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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Great concept but the delivery is something to be desired.

    In the first part of the movie, it would stop every 15 seconds asking you to make a choice of which actor you wished to view. It stopped so often that it became impossible to even follow the story. They stopped the movie in the middle of the actors sentences, cutting off words as they asked you to make a choice. The middle of the movie became better with not having to make choices to often but the music was awful. The end of the movie was OK, but the movie is very very short. I enjoyed the actors that they chose for this movie.

    Even with all I said, I'm glad I bought the movie and watched it.
  • Though the plot is paper-thin and extremely clichéed, I'm Your Man is entertaining and oddly addictive. Having the power to choose what happens next in a movie is a thrilling experience, and the actors play along like you're both in on an inside joke. The DVD version is ideal for parties, since everyone can have their turn in the editor's seat. Though there's a lot that can be improved upon as far as inter-active movies go, I'm Your Man is certainly a good place to start.