In return for illegally tapping into a phone line, Fletcher asks for floor seats to the Miami Heat vs. the Los Angeles Lakers game. John Salley is a retired professional basketball player, who has played for both teams.

When Dennis Greene, who played Reggie, showed up for shooting, he was told by Martin Lawrence's bouncer that he mustn't look into Lawrence's eyes or talk to him, and Lawrence himself was subsequently nasty to him. It was all a ploy arranged by Director Michael Bay who wanted the boy to be genuinely scared of Lawrence. Greene also wasn't told about the gun that he would be threatened with.

Scenes from the movie were filmed at the "Bird" house in Delray Beach, Florida. The mansion stood nearly completed and vacant for years before it was purchased. The new owner advertised in Variety for a movie company to use the mansion in a movie and blow it up. By the end of filming, only the swimming pool was left.

During the freeway chase scene, Michael Bay attached cameras to a couple of stunt cars, and asked the drivers to crash into the falling cars, in order to capture never-before-seen shots.

Marcus' dog, "Mason" actually belongs to Michael Bay. Martin Lawrence was uncomfortable acting around the dog during filming, due to the dog's large size.

The line in which Johnny Tapia says to Alexei "Listen here you Russian punk, I, me, Johnny Tapia will sever your head off" was taken from a real FBI audio surveillance recording of American Mobster John Gotti, in which Gotti stated "You tell this punk, I, me, John Gotti will sever your motherfucking head off."

While this movie was shooting on one side of Cape Florida State Park on Key Biscayne, 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) was filming on the other side of the park.

About three days before filming, Michael Bay suggested that Jordi Mollà play Tapia with a Cuban accent, so Cuban-born Yul Vazquez (Reyes) was taped reading all of Jordi Molla's lines in Spanish and English. The character was built, in about two days.

Michael Bay comments on the DVD that they got through the whole car chase without damaging the Ferrari (in spite of what we saw on film for laughs). He complains that Martin Lawrence struck a concrete barrier with the passenger door in a following scene (an outtake).

Two different Ferraris were used to make this film, the two models have very little external differences. The car you see most often is the more powerful 575M Maranello, however, Michael Bay's 550 Maranello was used for really daring stunt work.

Michael Bay claimed that one of the reasons why he wanted to make this film R-rated, was that he was tired of having to work within the confines of the PG-13 rating.

Mike uses the same line near the end of both movies with just a little change. First, "that's how you're supposed to drive, from now on, that's how you drive!" Second "that's how you're supposed to shoot, from now on, that's how you shoot!"

The building used for the Spanish Palms Mortuary, is actually the milk plant for McArthur Dairy. They added a fake façade that matches the architecture, through which to crash the ambulance.

When Marcus shows his badge to the exterminators in order to commandeer some of their equipment so they can get into Tapia's mother's house, if you freeze the picture you can read Marcus' badge clearly. He is a Lieutenant with the Miami Police Department. In the original Bad Boys (1995), when Marcus holds his badge up to the peephole for Julie to look at, you can see it says "Sergeant", so clearly, in the intervening eight years, Marcus was promoted.

Johnny Tapia's Miami mansion is actually an enormous estate known as "Vizcaya". It was built by industrialist James Deering in the early twentieth century as his "winter home". The estate is now a public museum and its gardens are a popular spot for weddings.

The MacArthur Causeway, the main route to South Beach in Miami, was shut down for several days for filming. This caused literally thousands of people to have to go several miles out of their way to get to and from Miami Beach in early August 2002.

This was the last R-rated film to be directed by Michael Bay until Pain & Gain (2013), and the last to be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, as well as the last film that both of them worked on together.

The producers had to receive emergency relief of the manatee protection laws from Florida Governor Jeb Bush to hold the high-speed boat chase in the Miami River.

While filming a car stunt on the MacArthur Causeway in Miami, a stunt car went out of control and ran into a couple of street light poles.

DIRECTOR_CAMEO(Michael Bay): the man driving the P.O.S. car that Marcus attempts to commandeer, but Mike tells him to go for a better car.

During the filming of the scenes at Cape Florida State Park the movie crew fenced off one of the main parking lots with a chain-link fence for trailers for Will Smith and Martin Lawrence and a basketball court was erected in their compound.

Mike Lowrey's mandated therapy is due to the time he "shot all them people at the airport". This is a reference to the first Bad Boys (1995), where the climactic shootout took place at an airport.

Henry Rollins has, in his spoken word performances, recounted the circumstances under which he received his part in this film. He showed up for an audition for Armageddon (1998) unkempt, with a single page torn out of the script and in a really pissed-off mood. He proceeded to give a lousy audition after being ignored by Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer. He didn't get the part. However upon auditioning for Bad Boys II (2003), he threw caution to the wind and ended up landing the part almost by accident.

The car that Will Smith is driving after the mortuary scene is a 2003 Buick Blackhawk concept car.

In a 2013 conversation with film critic David Denby at the Hammer Museum of Art in Los Angeles, Screenwriter Ron Shelton confessed that when asked by Jerry Bruckheimer to work on the script, he had not seen Bad Boys (1995) and quickly fast forwarded through a Blockbuster rental of the film before his interview. It also stated that to that day, he has never seen Bad Boys II (2003).

One of the reasons that original composer Mark Mancina did not return, is that Michael Bay instructed him to only come up with certain "action beats" for the film, and not to compose melodic music, like he had with the original. Unhappy with this decision, Mancina left the project, and was replaced by regular Jerry Bruckheimer collaborator Trevor Rabin.

At the harbor in Amsterdam, the guy on the phone is not speaking Dutch, as one would expect, but German with a strong English accent.

The first theatrical role for Megan Fox, who had just turned 15. She was an extra in a bar scene. They dressed her in a bikini, high heels and cowboy hat and brought her on set to meet with Michael Bay. When Bay said she'll do, someone pointed out that she was only 15, so she can't be sitting at the bar drinking. So Bay said have her dance under a waterfall. Fox recalled this experience on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in 2009, saying how she felt sexualized at a young age. Instead of sympathizing with her, Kimmel made jokes about it.

In a quick look at the high school yearbook, Mike Lowery's middle name is Eugene.

According to the yearbook, through which Mike Lowrey flips, his extra-curricular activities included the chess club and the world geometry society.

Mark Mancina was supposed to score the film along with Trevor Rabin, but ended up leaving the project due to "creative differences."

The two-toned guns that Mike Lowrey uses are Glock 17 pistols chambered for 9mm. Marcus Burnett's gun is a SIG-Sauer P226. Throughout the film they repeatedly use the Heckler & Koch UMP .45 caliber submachine gun.

Megan Fox played a character in a night club. Producers told Michael Bay that she was only 15 and therefore couldn't be shown consuming alcohol. Bay therefore made her stand under a waterfall in a bikini.

The motion sensors used on Tapia's compound, are the same as the ones used by Michael Bay in the shower room scene in The Rock (1996).

Early previews for the movie credited John Lee Hancock as a screenwriter.

The high school yearbook is from Miami Palmetto Senior High, an actual high school in a Miami suburb.

Michael Bay shut down production for a while, because he had to settle a legal matter with his financial advisors.

Michael Bay deliberately upped the ante on the action scenes for this film as he knew it would be released in direct competition with Hulk (2003) and The Matrix Reloaded (2003).

Dan Marino's cameo was written by Ron Shelton, who primarily works on sports films blended with romantic comedy and drama.

The budget for this sequel was well over $100 million more than the first Bad Boys (1995).

In an early version of the script, there was a part for English singer and actor Jimmy Nail.

The shanty town chase scene is reminiscent of a very similar sequence in Jackie Chan's Police Story (1985).

The first shot of Johnny Tapia, standing in a gazebo on the water's edge and talking on the phone, appears to have been filmed at Vizcaya Gardens in Miami. The gardens are open to the public year round, except on Christmas.

Marcus mentions Skittles in this film and Bad Boys (1995). First, as a request to the convenience store clerk-mistaking him for a thief-rather than a cop. Secondly, he tells Mike he has been taking Viagra like the candy-after his nerve damage.

Gabrielle Union, who starred in this film alongside Jordi Mollà, labeled the Spanish actor as the "Tom Cruise of Spain" when praising his performance as Tapia. Years later, Mollà co-starred in Knight and Day (2010) with Tom Cruise.

The car hauler ditching automobiles on a public highway was previously done in the The Rookie (1990).

The fish with the big eyes in the Captain's house, when Marcus is on Ecstasy, is called a Moor.

Gene Gabriel auditioned for the role of Hector Juan Carlos "Johnny" Tapia.

1:10:36 Floyd Peteet's address is Poteet Brothers Fish, Inc. 805 Glades View Ct. #804 Miami, Florida 33154.

In the scene when the C.I.A. wants to help, the leader is wearing a Mack hat, which is the same truck used in the big highway crash scene.

Around the 2 hour mark the cats that tapia's daughter is holding is a tuxedo cat breed

At one point, Tom Dey was attached to direct.

When Mike said to Marcus "Bad Boys 4 Life" that of course would eventually be the title for Bad Boys 3 but also especially at the time they of course where saying to each that they would have each other's backs until the very end.

Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris turned down an offer to direct the film.

Marcus wears a Michael Vick jersey in this film, 4 years later Vick was arrested for his involvement in a dog fighting ring.

This is the first Bad Boys movie to be shot in the widescreen 2.39:1 aspect ratio.

Denise Quiñones's debut.

The silver car that is used in the freeway chase is a 2003 Cadillac CTS. Additionally, it was also featured in another extended highway car chase scene in a movie the same year, The Matrix Reloaded. The car was riddled with bullets in both movies' chase scenes.

Katarzyna Wolejnio's debut.

Jasmine Waltz's debut.

Now Playing Podcast reviewed Bad Boys II. This film received three "not recommends".

About the scene where Marcus Burnett is intimidating Reggie, his daughter Megan's date, in real life Marcus would have been fired and arrested for abusing his authority.

Body count: 51