! How could they just go on and change such a wonderful show?? I only rarely found Elmyra all that funny myself (in fact, I find her kind of annoying), and it was really a kick in the pants to discover that she would be put together with Pinky and the Brain. That just spelled trouble right there. "Pinky and the Brain" was right up there with "Animaniacs" as my favorite cartoon. After their change of setting, though, Pinky's "narfs" and "poits" were never the same again. Mercifully, the show was soon put out of its misery, but it just signaled the end of Pinky and the Brain, the two funniest megalomaniacal lab mice ever on TV.
  • This is a perfect example of a series that long outlived its usefulness. I loved Pinky and the Brain and watched the show almost religiously, but when some dunderhead at the WB decided to pair these mice with Elmyra, I was horrified. There was absolutely no reason to take them away from Acme Labs except that the show had just run out of ideas. This was an example of the expression "jumping the shark"--it was obvious it was all downhill for the show from then until its cancellation--and with crappy episodes without the original formula, it wasn't long before the show breathed its last. Frankly, I just found it embarrassing to watch towards the end. My recommendation is never watch this incarnation of the show and use massive amounts of denial. Convince yourselves and others it never occurred---the ONLY shows that ever existed were Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain. They NEVER paired the mice with Elmyra--no, never!!
  • Okay, this show only lasted 2 seasons. The first one was pretty funny. The second one was just plain stupid. The WB had done what they had always mocked, the dumbing down of kids shows. Having those annoying songs in the second season, Pinky falling in love with a pig, and Elmyra's role getting increasingly bigger in each episode made the whole thing bomb. However, "The Man From Washington", and "The Ravin" was worth a laugh or two. Still, don't waste your time watching the other shows.
  • I love Animaniacs, I love Pinky and the Brain but I hate Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain. Sorry, I just don't like it. For me the only redeeming qualities are Pinky, Brain and the voice acting of Rob Paulson and Maurice LeMarche, merely because I find Pinky adorable and Brain funny in a deadpan sort of way. Other than that, it doesn't work, some of the earlier episodes have one or two laughs, but that is it. Personally I thought the animation was somewhat sub par here, Pinky and Brain don't look the same, and some the backgrounds are static sometimes. Secondly, the character of Elmyra is incredibly obnoxious, she was fine in Tiny Toons, but pairing her with Pinky and the Brain is like pairing a deer and a tiger, it doesn't work, plus the way she is written here makes her increasingly annoying as her role expanded throughout the show's run. Also, Cree Summer has done so much better work before, she is a great voice actress but she doesn't seem suited to the character of Elmyra at all. Even worse than Elmyra was the writing, some of it was very childish, clichéd and predictable, same with the story lines, and the music was forgettable and annoying. The show's concept didn't bode with me either, taking it out of the lab and still incorporating those iconic catchphrases that would only work if it was still in the lab, it had the same effect of Romeo and Juliet being completely updated yet the archaic language stayed the same. What I am saying is that the use of "narf" and "poit" didn't work in a new setting. Overall, I dislike this show, stick with Pinky and the Brain, which oozes with intelligence and smart writing, everything this tried to accomplish and failed. 2/10 Bethany Cox
  • Ginger8726 August 2004
    "Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain" was a cute show. I remember watching it Saturday mornings with my sister on Kids WB. I was a big fan of "Pinky and the Brain" and I knew Elmyra from the lovable "TinyToons" so I had no problem with this show.

    My favorite episodes were: "Fun, Time and Space", "How I Spent My Weekend" and "Gee Your Hair Spells Terrific". Those episodes were hilarious and cute.

    I was hoping this show would last as long as "Pinky and the Brain" did. But unfortunately it didn't. I wish it was still on the air so I could watch the reruns. I give this show 9/10 stars.
  • saxguygb13 September 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    I recently finished watching all of the episodes of this show and I don't think it's as bad as others are making it out to be. It's not as good as when it was just Pinky & The Brain, but it's entertaining and I enjoyed it.

    I will admit that Elmyra is a little more painfully annoying than she was on Tiny Toons, but she still has her enjoyably annoying moments. Pinky and the Brain are still enjoyable characters as they were on Animaniacs and, well, Pinky & The Brain.

    The only new character that I kind of liked was Rudy, mainly because a lot of the bully-ish stuff he does is over-the-top and kind of funny (Example: When he sues the Brain because the Brain wouldn't allow him to join a kids' club. He actually has lawyers that show up.)

    If you like Elmyra on Tiny Toons and you like Pinky and the Brain, I would say this is worth checking out. Just don't be expecting a masterpiece, because this show is not that.
  • Don't get me wrong, the original Pinky and the Brain series is a far superior show but this non-canon (confirmed by series creator to be non-canon) spin-off does have its moments. It brings an almost Ed Edd n Eddy-like vibe to Pinky and the Brian. Seeing Elmyra and the two mice get into all sorts of bizarre adventures is actually kind of amusing.

    The characters of Pinky and the Brain themselves recieve some character changes. Pinky starts to talk back to Brain, and Brain returns to a larger megalomaniacal persona akin to the early days of their skits on Animaniacs. Elmyra is still annoying (and sometimes boarders on being disturbing) but serves an interesting foil to Brain.

    The voice-acting, scoring and animation is just as stellar as the orignal, with Rough Draft Studios in particular rising to new heights in the episodes they animated (just check out their animation in the intro, almost TMS-like in some respects). Wang Film Productions' animation is also just as expressive and fluid as always.

    Some particular episode highlights include "Gee Your Hair Spells Terrific!", "The Cat Who Cried Woof", "Fun, Time and Space", "Pinky's Playhouse" (which questions the relationship between Pinky and Brain), How I Spent My Weekend", "The Raven" and "That's Edutainment!". Believe me when I say this show had some good episodes, they had some real good episodes.

    Overall, this show may have been what the network demanded against the writers' freewill, but man they still delivered. If you are hoping to see more traditional, Elmyra-less adventures of Pinky and the Brain, then I'd reccomend checking out their original series, Animaniacs and the upcoming Animaniacs reboot. Otherwise if you like watching shows where a trio of unlikely friends get into all sorts of chaos, then this is the show for you.
  • This cartoons came on air for the very first time here in Italy in Septmeber 2004 on the Italian satellite kids channel CARTOON NETWORK.

    When I was younger I really loved the "Pinky and the Brain" original series and they were very popular here among the children, so for me the broadcasting of this spin-off with the irresistible Elmyra from the Tiny Tonns (they're not well known here in Italy, but I knew theme because of the comics) was a real guilty pleasure.

    This series is fantastic, funny, deliberately crazy and purposely insane and made, so kitsch and totally non-sense and extravagant, showy, a real POP toon (the songs are crazy and beautiful).

    My favorite episode was the one with the giant robot ROBERTO who was able to transform french cheese in what french people hate more then anything: stupid American visitors!!!really a crazy episode!!!