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  • Warning: Spoilers
    CASA VIANELLO is a funny family sitcom about a real life family. The title is named after the man of the house, Raimondo Vianello, who plays the slightly henpecked husband of Sandra Mondaini, a frisky and independent housewife.

    The show is wildly popular in Italy because it is about real people getting mixed up in very real situations (and not-so-real situations)that are often outrageous.

    Sandra, who in real life is a professional clown with a registered painted face and who has starred and costarred in countless TV programs, many of which are classified as "telespettacoli" (another name for "variety" like THE Hollywood PALACE, THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW, etc, a concept that, though long fell out of favor with American audiences, is still very much alive and well with Italian audiences).

    On one episode, some friends of the family had returned from some vacation abroad and came home with some popular cigarettes that they wanted to share with the family and some guests who also stopped by.

    What nobody knew was that somebody's handbag had been mixed up with another handbag and that the cigarettes that the friend had passed around were laced with either marijuana or hashish.

    So as the party smoked their funny cigarettes, with some very funny results. They all got higher than kites and stated laughing hysterically.

    On another episode, Raimondo, though some internet dating, managed to convince his internet date that he was a very suave lover.

    When his date showed up, he found out too late that is wife had changed her plans and had decided to have her friends over.

    To prevent the wife and the girl from crossing paths, he locked his wife and friends in the kitchen and proceeded with his romantic overtures with the date, forgetting that the kitchen also had a door to the balcony, which also connected to the living room with another plane glass door, allowing the wife and friends to watch the whole thing from outside.

    Combining some Italian humor with a little bit of slapstick and some tongue-in-cheek humor, this show remains popular on the Italian Mediaset networks.