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  • Set in Gunnison, Colorado, "Two Faces West" was a syndicated half-hour western series which ran during the 1960-1961 television season. Charles Bateman starred in the dual role of marshal Ben January and his identical twin brother Dr. Rick January. Although identical twins, both possessed very dissimilar personalities. Marshal January was a man capable of extreme violence and was very fast with his gun. Dr.January was a man of extreme peace and hated violence or so it seemed for as situations dictated, peaceable Dr. January would often masquarade as his marshal brother and prove to be as fast with a gun and as proficient with his fists.

    Others in the case were Francis De Sales as Sheriff Maddox, Paul Comi as Deputy Sheriff Johnny Evans, and Joyce Meadows as Stacy. Although this series was certainly no worse than any of the other being telecast during this period of time it was actually just another gimmick western of the late '50's/early '60's. Remembered by many but not distinguished from any of the others.