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  • "Sometimes They Come Back...for More" is a fairly routine and forgettable horror film that offers literally nothing new.The first half is actually interesting,but after it the film goes quickly downhill.Two military officers(played by Clayton Rohner and Chase Masterson)set out to investigate a remote Antarctica based governmental outpost where a mysterious occurrence has killed crew members.The only survivors are a medical officer(Faith Ford)and a tech officer(Max Perlich).Before long,the bodies are discovered all over the place."Sometimes They Come Back...for More" has nothing to do with Stephen King's short story.The plot tries hard to surprise,but all its twists are pretty silly.There is only a little bit of suspense and gore,so I was disappointed.Give it a look,only if you want to see every horror film.4 out of 10.
  • I expected this movie to be something similar to The thing with Kurt Russel, which was a pretty good movie. Unfortunately the Ice station was degrading exponentially as it approached the end. Two sons of Satan meeting in the Antartics and playing around some pentagram altar is a bit below my taste of a good screenplay. It was a complete waste of money and time to see this movie, so I advise everyone to spend them somewhere else.
  • Ok, this wasn't a great movie, I've seen much better. But this did NOT deserve to make it on the worst 100 movies list. Fans of the first two movies might enjoy this. It's about two people from the military who are sent to a base in Antarctica to investigate some mysterious occurences. When they get there, they find two survivors in the base. The one soldier finds that a demon from his past resides here, and now the four must survive. First of all, the setting is great in this movie. It's desolate, moody, and a great place to stage a horror/thriller. I know, I know, it's a rip-off of The Thing, but it's still cool. The are some great moments of suspense in this movie. It falls apart a little towards the end, but is still enjoyable. Thankfully it doesn't go into slasher-movie-mode like the previous film. The villain on the other hand, is dull compared to the bad guys of the first two films. One thing I forgot to add in my review of the previous Sometimes They Come Back...Again was that at some points the villains' eyes would be like a cat's (with a slit for the pupils) which was very cool looking. In this movie, towards the end the bad guy's eyes just turn all black to show that he's evil. This is done with a computer, and ends up looking stupid and not threatening at all. Once again, this movie made a reference to the first two movies in the series. This I like, because it helps to join all three films together. This movie might be strictly just for fans of the Sometimes They Come Back series... but if you want an ok movie that has some suspense and a unique setting, give Sometimes They Come Back... For More a chance.
  • Based on characters created by Stephen King is as good as it gets. Sorry, but this story is too similar to THE THING starring Kurt Russell to get very excited over. I did like the setting of the snow bound radio shack and the sounds of the harsh weather. Missing people return as the undead and the lurking evil is traced back to the half brother of one of the Marine rescue squad landing in the cold arctic.

    Faith Ford is adequate in this non-comedic role and is the most talented of the cast that also features Max Perlich, Clayton Rohner, Jennifer O'Dell and Daminan Chapa. If the weather has you trapped in you might appreciate more. Not a total waste of time, but close.
  • dmuel27 November 1999
    This movie was made by a guy who watched John Carpenter's "The Thing" and then watched "Witchboard" or some related junk. He sat down and had his plot 5 minutes later. Not that one need be a genius to do good sci-fi or horror movies, but sometimes a little imagination or attention to story details couldn't hurt. By the way, there is no imagination or attention to much of anything in this movie. Strictly for the true couch potato.
  • Great concept, poorly executed. Anything that has to do with Anctartica is going to be very interesting and even more when Horror is mixed on.

    The problem with "Sometimes They Come Back...for More" is that it falls downhill terribly after a cool beginning, typical for quality B-movie standards.

    The action is quite good at first but then , towards the ending, it looks like a cheap footage from typical direct to video mediocrity.

    Also, the movie gets pretty boring because of the lack of action and excessive useless dialogs.

    The best thing about it is the acting. Solid performances by Faith Ford and Clayton Rohner. They took seriously their cheesy role. Great concept, poorly executed.

    Anyways, if you have hunger for a regular tending to bad B-movie, watch this one and you will probably will be satisfied. But in my opinion, a movie with such good potential ended as a mediocre B-movie that is only one of the bunch.
  • I am a little bit agitated about this movie. I really liked it, but I found myself angry at the filmmakers more than I normally would toward the filmmakers of a really terrible movie I watched. Why, you ask? Well, it is because this film was on its merry way of becoming a superb movie, worthy of a Zanatos score of 9 or 10, but they botched up the job. I will explain in a second, but first let me give an appropriate synopsis.

    Two military officers respond to a call for help at a top secret mining operation in Antarctica that the United States government is conducting. The officers, weapons in hand, are dropped near the base and walk the rest of the way. When they arrive, they find that only two people are still left, a medical doctor and a tech engineer. A third member of the base's crew, someone closely associated with one of the two military officers, has apparently started killing off the rest of the crew. Strangely enough, he is also able to summon them back from the dead to do his bidding in preparation for a heinous ritual.

    I was happily enjoying the thrills of this movie for a long time, but then the botch-job occurred. Without giving away too much, I will try to explain...but you might want to skip this paragraph to avoid me spoiling anything for you. Anyhow, for those who chose to continue reading, the first botch up was that they killed the wrong female character, giving the poor female character the lead. She was terribly weak in both performance and character (Chase Masterson was so much better). It seemed to unintentionally suggest that women were very inferior. Consider the scene where the two leads, being chased by the undead, step out in the Antarctic cold, and the Faith Ford character immediately has to be carried a few steps by the male lead. Even after they are indoors, he is carrying her because she is acting like she is unconscious. It was just the wrong thing to do, making women in general look helpless, which they are not. The second botch-job was the love theme. Movie makers constantly insist on the ideal ending by letting two characters fall in love. I'm sorry, but there was not only no chemistry for such a thing here, and falling in love under these circumstances is just impossible. This movie could have been spectacular had they left the falling-in-love theme out (and they could have easily written it so with the same results), and, especially, if the doctor and female military officer roles had been switched.

    I remind you, though, that I did enjoy this movie. "Sometimes They Come Back...For More" did have thrills and was fun to watch. I guess I just sound so bitter because I know the filmmakers had the opportunity to make a great movie, but settled for a good one. Most films with a budget like this one's can't come close to making that claim, which is why it saddens me that this one missed out on being great. However, I still recommend fans of such films as "The Thing," and "Evil Dead" to check this one out. Zanatos's score: 7 out of 10.
  • While watching this, you may find yourself waiting for the horror, so the sudden credits may be the only shock you experience in this movie.

    Another "I swear it - the corpse was here two minutes before!"-movie, this reminds me of some X-Files parts - Mulder and Scully would have far improved this movie.

    All in all, this tells us that the Stephen King-movies may have a good script (his books!), but are poorly converted, and even nice cover pictures can't make me watch one more.
  • rps-214 November 2000
    It's amazing what can be done with a low budget film. You can provide work for shoe salesmen to be actors and for plumbers to be directors. I don't know what the budget for this epic flop may have been but I doubt it was more than seven dollars and twelve cents. What part of "dreadful" do the producers not understand? I've seen many bad films. I've seldom seen one that so effectively combines bad writing, bad acting, bad production and bad staging. It's appearance on television should have been delayed until (the US) Thanksgiving because few families will be able to manage such a giant turkey,
  • Set design, script and casting were all thrown to the wind, as this film's already meager budget seems to be spent mostly on getting Faith Ford, the only talent to be found associated with it. An apparent remake of The Thing only becomes more pathetic when the filmmakers decided to completely avoid any similarities between the two with the exception of location. The complete lack of any sort of scientific advising, devolution to the most basic of storylines and motivations, can only leave one curious who let this one through any sort of filter system to reach its underwhelmed audience. This one makes a Troma movie look like a masterpiece.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Sometimes They Come Back... for More has two M.P.'s Captain Sam Cage (Clayton Rohner) & Major Callie O'Grady (Chase Masterson) dispatched to a military base in the Antartic named Arebus, officially a research facility but in reality an illegal mining base. Their brief is that Arebus has a crew of six & one of them has gone 'postal', it's their job to sort things out. A helicopter drops them in & they quickly find Major Frank Whittaker (Stephen Hart) frozen solid in the snow outside the base, upon entering the base they find medical officer Dr. Jennifer Wills (Faith Ford) & technician Lieutenant Brian Shebanski (Max Perlich) who show them the frozen body of Lieutenant Baines (Douglas Stoup) & say that the remaining two members of the crew, Captain Robert Reynolds (Michael Stadvec) & Dr. Carl Schilling (Damian Chapa) are somewhere outside in the tunnels they have mined. The mystery deepens as Baines body disappears & the radio is trashed, could the puzzling events be connected to something Dr. Schilling discovered in the icy tunnels below the Antartic surface...

    Directed by Daniel Zelik Berk I thought Sometimes They Come Back... for More was an OK way to pass the time but ultimately disappointed. The script by Adam Grossman & Darryl Sollerh starts off really well as everything is kept as mysterious as possible, the film gradually unravels into a weak climax involving Brothers who are 1000's of years old & the resurrection of Satan which is all rather silly & doesn't sit that well with what has gone before. The character's are pretty good, the dialogue is fine, it moves along at a fair pace & the basic story manages to do a decent job of both gripping & engaging the viewer. The film obviously reminds of The Thing (1982) although that's where the comparisons stop. It kept me watching throughout but I couldn't help but think that the climax isn't worth watching the first 90 minutes for which is a shame as I thought the set-up was well executed & deserved better. One more thing, I don't think the U.S. military would send just two soldiers (no medic either?) out for a rescue mission in horrendous weather & just leave them there with no radio contact except what was available at Arebus (what if it was broken?), I don't think so...

    Director Berk does an OK job here & there is some decent atmosphere & tension. The Antartic is a great place to set a horror film & makes for a harsh, cold, desolate, unforgiving & isolated location. I don't know why more horror films aren't set in either Pole, perhaps it's the technical problems associated with filming in the conditions. Forget about any blood or gore as there isn't any but the film relies more on atmosphere & story for it's effectiveness.

    With a budget of about $2,000,000 Sometimes They Come Back... for More is technically a very solid film, it's far from spectacular but since it was actually shot in Antartica, according to the IMDb, it has a definite chilly feel throughout. The acting was pretty good although I wasn't to impressed with leading man Rohner.

    Sometimes They Come Back... for More started well & showed promise but it's almost as if the filmmakers didn't know where to go with the set-up & it all ends rather lamely with a weak climax. Worth a watch but don't expect a masterpiece. The third in the Sometimes They Come Back... series of films this has no connection with the previous two & in fact is also known as Frozen & Ice Station Erebus & I wonder whether this was even conceived as a sequel or a stand alone film?
  • glen-8829 August 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was actually hoping this film didn't have anything to do with the last two installments and that the titles were just was i wrong. If this p.o.s can be called a sequel then Hollywood is truly an awful place to make films.

    The movie starts off a lot like The Thing (a much better horror film)but slowly degrades into a manure pile, having to figure out who's killing who, where the bodies are being taken, zombies are around, someone is dead, now they aren't, now they are, the guy's brother is behind it all, and oh yeah, hes a demon and turns out our protagonist is a demon too, but, you know, with a good heart, who falls in love with the girl and saves the day.

    Thats pretty much the film and it sucks, so now I've saved u the pain of watching it, go do something better with your time. Really folks, skip this one.
  • Inspired by a story from Stephen King but having very little to do with it just the same, "Sometimes They Come Back... For More" ensures you probably won't be coming back for more any time soon. The third installment in the increasingly absurdly-titled and logically-flawed "Sometimes They Come Back For More" series, "...For More" finds two soldiers crash-landing on a remote base in Antarctica on a mission to investigate some rather strange occurrences. See, it appears that somebody gave a group of amateur film-makers a little bit of cash and a license to leave their mark on a vaguely recognizable franchise.

    "Sometimes They Come Back ...For More" is about as bland as direct- to-video horror gets, especially late '90s DTV fare. When most of your talent lies at the feet of Corky from TV's "Murphy Brown," you know you're in dire straits. And while the thinly-veiled attempt at ripping off John Carpenter's "The Thing" should at least make for a mildly interesting watch, the film-makers lack the skill or the means necessary to squeeze any tension or dread out of the situation. However, if you consider boredom a form of horror, then prepare to be scared out of your skin!

    Really, if not for the fact that this film carries a somewhat familiar title, it would never have seen the light of day, let alone been made. While there is a remotely interesting twist towards the end of the film, its execution is so clumsy, it bottoms out long before the credits mercifully roll out. "Sometimes They Come Back ...For More." But you won't. And unsurprisingly, a fourth film has yet to be produced in this franchise.
  • callanvass24 February 2014
    (Credit IMDb) On a arctic circle radio shack, an ancient evil lurks, ready to strike at a psychologist, an army man and their collective forces.

    How is that a barely above average television movie spawned two STV sequels? I can't understand it for the life of me. Sometimes They Come Back Again, is not very good either, but I have a soft spot for it in my heart, simply because it was one of the first horror movies I ever saw. This is complete crud in every sense of the word. The arctic setting had plenty of potential, but it fails to capitalize on it. This movie has virtually, nothing to do with the Stephen King story. Faith Ford can't do much with the material either. If you choose to watch one of the three movies, choose the first one.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK, the comparisons to "The Thing" are obvious, so I'll try something a little different.

    This is more like "Event Horizon"... ON EARTH!

    And, if you saw the flawed but still much, much better "Event Horizon" (space ship travels to Eldritch Dimension, returns haunted, and its surviving demonic crew-member kills a salvage team off one by one between eerie flashbacks and hallucinations), there's going to be no surprises here.

    No surprises, except for how weak this this similar film is in comparison, even for a "Stephen King" film. (Of course it's only using King's name to ride his coat-tails into a little more cash, but does it really matter? The name of Stephen King is everywhere on the bread-and-butter of bad horror film, whether King can be fairly blamed for the film or not.) I reluctantly give this turkey 2/10 stars because, as others noted, it does start out with some weak promise of competence, though it quickly starts to lose what little tension it started with about the time the silly book "Raising Demons" first appears, and it ends feeling silly and uninspired.

    If you are really desperately needing to see a Stephen King film with snow and ice in it, try either version of "The Shining" instead.

    If you are wanting to see small group of people inject themselves into a remote location where demonic horror has invaded and reigns supreme, you'd be better off seeing "Event Horizon" or "The Evil Dead" series of films instead: these are much better films which seem like fairly obvious sources of ideas for this film.

    If you are really in the mood for a horror film set in a polar wasteland, see any version of "The Thing", or see "30 Days of Night" instead.

    If you are just in the mood for a bad horror film that still manages a few redeeming qualities, try "The Dark" or "Darkness" instead.

    This film, however, is ultimately only going to be of interest to fans of the other "Sometimes They Come Back" films, and it would be of limited interest even then.
  • Haven seen and reviewed the first two films in the "sometimes" series, the watchable but just all right first & the abysmal second, I thought I might as well see this and get the series over with. I mean it couldn't be any worse than "Sometime They Come Back Again" right?? Right??!!?

    Two members of the military police go up to an article base to investigate some mysterious happenings. Upon arriving they find only two live bodies amongst several dead ones. Horribly acted, no suspense, hopelessly derivative, and has nothing to do with the first two films. Going into the movie I thought that it couldn't be any worse than the previous film, but I was wrong. VERY wrong.
  • atinder3 July 2012
    This is going to really short review as, I don't really know how i real about this movie.

    This movie is not connected to any of first two movies in series, as they are no evil teens coming back from hell in this movie.

    I just could not get into this movie at all, it bored to do other stuff. while i was still keeping on eye on this and another the clock.

    The acting was not bad, it descent as soon as got a little bit more entertaining near the end, the movie felt way to rushed in the last few scene.

    I give this 3 out of 10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Military police Capt. Sam Cage (Clayton Rohner) and Major Callie O'Grady (Chase Masterson) are dropped into top secret mining station in Antarctica after distress calls about one of the six crew going nuts. Once at the station, they find two survivors (Faith Ford and Max Perlich) who say villain Dr. Schilling (Damian Chapa) discovered something evil in the ice on level 6 (think real hard). Oh, and Cage just happens to be Schilling's half-brother. Stephen King famously sued New Line Cinema when THE LAWNMOWER MAN (1992) had little to do with his short story. I wonder why this - sporting the on screen title SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK III - never got the King legal smackdown as it is as far from his short story (the original SOMETIMES was about a teacher haunted by some 50s greaser ghosts) as you can imagine. The first half of this actually is pretty good (reminiscent of Carpenter's THE THING) as you try to figure out the mystery. But when things start getting explained, things get real stupid real fast. There is actually a small bit where they try to tie in the two earlier films that is laughable too. I did get an unintentional laugh out of an ancient book written in a unknown language bearing the title "Raising Demons" though. The VHS sleeve actually gives away the film's twist with the tag line "Hell has finally frozen over!"
  • First of all I'm a sucker for horror movies that take place in the Arctic or in the snow, so remove the fact that this is pretty much an in name sequel only that doesn't have crap to do with the first two films, and what we could have got was a nice little Thing rip-off, but, it quickly turns into an exorcise in boredom. It literally takes half this films run time for anything remotely interesting to start happening, we don't even see a demon till about an hour in and when we do they squeal like pigs. Funny I remember the cover being so cool when I used to see it at my local video store growing up, and when I saw it about 4 years ago I remember liking it more, It's locations are good enough to warrant it 3 stars, but, its sadly just a waste of time.
  • Right, well the first "Sometimes They Come Back" was an abysmal train wreck for sure, but still I had the chance to get to sit down and watch the 1998 "Sometimes They Come Back... for More" movie, and I did so, even after cringing through the first movie.

    So what were they thinking here? Because it felt like 'let's make a copy of "The Thing" except we leave out all the special effects and all the scary parts'. That was definitely what "Sometimes They Come Back... for More" felt like. It was a monstrous ordeal to sit through.

    Not only was the story incredibly slow paced and uneventful, but it was also frighteningly boring and pointless. I must admit that I gave up on "Sometimes They Come Back... for More" about halfway through. I just couldn't take more of the punishment that is this movie.

    The only upside to this movie was the fact that a young Faith Ford appeared in the movie, which seemed like a very atypical movie for her to have an acting role in.

    Oddly enough I never watched it back in the late 1990s when it was initially released. But now that I have had the chance to watch it, I can honestly say that t his movie is bad. If you enjoy a good horror movie and prefer a movie with a proper script and storyline, stay well clear of "Sometimes They Come Back... for More".
  • ...but he never really gets here, does he? Seriously, how many films have you seen already that are all about preparing things for Satan to walk the earth? And in the end, what always happens? Some idiot ends up saving the day, and we're only offered a mere glimpse of good old Satan at best, before he's flushed down his infernal toilet again. Guess what this film shows us at the end? We don't even get to see the Devil himself. Instead, we get an image of a shiny Maria. For no reason, really. No, this is not a spoiler. I'm saving you from a major disappointment here. And what's more, the first hour of SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK... FOR MORE isn't even about resurrecting Satan. It simply has no story. And best of all: I actually liked it better that way!

    What on earth was all this? Like THE THING meets THE SHINING while falling flat on its ass? Either this is a really bad film, or a psychological masterpiece. Honestly, my brain just couldn't fathom the logic of this film. It also has very little to completely nothing to do with the original Stephen King short story (this film was released as a second sequel to SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK, so go figure...). It has ghostly belly-dancers, a mobile unit called "TomCam" (you're looking at a miniature tank with a camera mounted on top here) and has a character making fun of POLTERGEIST. It plays it all dead-serious and has absolutely no clue what it's trying to be, or where it's going. Zombies or ghosts? Demons or evil minions? Demonic possessions? Hauntings? Hallucinations? Too much sniffing gas? Cabin fever? Two immortal brothers? Sons of Beëlzebub? A sacrificial mine-shaft on Antarctica? The coming of Satan? What the hell? Who knows and who cares?

    You'll have a hard time believing this film, I can tell you that much. In that sense, once you've seen it, you should be able to remember it. So why I forgot all about it, is beyond me. Perhaps it put me to sleep once.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As everyone seems to indicate, the beginning of this very strongly smelled of The Thing, but once people started turning up not-dead-anymore the smell went bad.

    This was only a sequel to the second of the "Sometimes They Come Back" films, by way of the demonic characters wandering about in it. Those who have seen it will probably be aware that the original movie in this 'trilogy' had nothing to do with demons coming to Earth, unless you consider the ghostly bullies being sent Hellwards at the end demonic. But the film makers did try to make this one fit in with the franchise by inserting, at around 44 minutes, the names of the leading characters from the other two films (Jim Norman and John Porter) on the pentagrammed-up map of the demonic world. Nice try, but it's a bit of a weak connection.

    Plus the whole movie ends up generally ruined by curious spacial continuity (eg. Demons run faster than elevators), general predictability (guess where the ring ends up), unfortunate acting ("Oh my, I can't go on" *collapse* (to be fair, that must have been in the script)) and a dire ending. And, as has been noted by others, Leeta was a much better female lead than Ms Faith Ford. Sorry, I meant Chase Masterson, not Leeta... Silly me.

    Don't avoid this movie. Just be aware you might not enjoy it...
  • Warning: Spoilers
    **If you don't want the movie to be ruined for you, I would skip my review**

    Now, this is a messed up movie if I ever did see one. And if a movie was ever confused, this was the movie! This film can never seem to decide what it wants to be.

    The whole things starts out good as an action adventure turned horror movie. There are actually some genuine chills that may surprise several people who are interested enough in it. I was into it enough that I was hoping not to be let down a movie for once. But, no. It didn't happen. After about 45 minutes, the whole thing turns into crap. After that, it becomes somewhat of a killer zombie movie where the dead people have come back to life and stuff. So, we are with that scenario for about fifteen minutes, and then we enter the scenario of "raising the devil and trying to stop the satanists" plot. The whole thing was fine with the scary action adventure and I was even okay with the whole zombie thing, but after it switched themes for a third time, that was it. And then it got all stupid with the love story and the Devil guy and then somebody turns out to have hidden secrets and the whole thing just turns itself into a mess.

    Don't get me wrong, there were some good parts to this film, like the good beginning, and the half hour or so that followed it, but after that I was just begging for this crap to end! I would start watching it and then shut it off as soon as you start to get disappointed and then use your imagination to finish the movie. Oh, and if you're thinking about seeing this because it has the great name of Stephen King on the cover, don't bother. There's nothing here to even do with king other than the name in the title of "Sometimes they come back...". Skip this one if you don't want to be more utterly disappointed than you ever have been in your life.

  • I hate this movie!!! Why do they use the good name of Stephen King just to sell some bad movies like this one. What does this have to do with the other great movies??? Rename it to Sometimes They Come Back... For No Reasons At All, Sometimes They Come Back... When Their Heads Should Be Buried In The Ground!!!!
  • Altough it may star some hot TV stars, this is a bad direct-to-video sequel (Arriving to video on September 7th). An Army base in the ice gets attacked by demons that torment the cast. Average horror adventure which won't even entertain.

    Rated R for horror violence, some notable gore, brief profanity and sexual situations/nudity.
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