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  • Dale Spitler (played by Nathan Bexton) is that sweet stereotypical teenager on the cusp of coming out. He's a straight-A student and a member of the drama club. He has a part time job as a babysitter for precocious Dustine Murphy (played by Jessica Stone) which allows her trailer-court-trashy mother, Darlene, to go out drinking. When he's not talking on the phone with friend Violet (played by Diva Zappa), he's fantasizing about Raymond, a boy from school, that he has a crush on. Dale hatches a desperate plot to seduce Ray and when Dale does get him to stop by we see just how hopeless Dale's fantasies are. We see that Ray is an uncouth entirely hetero jock who barely knows that Dale is alive.

    However, unbelievable things occur everyday in the movies and Violet soon calls Dale to tell him that she has accidentally killed Raymond in a traffic accident. She wants him to help dispose of the body, Dale realizes that he may now have his chance to get into Raymond's pants.

    This comedy is low budget and it shows but the performances are earnest and enjoyable. Dale's puppy dog looks and mannerisms rob his homosexual necrophilia of its depravity. Diva Zappa is a hoot in her role as are the circumstances of the accident. Jessica Stone as the 'little kid' gets some of the best lines in the movie. There are continuity errors and incredibly odd plot elements but overall the movie is entertaining and successful.
  • Gee, I'm awfully disappointed with all the pedestrian, goodie-two-shoed users trashing the hilarious treat that is PLAY DEAD!

    This was easily the most exciting film I saw in Park City last winter. It's original, fun, campy, clever, tangy and bright. It simultaneously indulges and undermines deep fantasies of desire in an insightful-however exaggerated-way. It's harmless joy!

    The characters are vibrant and new. The little girl ROCKS! The boys are cute. The dialogue is whimsical and clever. The acting is genuine, and taps well into the universal emotions beating through the script. The friendship between the kids and the hijinks with the mother character are a jungle gym of fun! Just because the good guy sodomizes what he thinks is a corpse doesn't make this experience any less delightful. Can't you people take a joke? Wouldn't you have given anything to nail the captain of the wrestling team in your high school?

    The negative reviews are mostly coming from gay men who watched PLAY DEAD at various Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals around the U.S. It's too bad they're doing their part to make gay culture just as boring, uninspired, challengless and mediocre as the mainstream. What a sorry sack of saccharin prudes!

    Yes, it's a low-budget production. There are a couple of shoddy jump-cuts that expose areas where the filmmakers needed more footage. Zappa is not a particularly skilled actress, either. But these are mere nits!

    PLAY DEAD is carrying the baton for a fabulous legacy of proud and spirited comedies that champion unconventional relationships such as HAROLD AND MAUDE, HAIRSPRAY, or even SHREK.

    Nathan Bexton is my hero, and you should all watch PLAY DEAD!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I laughed so hard I cried all the way through this movie. It was outstandingly hilarious. Dustine reminded me so much of the way Dakota Fanning acts, and she was so funny. I really and honestly cannot think of a funnier, campier movie. It was funny from beginning to end, non stop hilarity. Anyone who thinks this movie is a piece of crap obviously has no sense of humor whatsoever. And I love the easy friendship and fun between the characters. The cool, calm, yet very fraught with tension way things were handled from the moment Violet showed up at the Darlene and Dustines house, to the very end was phenomenal. And Dustine...the dream, you have got to be kidding me. I had to run to the bathroom to avoid pissing my pants. Sheer enchantingly beautiful!
  • This is the kind of film that is so bad, so tasteless, so disturbing, you're embarassed when you laugh out loud at it--as the crowd at the 2001 DC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival did last night. The acting is somewhat amateurish, and the writing leaves a lot to be desired, but the situations, instead of stopping short as in most black comedies, keep going right past the border of good taste. And the audience was dragged along in spite of itself. As the lights went up, there was a lot of sheepish looking around as if everyone wanted to reassure themselves that they weren't the only ones who enjoyed it. Worth seeing, if only to see how depraved you really are.
  • maxmik22 July 2001
    This is the kind of movie you rent for your overnight slumber party. It will make you laugh but it will also make you squirm. Jessica Stone steals the movie as the precocious 8 year old. Diva Zappa reminds me of a young Liza Minelli ala Sterile Cukoo era. The musical soundtrack is off beat and the direction is efficient and gutsy. Superior editing job.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Coming-out themed movies have always been difficult to write and this one doesn't even come close to that! This quickly turned into a screaming match between the "in the closet" gay and lesbian characters of the movie - which sadly takes you on a journey to dulls-ville USA! The child in this movie has some funny background action when it comes to having a "dead" corpse in the house - even while her drunk step mother is making a frail attempt at caring for the child.

    the step mother - should have been a male role - that would have made "his" drunken come-on to the lead gay boy awkward and hysterical.

    Necrophelia alert as well - we know the boy is obsessed with the town jock - but did he have to have anal sex with him when he knew the guy was dead? Didn't need that scene! And at the end - when the little girl raises the dead make jock - no explanation is given as to his resurrection and what he meant by the line "welcome to the party - about time!" As usual - the writer of this show didn't ask a gay audience first about where to end the movie - so naked into the street the jock goes - into the arms of the drunk mother who almost runs him down...they make out, and then over breakfast the next morning he asks "what happened to my truck?" Again - the little girl takes center stage - a sequel is needed just to tie up the very loose ends of this so-so coming out movie! The lead is cute, but the jock has the nice butt - even after he gets it in the end (bad pun laughter inserted here please)
  • vagrantfilms11 June 2002
    Oh Boy!! You know your in Trouble when you realize that when you look at your watch at the 50 minute point of a 75 minute feature film and, that you have not laughed once, your in trouble. I'd like to be able to say I know how the film ends, but it was quite simply, so unbearably bad, I left at that point to partake in an activity of un-numbing my brain with copious amounts of alcohol. This film does a disservice to trashy cinema. I hereby apologize to John Waters, Doris Wishman and Russ Meyer
  • redkeno6 January 2006
    This is a disturbing yet entertaining movie. Its hard to describe without giving anything away. Half way into it I was like "no way" and hoping that it all turned out to be a dream or something. I'm not telling what happens, but if you watch it all the way through it is worth it. Its a dark comedy. If you like laughing at small town white trash, then you'll love this movie. It shows the awkwardness of being gay in a small town, yet takes it one step further. My jaw was on the floor through parts of it. Like I said before, its disturbing, yet entertaining. There are a lot of laugh out loud moments and some "oh no they didn't" moments. I wouldn't advise buying this movie, but it worth a look.
  • When I see something like this it makes me wonder how it gets made while so many superior scripts languish unmade for eons. The actors try to breathe life into the ridiculous paces they're put through by screenwriter/director Jenkins but he is so obviously inexperienced and not up to the challenge of guiding them in a creative way. I've probably seen worse films but nothing immediately comes to mind. It's not even interesting in a prurient way cause Jenkins doesn't throw all caution to the wind and shock the audience out of its sleep-induced coma. He seems to think he's making an important statement about obsessive love but unfortunately all this film is is a sedative.
  • I have been looking for this movie everywhere and cannot seem to find it anywhere online. Does anyone know where I will be able to find this movie? I have read all the comments and now I would really like to see for myself what this movie is all about. From what I have read it sounds to me like it would be funny as hell, but then again that could just be my warped sense of humor. I did not even see previews for this movie on TV back in 2001. If I had seen the previews then I probably would have watched it then. Does anyone actually own this movie? If anyone was to actually own this movie, would you please get into contact with me and let me know?
  • I've seen worse films but this was a waste of time and money. It was screened at the Gay and Lesbian festival here and there were some funny parts but not enough to make it worth seeing. The acting wasn't very good and the script made people wince.