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  • Vincentiu3 January 2013
    the cast. the fight scenes. the great performance. a film about Romanian war for conquest of independence. mark of Sergiu Nicolaescu art is the central sign. his vision about national history. his ambition to create a memorable movie after a century before event. but, like in many of his movies, the cast is key of success. in this case, great names of Romanian cinematography are present to recreate a legendary fresco. sure, the help of regime is not small because in that period, all was part of Communist party consolidated name. but, after years, the film remains touching and almost impressive. for the realistic scenes. for force of characters, for the good performance. it is all. all as a map today, in the day of Sergiu Nicolaescu death. Rest in peace !
  • One very good movie about Romania`s history, revealing the independence war from 1877 , a war between Romania and Rusia against the Otoman Empire. Another Sergiu Nicolaiescu`s piece of art.
  • Kirpianuscus22 January 2017
    chronicle of an war. the war who brought Independence to Romania. a story who is more than touching or impressive. it is only a good job. with different levels - political, military and admirable use of fragments of ordinary lives and motivations of the soldiers. a film who use the pressure of propaganda for a coherent and convincing fresco of a fundamental moment from national history. and this is its basic virtue - to mix the patriotic speech with high historical accuracy. sure, after decades, the most important aspect remains the performance of actors. George Constantin as Mihail Kogălniceanu, Ion Dichiseanu as Osman Pasha, Amza Pellea as the general Alexandru Cernat and Tudor Gheorghe as Vasile Alecsandri. so, story of a war. and its meanings.