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  • Sharbysy28 March 1999
    I thought this was quite a good movie. It stirred something in me.

    I thought that Charlotte and Jake had real passion. I found myself laughing because of the ridiculousness of some of the stuff that they did.... picturing people in their situation doing the things they did.

    I really liked it because it was so different and unpredictable. I was very disappointed with the ending though.
  • Atalya Nir21 July 2001
    Well, I rented this film because I like "Hostage and Kidnapper fall in love" kind of movies and I must say I wasn't too disappointed. I didn't expect a brilliant film, and it wasn't, but it was still quite enjoyable. Susan Sarandon is amazing, as always. Stephen Dorff is (without sounding too shallow) really cute. Together, they produce a pretty fine dynamic. I too was disappointed by the ending, but I still liked the film. What can I say, I always fall for those cute kidnappers...
  • jlcannavo9 November 2009
    Not one viewer has commented on the age difference between Dorff and Sarandon...I can't believe it. My daughter and I watched this together, and couldn't wait to get online to check out their birthdates. 1946 and 1973....hard to get past that! The movie itself was and easy to imagine (or wish) that this could truly take place. Sarandon did a SUPER job with her role...a very believable bored wife. Dorff...well, he's Stephen Dorff...what more needs to be said!? He's a great actor who could get by on his looks but doesn't have to. Their interaction is wonderful. Makes a girl think she should hang out in banks until this happens for real!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    it just happened to be on HBO while I was channel surfing. I came in a little late but when I saw gorgeous Stephen Dorff and always exceptional Susan Sarandon I decided to keep watching. I'm glad I did.

    The story is nothing new but I found the dialogue very interesting (until the end where it got very predictable) and Dorff and Sarandon are obviously enjoying themselves and play off each other very well. Dorff proves here he's not just another pretty face--he's a very talented actor who just happens to be extremely good-looking and have a nice body. Sarandon is always good and extremely sexy in anything she does. The sexual tension between her and Dorff is extremely well-done. As I said before, the dialogue was very well-written (for a TV movie) and the two actors give it their all--heck, these two could read a phone book and make it interesting!

    The movie does disappoint at the end when Elizabeth Moss joins them. She's not a bad actress but her character is (purposely?) very annoying and cruel.

    SPOILER AHEAD!!! I also didn't buy Sarandon's decision at the end in the least. She should have stayed with Dorff--I can't believe Dorff ended up with his annoying girlfriend. Still, it's played as a happy ending.

    So, all in all, I did enjoy this. Don't go out of your way to see it but it's worth catching.
  • This movie was a big breakthrough for HBO. I have seen some of HBO's original movies, and I have to say that with most of them I was disappointed, but this movie it was the exact opposite. Stephen Dorff made the character seem real, he really got into his role. The cast and crew did a splendid job, the atmosphere of this movie was very comfortable. Also the humor of the movie was great, at certain parts you were on the edge of your seat, wondering what happened next. Susan Sarandon did a GREAT job, and as one of her biggest fans, I have to say that this is one of her greatest films, although all of them are great!

    Earthly Possessions is a great combination of drama, suspense, and comedy. Although it is an original HBO movie, I would love to see it out on video, because it is a very great movie. Everyone reading this should check the TV Guide and the next time it comes on should watch it. You won't be disappointed, I promise you that, because I sure wasn't.
  • rava-110 July 2004
    There are real sparks here between Sarandon and Dorff and their performances give Earthly Possessions some real emotional weight. I've never been much impressed with Dorff in the past, but playing against Sarandon seems to lift him to a new level as an actor. His physicality serves him well in this role and Jake's hotheaded moments are both funny and slightly threatening (a hard line to walk). Sarandon builds her character so effortlessly that all of Charlotte's personality just magically appears before the viewer. Is there anything she can't do as an actress? The screenplay shows some big changes from Anne Tyler's book, but it does do a good job of capturing the novel's quirky mix of drama and comedy. Many people mention dissatisfaction with the movie's ending and I felt it too. In the novel the ending feels natural and right, but it's as if this screenplay didn't quite take into account the sexual sparks that would be generated between the two leads. Because Sarandon and Dorff have this chemistry together and do such a great job showing the characters challenging each other to be better people, the inclusion of the girlfriend and the "earthly" resolution feel like intruders in a great romantic drama. It left me wishing that instead of an adaptation of Tyler's book (which deals with taking responsibility for choices), the movie was just a continuation of Charlotte and Jake's journey together. In the movie, you just KNOW that their being together is right, even if this isn't the message in the screenplay; that difference leaves the viewer dissatisfied. In a way though, it is more satisfying that the movie doesn't have a pat ending and Charlotte and Jake's relationship is more complicated than it has to be. Movies that challenge our expectations are rare enough these days.
  • Charlotte (Susan Sarandon) wants to leave her husband, Zack, because she is not happy at all with her life. She decides to go to the bank, to ask all her money and to begin her new life. But then Jack (Stepen Dorff) comes in that bank and robbers it and she has to go with him. Jack needs the money for his pregnant girlfriend and he wants to help her. Whilst the film is moving on, Charlotte changes from an old lady in a modern woman. There is something between them and you can speak of a 'victim'. No she doesn't care anymore about the robbery. She is even happy, finally she lost her husband. But then they see Mindy, the pregnant girlfriend of Jack and that is more or less the end of their love together. She decides to go back to her husband and Jack and Mindy go to Mexico were they have a good life with their daughter. Although Jack misses Charlotte a lot, she knows that this is the best for both.

    CRITIC: SUSAN SARANDON: she is the actress with the most style and talent in Hollywood. She can play everything and she made great films. She is perfect like always. So is STEPHEN DORFF, who is not so well known but he surely plays a great role.


    Rating; 8/10 or *** out of ****
  • It took me a while to come across this film, but I finally got it a few days ago, and guess where? A grocery store! Oh ya, not just for fruits and veggies; get some good finds there! Anyway, I loved the movie, it is really funny in certain places and the acting is really great too. I am a huge Stephen Dorff fan so I figured it would be good anyway, but it was surprisingly good. It wasn't the most original concept -bank robber, hostage, but it all worked and was enjoyable! You feel part of their trip, and you don't want to turn your back. Susan Surrandon is also good, even if you are not a huge fan. It is a story many people can relate too if you find yourself tired of your life, or "feel the world is closing in on you" like the characters do in the film. If you can get it, rent it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I too was a bit disapointed with the ending (personally I thought they should have ended up together) and that annoying character Mindy please someone take her out to the paddock and put her out of her misery. I think the chemistry between Susan Sarandon (Charlotte) and Stephen Dorff (Jake) was unbelievable, It made me think that there was really something going on off the screen (of course there wasn't).

    I would recomend this film to anyone who likes the film genre kidnapper and hostage fall for each other.
  • When I think of Susan Sarandin I think of a hip, sexy, woman with no reserves about anything. It was really interesting to see her play a character so totally opposite. In this she is a virtual recluse in a town she has never left since girlhood, a non-Christian married to a Minister! On the day she plans to take her money from the bank and run she is taken hostage by(Jake) played by actor Stephen Dorff,a very appealing guy! .

    Here is Susan, dressed as a frump ,trapped and in tow, by a confused and possibly dangerous handsome guy fresh out of prison. Their interaction and eventual meshing of opposites is FUN to experience in their day by day relationship. The situations are sometimes heartfelt, or sexy, or scary!

    By the end, we see Susan as we all know Susan,dressed in red boots and a mini -skirt.

    All the time through the film, Stephen Dorff's inner violence ,just under his calmer surface, smolders. What is he capable of? Is he mellow? Or a tiger?

    There is a surprise "almost end" (I thought it was the end,) to the film that blows your mind, and it positively shocked me.

    You need to see this movie. Maybe you can find it on eBay or I hope so. I think you will enjoy it .
  • The first time I saw this movie it was in the middle of the night and all I remember from that time is that I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Mostly, because I'm a sucker for the kind of impossible romance stories like 'kidnapper falls in love with hostage' as seen in this movie.

    The few times that I watched this movie later, I was kind of disappointed. In my head, the movie had been so much better than it was in real life, but the fact the movie isn't brilliant and the storyline isn't always very much believable, doesn't take away the fact that the movie is beyond entertaining.

    There is some serious chemistry between Susan Sarandon and Stephen Dorff. The way they interact and their conversations are definitely enough reason for someone to instantly love the movie. Susan Sarandon is a respected actress in Hollywood and I believe almost every single movie with her in it is worth watching. Stephen Dorff managed to impress me with something other than his cuteness, his acting. Having two great actors in a mediocre movie kind of helps to reach the movie a higher level and that is definitely the case in this movie. I think the movie is entertaining by itself, but the fact Susan Sarandon and Stephen Dorff are in it, adds to its appeal. The movie is there not to be taken too literally and to just sit back and enjoy.

    Just like most other people, I was fairly disappointed once the character of Mindy joined the duo. Not because of Mindy herself, but simply because I felt it wasn't necessary. Charlotte and Jake were still entertaining enough together and a third character was not necessary to keep the movie interesting.

    The ending may have disappointed some people out there, but I think the ending was decent. It's obvious that the 'happily ever after'-ending everyone's hoping for isn't going to come and it is inevitable that Jake and Charlotte had to say goodbye at some point.

    Conclusion: Not good in the traditional sense, but good in the way that it'll keep you entertained for the entire time. The movie has got its flaws that will sometimes disappoint you, but at the same time the movie has got enough charm to keep you interested all the way and will make you love it from start to finish. At least, that's what it did for me.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    Spoiler Alert! I was watching TV Today ( Saturday 31 Aug 2004) and the movie started, because I had nothing to do, I watched the movie... and THANK GOD that I saw this Movie.

    The story was great. The characters were great!! ( Except Mindy!)

    So this will be one of the movie's I'm definitely Buy.

    But I really liked the ending. because they both knew that it couldn't be the right thing to stay with each other.

    But what I didn't like about the movie was that Mindy was such an annoying character.
  • Wowo ... I am suprised to read so many positive comments about this movie that is soooooooooo predictable and gets dumber and dumber by the minute ... especially near the end where that annoying girlfriend of Dorff shows up ... God, help me ! Definately one of the most annoying characters I have seen in a long time !

    I thought this movie was almost a waste of my time and give it a 1.5/5 mainly because I am usually a fan of Susan Sarandon (She was the only reason I was interested in seeing this movie in the first place !) but in this one she is really wasted.

    What can you do with a story and some dialogues like that ... no one could save such a turkey ... Lame storyline and dumb situations made me cringe often ... I should have watched Dead Man Walking, White Palace or Bull Durham again !
  • I watched the DVD version. It is an HBO production. While the picture and sound were fine, it was not even in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround, which is a big disappointment. Plus, there were no "extras" on the DVD. The story was sometimes believable, but most of the time it seemed like the actors were "acting" to make this movie. Susan Sarandon was really good in this so-so story but I can overall only give it 5 of 10 rating. The end left me asking "is that all there is??"
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really liked the movie - until the end. I agree with another reviewer who wrote that the producers probably did not expect the great chemistry between Sarandon and Dorff and therefore did not expect people to be disappointed by the ending. I have not read the book, but after watching the movie I cannot expect this ending to work in written form either. I rather got the impression that the makers thought they wouldn't get away with an ending where a man and a much older woman stay together, but, hello, it's the 21st century and it always has been and still is more disgusting if the man is much older and this even has multiple biological reasons. And if a couple does have such chemistry, obvious physical attraction and a soul mate thing going on like in this case - why force an illogical different ending on them? And it doesn't make sense for the baby either, because a divorce is nothing fun to go through as a child and this is what happens to pretty much all reasoned but not wanted relationships/marriages. Better happy, separated parents then unhappy, fighting parents. But enough about the sad stuff, the rest of the movie/ the trip is a fun ride, hilarious, suspenseful and even sexy (because of the great and matching actors), and you want it to go on and on and on. Perfectly acted and nicely caught on film. Till the end...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I loved this easy on the eye 'little' film, adapted from a story written by the great chronicler of American ennui – Anne Tyler. Bored, frumpy vicar's wife Charlotte (Susan Sarandon) thinks that, today, she's finally going to make a break from her dull life. She succeeds, by accident. Arriving at the bank to withdraw her money, she is grabbed by a useless young bank robber, Jake (Stephen Dorff), who makes his escape with her in tow. But she's a uniquely unusual hostage: the road trip he drags her on is the release into the unknown that she never had the courage to make herself. His fear of capture, and her curiosity, keep them together at first; but as their journey continues more complicated, emotional ties bind them.

    But the things that were wrong with both their pasts are never far away, and this tension leads to an ending which I can see many reviewers found unsatisfactory. But it's the "right" ending, really. We only feel cheated because the chemistry between the bank robber and his 'hostage' is so great. You feel with them; you want them to work it out so badly; you wish them a magic carpet, or a wand, or a desert island.

    Both actors do a great job. When Sarandon's frumpy Charlotte first sees her kidnapper and exclaims "oh! You're so young!", her eyes show she's thinking he's something else besides young. The moments where Charlotte's and Jake's relation first changes have a palpable tension. Stephen Dorff has had a bit of a raw deal in the leading man stakes. I don't think he's a particularly less talented or good-looking actor than many A-listers who have languidly hogged the limelight forever...*&!brad?:£!pitt&!$**….I hope Dorff gets better luck in the next decade, or the next life. If you liked this film you may like the quirky "Skipped Parts" with Jennifer Jason Leigh. Sarandon was excellent in "White Palace" from the same period as "Earthly Possessions"; and I remember Dorff being pretty good as the 'fifth' Beatle in "Backbeat".

    Film distributors should stop freaking out about film clips being posted on, ahem, certain websites. Instead of stifling the film industry they reinvigorate it. "Earthly Possessions" is just one of many films I first saw on one of these sites, without which I wouldn't have known they existed; and then rushed out to buy on DVD.
  • Jodelaha26 May 2002
    I like the opening scene in this movie, with a person walking down the street under an umbrella. It doesn´t get much more exciting than this though. This movie is about a woman who ends up being taken hostage by a young man during a bank robbery. Then they run away together, and get to know each other...

    Even tough this, in the beginning anyway, is supposed to be a comedy I really just laughed once during the whole movie. The story is pretty simple and the movie doesn´t feel really believable or original. But, if you are looking for 98 minutes of half descent (?) entertainment this one is o.k. (along with a whole lot of other movies out there). My rating: 7/15
  • Jodelaha26 May 2002
    I like the opening scene in this movie, with a person walking down the street under an umbrella. It doesn´t get much more exciting than this though. This movie is about a woman who ends up being taken hostage by a young man during a bank robbery. Then they run away together, and get to know each other...

    Even tough this, in the beginning anyway, is supposed to be a comedy I didn´t really laugh once during the whole movie. The story is pretty simple and the movie doesn´t feel really believable or original. But, if you are looking for 98 minutes of half descent (?) entertainment this one is o.k. (along with a whole lot of other movies out there).
  • Syl20 November 2001
    I bought Earthly Possessions because they filmed some scenes in New Jersey's Ocean Grove which is doubled as Perth, South Carolina. I really liked the chemistry between Sarandon and Dorff to surprise me. It is such a surprise delight and worth a viewing. It is well written with a somewhat believable story. It has solid acting performances by Stephen Dorff and Oscar winner, Susan Sarandon. Anyway, the film begins with a hostage played by Sarandon who is an unhappy housewife trying to get away from her life and marriage. Dorff's character is desperate for some money. The leads provide an entertaining interaction between two very different characters.
  • Based on the famous syndrome of Stockholm, this very entertaining film likes at the same moment of the road movie and the romantic comedy. Fertile in events and in new developments, the history is situated in the vein of "Thelma & Louise", analogy was strengthened by Susan Sarandon's presence. As usual, the actress shows himself excellent, served well by sparkling dialogues there. And when to Stephen Dorff ("Blade"), he confirms that his talent does not limit itself to its beautiful mouth.
  • All right, so the film will never win an Oscar for Best Picture and the performances weren't amazing but still they were good and the movie was pretty decent for a made for TV HBO movie.

    Susan Sarandon plays a lady who's leaving her husband and ends up being held hostage by Stephen Dorff. At first it is a simple, "move and I'll shoot" relationship but when Sarandon plays with his head he ends up opening up to her and they both find a slight attraction in the other.

    What comes about is a tremendous love story and truly a fine picture.
  • I worry that foreigners see simple-minded tripe like this and think it is representative of the American psyche. He is holding a real gun against her ribs after robbing a bank- are we supposed to believe that this is an appropriate setting for plucky cutesy music and Susan musing how she's never left town before or that she is really concerned that he's playing with her Keep-On-Truckin' pin? Or that he'd really be amused that she is concerned about that pin??? Made me want to VOMIT!
  • moses-111 June 1999
    And to think that I almost didn't watch Earthly Possessions. You know, it's a made for HBO comedy action adventure, you can never tell if it's going to be worth it. I don't normally count how many times a movie makes me laugh, but when I had to laugh twice before the opening credits were done, I thought I might as well try. I lost count. Susan Sarandon was wonderful. I did have to go to the bathroom during the obligatory makeout scene, which was thoughtfully placed one hour into it (in case someone might have to go to the bathroom). It's a fun movie.
  • CuteBug12 April 1999
    This movie was wonderful. Funny, strangely romantic and very entertaining! I've seen it 4 times already. Susan Sarandon is a great actress, as always. Dorff complements her nicely.
  • I thought that this movie was one of the best movies that I've seen this year this movie was funny, and most of all it was romantic. Stephen Dorff did a very good job in this movie it also help that he is very fine I very highly recommed this movie.
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