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  • Excellent little supernatural anthology series, supposedly based on true accounts, with an excellent mixture of quality guest stars from both sides of the Atlantic, including Denholm Elliott, David Warner, Karen Black and Eli Wallach.

    Relegated to late-night British TV when it first came out, the series hasn't reappeared since, and richly deserves a re-showing and critical re-evaluation.
  • I must have been in my teens when I first saw this series (in Australia), but it left a very strong impression. I was reminded of Worlds Beyond last weekend when I saw "Ringu (1998)", which was the first horror film to scare me anywhere near as much as these British TV classics.

    I can't recall much more about this series except the opening music, which alone made my spine tingle. I also recall enjoying the episode entitled "suffer little children" episode and another one I vaguely recall about about a dance hall haunted by soldiers.

    I recommend this for fans of ghost stories, but I have no idea where you might find it.
  • I remembered this a few months ago talking about 80s shows with friends. I looked on eBay but couldn't find it, so I tried putting the title into YouTube and the whole series is there. The memories it brought back were very fond.

    The music is haunting and the production values were, for the period, very high.

    The cast of each episode were drawn from the cream of British television and were, on the whole, brilliant.

    Why people go on about hiding behind the sofa when Dr Who came on I will never know, for the 1980s this was the best scare on the box.