When Joan hits Leo up for more "performance" drugs, her appearance suddenly changes from made-up with her hair up to sweaty and disheveled with her hair down.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs

When Michele and Critter are talking in the diner, Buzz suddenly appears next to them. That error was created in the conversion to home video. In the DVD version, Buzz gets up from his seat and returns with a beer.


During the fight in the office, the large painting on the wall changes from crooked to straight and back between shots.


When Buzz and Michelle arrive at the first convenience store, the lights are off inside. When Buzz goes in, the store lights are on and nothing is covering the window. When Buzz leaves, the lights are off again.

Factual errors

"Critter" compares Buzz to a blind rattlesnake saying "you hear a noise and you strike." All snakes are deaf.

Audio/visual unsynchronised

When Leo McCabe demands that Buzz give up his weapon, Buzz asks "Give you what?" in Critter's voice.


During the opening credits number the back up dancers outfits constantly switch between silver bikinis, and yellow mini dresses and back again between shots.