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  • Smells_Like_Cheese12 December 2003
    Before there was "Showgirls" there was "Girl in Gold Boots". This film is even worse and worse made. You know, I really think the director took himself seriously when he made this movie. Sad, is it not? But I think he didn't realize that he had a budget to stick to when making this movie.

    The plot? Michele is a wanna be dancer (who really can't dance, but we're lead to believe she's the best) but is unfortunately kept with her alcoholic father in the popular restaurant "Eat". But when a Kasey Kasim wanna be walks in with promises to make her a professional dancer with the help from his sister who is the "main attraction" in L.A., she leaves within the blink of an eye. On their way they pick up a hitchhiker, Critter. Of course there will be tension since everyone loves Michele's looks.

    When they finally arrive in L.A., and there is Christmas decorations all around Hollywood, where's a better place to go than a haunted house? But it's just a hidden dance joint where the dancers look like they're more having seizures and clucking like a chicken then dancing. Michele, Buz, and Critter get involved deeper than they would want in the business with a slick greasy pusher who owns the joint. When Buz's sister, Joanie, is obviously in bad shape from drugs and possibly overdosing on the fake eyelashes, she confesses that she once had a "pretty mind" and tells Michele to get out before Leo, the pusher, takes her down too. But can Critter and Michele make it alive when they already know too much about a plot and a murder that doesn't make much sense?

    Oh, man. You have no idea how poorly made this film was made, I mean we're talking just God-awful acting, poor sound, bad editing, atroshish writing, and a horrific picture. I just loved how in one scene, it's just Critter and Michele are sitting ALONE at a table, but in the blink of an eye Buz is in the picture. I loved MSTK3's commentary "I'm back! Come on! I just teleported here! It's impressive!". Watch the MSTK3 episode, that's the only way you'll enjoy the film.

    1/10 for the film 10/10 for MSTK3's version
  • If it weren't for that brilliant show, no one would have ever seen this movie after the 60's...not that that's a bad thing.

    This movie is a big, steaming pile of continuity errors and bad acting. There was a vague plot buried beneath all of this, however it was as thin as paper and made transparent by the grease dripping off of the actors.

    There are countless errors and inexplicable scenes in throughout this movie. Who could forget Buz magically teleporting into the booth at the diner? Who could forget the utterly mind-boggling dune buggy scene? It seems as though this movie was made for MST3K, and, I warn you all, should not be viewed under any circumstances without the hilarious one-liners of Mike and the robots.
  • If Offbeat Cinema hasn't grabbed Girl In Gold Boots for one of their late evenings roasts than they are not doing their job in finding some of the worst cinema put on celluloid. This must have been a great second feature in the drive-ins in 1968 when people were getting down to something else.

    On That Seventies Show one of the funniest lines I ever heard was from pretty and vapid Mila Kunis who said that nothing was ever going to get in the way of her ambition to becoming a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. That same sense of purpose exists with our leading lady Leslie McRae who dreams of going out to Los Angeles and becoming a go-go dancer. It certainly beat slinging hash in that New Mexico diner with her drunken father. When Tom Pace comes into her life saying he's going to LA where his sister does just that, McRae hears enough and jumps in the car with him. Along the way they pickup another wandering stranger Jody Daniels and the three of them are off to Tinseltown after Pace robs a filling station.

    They find Pace's sister, a drugged out dancer working for club owner Mark Herron who's got his fingers in a lot enterprises, mostly illegal. Pace doesn't really care about his sister, he just sees opportunity for himself and McRae gets hired as a new dancer and Daniels becomes a club janitor. Herron indicates that Daniels could do better for himself with him and you can take that any number of ways.

    The film is one sorry mess, lousy sound recording, inane plot, totally bogus climax to this piece of drama. If you recognize the name of Mark Herron it will be because you remember who was Judy Garland's fourth husband. Mark wasn't doing that great before he married Judy, and when she cut him loose this was the best his meager talent could get.

    Oh and the music is bad Sixties music and the acting on the level of some of my grade school plays. When will Offbeat Cinema be showing Girl In Gold Boots?
  • I absolutely love this movie, I don't know why. It's terrible in all of its parts. I've seen epileptics who have better dance moves than the title character and the girl Michelle. The songs are mediocre at best, the continuity and editing are both terrible, almost everybody in the film is oily looking and/or ugly, and there is no plot to speak of whatsoever. That said, for some reason despite these things(or maybe because of them), this movie is hilarious. The MST3K version is a delight, although something tells me that I'd still laugh a lot just watching it uncut. Michelle is not only the most untalented dancer that I've ever seen, she is dumber than a bag of hammers. 'Critter' is blandly good looking and not very talented at his chosen craft either. Buzz is a horrible little greaseball, and yet Michelle shacks up with him because he promises her that he can help her become a dancer with the aid of his drugged out sister(who also is a completely untalented dancer). But then, considering her disgusting drunker father, who she was still living and working with even though she had to be in her mid-twenties at least - Michelle does not have good taste in men or the brains to know when its a bad idea to shack up with a guy who carries a gun and pistol whips people with it at the drop of a hat. They all get mixed up with an oily drug dealer, and Buzz ends up killing a guy over heroin. He just gets better and better! The immensely lame 'plot' sort of trails off, as Critter goes off to fight in Vietnam after pummeling Buzz and Leo half to death. This after many, many horrible scenes of Michelle and/or Buzz's sister dancing. Stupid, completely stupid. But somehow, delightfully so. Makes me laugh every time I watch it.
  • ...That really shouldn't have been combined. One half of the film is a woman chasing her dream of being a go-go dancer. The other half is about the seedy side of drug use, and drug pushers. Some films do well against the test of time. This one fell flat 10 seconds after its release. Bad acting and a second-rate band shoot this one down.
  • When it comes to bad movies,this movie is bad. Not quite 'Hobgoblins' or 'Space Mutiny' bad, but bad enough. As for boring, this ranks up there with 'Blood Waters of Dr. Z.' and if you're an MST3K fan like me, you know how bad that is.

    Now on to the movie. Well, if you mix together a bad plot, an overplayed dance number, lame acting, a cheesy script, drugs, and greasy non-threatening villains, you've pretty much have this movie. Oh my, and the sorry excuse for an editing job! This is the most poorly edited movie I've ever seen, next to 'Future War', another great MST3K episode. In one scene the mousy villain appears out of nowhere next to the 'heroes'. It's THAT BAD!

    Movies are supposed to entertain and tell a coherent story line. This one fails horribly at both. Watch it only on MST3K! Anyone who enjoys it any other way is SICK!!!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Film, a Ted Mikels Production, "stars" Jody Daniel as "Critter," a long-winded draft-dodger (sort of like Bill Clinton), who teams up with a slutty dullard of a waitress, Michelle (Leslie McRae), and dime store thug, Buz (Tom Page), on a trek to an L.A. strip club, The Haunted House. "The Incredible Journey" this ain't.

    Opening title song, performed by Chris Howard & The Third World, is as inane as "Never Steal Anything Wet" by Mary Wells (which opened "Catalina Caper") and "Ha-So Stratosphere Boogie" by Jimmy Bryant & His Night Jumpers (which introduced "Skydivers") and, to make things worse, they play it about 10 times throughout the movie!

    Other songs, including "Wheels Of Love," "Everything I Touch," "For You," "Do You Want To Laugh Or Cry," "Hello Michelle," "One Good Time, One Place," "Lonesome Man," "Cowboy Santa," and "Strange Things," make this one of the worst musical soundtracks since "Incredibly Strange Creatures......," "Newsies," "Grease 2," and the remake of "Lost Horizon."

    Buz, the poor man's Regis Philbin (who, himself, is the poor man's Joey Bishop) first meets Michelle gyrating awkwardly to a jukebox in a run-down greasy spoon, and claims she should dance professionally, even though she has no talent, whatsoever. And, since his sister, Joan (Bara Byrnes) is the "number one attraction in Los Angeles," she decides to leave her abusive, drunken father and go with him.

    Along the way, they meet up a couple of wimp bikers, pick up the hitch-hiking "Critter," frolic with a guy in his goofy beach buggy, and rob a mom and pop store. Of course, the two guys get into a fight over Michelle, who, with her huge face, stringy hair and caked-on eye make-up, is slightly less feminine than Harvey Firestein in "Torch Song Trilogy." And her acting makes one yearn for the professionalism of ANY of the women in "Pin Down Girls," "Charlie's Angel's: Full Throttle."

    They finally arrive at the club, which, evidently, actually existed (complete with a huge mouth for a stage with nostrils that randomly spews steam for some reason) in a time when good taste and a pleasant atmosphere obviously were not very important to patrons. Once there, Michelle, despite her aforementioned lack of talent, rhythm, looks, brains, coordination, athleticism, or charisma, is hired immediately, and soon vaults passed the pill-popping Joan, while Critter and Buz get rewarding positions as a janitor and a drug pusher, respectively.

    The club's owner, Leo McCabe (Mark Herron), comes from the Carlo Lombardi-Great Vorelli sleaze school, with a henchman (Marty-William Bagdad) that looks like Ortega's (from "Incredibly Strange Creatures") cousin.

    And, in the tradition of past washed-up pop stars who've appeared in B-movies (see Little Richard, the Cascades, Platters, Mel Torme, and Paul Anka, among others), Preston Epps, who had a #14 hit with "Bongo Rock" in 1959, makes an embarrassing cameo during the party scene.

    In that particular sequence, Michelle's complete lack of dancing skills are never more evident as she drunkenly sways about the room in most humiliating fashion. Later, as tough and athletic as Buz is supposed to be, he's easily chased down by a pudgy, middle-aged, bald jail trustee (Harry Blatz played by Harry Lovejoy), who looks like a cross between Victor Buono and Dabney Coleman.

    Anyway, to make a long review even longer, Buz, in a fit of stupidity, kills Harry, but he, Leo and Marty are subdued by the pacifist Critter, who, seeing the error in his peace-loving ways and joins the Army, just in time to be shipped of to Indo-China.

    A profoundly bad counterculture movie that makes itself worse by actual selling out in the end. for all his rebellious talk and swagger, Critter thinks it's best to and fight for Uncle Sam.

    I weep for the soul.
  • When I first watched this piece of junk, it was in the company of my MST3K buddies, Mike and his irrepressible funny robots Crow and Tom Serbo...thank goodness for such an occasion, because frankly there is no way in hell I would have seen it "MST3K-free"!! For a moment, I could've sworn the Buzz character was Regis Philbin in his early acting career before "Regis and Kathy Lee" hit the spotlight well over a decade later (hey, got to start somewhere!)... until the credits later rolled and discovered it was a total unknown by the name of Tom Pace (WHO???) Some bubble-headed coffee-shop gal takes up on an offer to ride with the RP look-alike, picking up a simpleton loser named Critter in the process, and heading for possibly the biggest Red Light District L.A. has to offer...just so she can be a dancer! God, what a waste of film! Throw in some real bad acting, atrocious editing (The U.S.S. Enterprise had to be orbiting Earth that day because the way Buzz suddenly "beams" into the screen in the restaurant booth...), the sleaziest, oil-enhanced night club owners ever seen, not to mention a senseless dune buggy shot, an unheard-of prison system program with thugs walking in and out of a jail at will, lousy songs and the Beach Boy-wannabes that perform them, and finally a dialog that can only compete with that of a '70s porno flick, and you've got yourself two choices: Watch it on its original version in which case you will senselessly throw away two hours of your lifetime...or watch the MST3K Version, and get yourself a bucketful of laughs. The guys from the Satellite of Love will brand it their hysterical form of justice.
  • This is a movie that wants to be kinda sleazy in a big bad way - you know, to show the dark underbelly and mean streets of the evil big city in a stark, realistic way, while contrasting it all with the hopes and dreams of a starry-eyed ingenue. And to show those dreams crashing down as the aforementioned starry-eyed ingenue is sucked into a downward spiral of sex, drugs and despair.

    Sorry, though. This movie only manages to be lame. The fruity hippie-philosopher-musician (who can't play guitar worth a damn!!!), the allegedly menacing but actually ineffective villain (the world's oldest "bright young man"), the continuous near-nudity... well, OK, there are some good parts...

    By the way, MST3K loves to show movies featuring greasy, oily villains, but the vaguely levantic nightclub owners in this movie definitely get my vote as most oleagenous of all.
  • Listen to this: I have bought this movie on DVD. I saw this film on the third bottom position on the IMDb, and I thought: OK, I have to buy this trash and judge it by myself. I saw the original DVD at, and I just bought it.

    My conclusions after watching this film 4 consecutive times is:

    1) It's bad (this is not new, I guess).

    2) There are lots of worse films, so this film shouldn't be at the bottom 100, of course. Take a look at Cantando a la vida (1968), for example. It's at least as bad as TGIGB.

    3) The 'huge' continuity error in which one guy is supposed to be teleported into the scene simply doesn't appear. There is one scene where he comes along and sits with a beer in his hand, so there is no continuity error at all. In fact, I haven't seen many continuity errors in the whole movie. Please tell me where they are, to look closer at them.

    4) The music isn't so bad. Compare it with Manos' soundtrack, for example (Yes, I have bought the Manos DVD, too). I even like the main theme, it has a nice rythm, and the girls aren't Michael Jackson, but in any case you must think that this is a film made in the late sixties. People didn't dance like today. Take a look at Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Do you think that's dancing...? It's like saying that the Beatles didn't have any appeal because they didn't use synthesizers or electronic drums.

    5) I have read in one of the comments that this film should be dedicated to the other girl, who really wears the gold boots. Well, I disagree. The title refers to the boots themselves. The girl who wears them is the main dancer. The rest of them wear silver boots. And, indeed, the EAT waitress finally puts the gold boots on towards the end of the film.

    6) The fact that a film is shown in MST3k isn't a reason by itself to consider that film a pile of trash. I'm sure that many of the people who have written comments at the IMDb about TGITGB even haven't watched it, at least without Joel & the Bots.

    7) I have no relation at all with this movie :-) It's just that I think it's not so bad as people say. I would have liked it to be much worse, so I wouldn't have spent my money on a DVD containing a film which isn't good nor absolutely horrible, either.

    8) My rating: 3-4 out of 10.
  • In 1969 on one end of the spectrum you had the gritty, realistic and overall brilliant "Midnight Cowboy". Then on the other end you had trash like "Girl in Gold Boots". What a stinky mess this movie is. It is pure garbage in every sense of the word. Young Leslie McRae falls in with the wrong crowd and goes west with aspirations of making it as a go-go dancer. The typical competition occurs with the other girls and McRae may even be able to find love in the venture. "Girl in Gold Boots" is cheap and rushed film-making all the way. Everything looks like it was thrown together on a Saturday night by the film-makers. Well actually it looks like it was thrown together in less than a night. Turkey (0 stars out of 5).
  • This is a film that I watched for the first time on Mystery Science Theater 3000 which is not surprising as this is not something I would even try to watch without them. Usually, when I did see a movie they riffed before I saw it on their show it was a horror film or science fiction one. All the biker ones and Ed Wood ones I usually saw on that show first. This is probably due to the fact that I can watch a bad or horrible horror film, but anything else to me is just hard to stomach if it is bad. This film was pretty bad as it does not really have much to it to begin with. Starts out as a traveling type film where a group of people are on the road and trying to get to California. Then the film becomes the precursor to Showgirls. Okay, that is not fair at this film! The plot is all over the place, the person they seem to frame as the hero is not and a guy who you think is going to be inconsequential ends up being the most important character. Of course, one does get to see lots of attractive girls dancing during one stretch of the film.

    The story is a bit all over the place as we start out with a girl who works at a place called, Eat with her alcoholic dad. A guy named Buz comes in and changes her life forever as he means to rob the place, but never gets around to it and soon he and Michele soon are headed for California where Buz's sister is a dancer for a nightclub and he thinks Michele can be a good dancer too! He also wants to do the nasty with her and he thinks that she has lots of money. They soon team up with a guy named Critter and get him to join their group as well because Buz mistakenly thinks he is loaded too and soon the are becoming fast friends and on their way to California right after Buz has to rob a gas station to finally get enough money to get there. They end up at a nightclub called the Haunted House where the band plays the same song over and over and girls flop around on stage and Michele can easily do this so she is soon replacing Buz's sister as the main attraction, but what does Buz care as he is too busy setting up a crime that involves breaking into a prison and somehow getting out. Meanwhile, Critter just wants to get Michele out of there!

    This made for a very funny episode of MST3K, but I do think there had to be a lot left on the floor with this one. Just too many jump cuts to random scenes like the guy with the dune buggy and the scene where Buz randomly pops up at the table where Michele and Critter are having a conversation. The film's run time also says there is a cut of the film that runs 102 minutes so maybe the missing footage would explain just how Buz got out of that prison and other questions. Or maybe, the missing sections featured topless dancers which would have been even better than finding out how he got out of prison! Still, not going to track down an uncut copy of the film to find out as I kind of doubt it features lots of nudity.

    So a bad film, yes! Not sure it was as bad as it looked featured on MST3K as it was cut a good deal for the show. It may even be worth a couple of more points on the score card if there were some hot scenes. Then again, if the scenes involved Buz or Leo it might have gotten deducted a few points too! Even with the edits, the film still plays out like two films as it does start out more focused on Buz, Michele and Critter's journey to California and then kind of slams on the breaks as they make their way to the Haunted House where only the dancing girls makes the film watchable. Still, gotta love the name of that restaurant...Eat!
  • I looked at the votes for this film here on Imdb, and I was surprised that so many people hate this movie. It seems like everybody either loves it or hates it; I didn't feel that way at all -- I didn't think it was a great movie, but it was worth watching, somehow likeable. Its a low budget film that looks like it was made in the clubs and deserts of Las Vegas and Los Angeles in the late 60s. Primitive sets, non-professional actors, bad songs, all notwithstanding equate into a pleasing film full of action and grit. Lots of burlesque dancing, sleazy character (including one of the male leads, Buz -- Pace). Good look and feel. I liked the movie because it was sincere, but not so sincere that it was ridiculous; it was just having a good time with being what it is.
  • warlorde9 August 2003
    Truly an awful movie with cornball acting, and the characters so, what's the word I'm looking for,,,,standard. Don't make any excuses for this movie, Mike and the bots were right on in lambasting it. I guess stripper movies are just fair game to rip ala Showgirls, Striptease, and most porno flicks.

    1 out of 10 for the movie, 8 out of 10 for the mst3k version. "Oh I use to have such a pretty mind!"
  • A waitress (Leslie McRay) tries to become the top star in the glamorous world of go-go dancing.

    What makes this film so bad is not its sound or picture or characters, but its complete failure to accept a coherent plot. The first part of the film is a bit like a "buddy road trip" picture, with a girl escaping her drunken father and a dune buggy ride sequence... and then it switches gears to a film about robbery and drug dealing.

    With some editing, this might not be too terrible of a movie. First and foremost, the scenes of the dancing need to be trimmed. They are too long and too frequent, testing the viewer's patience for hearing the same song repeatedly with awful dancing to match.

    Like everyone else on here, I saw this movie thanks to "Mystery Science Theater". But I would not put it in the Bottom 100. With a little work, it could be a manageable picture.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK, first let me say that, yes, I happened to see this film on Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

    Nothing in this film works. The acting was terrible, if not almost non-existent. The script was all over the place, if again, also non-existent. Don't even get me started on the editing. (And a quick side note to the reviewer who actually went out of his way to buy the DVD. Yes the bad editing is there in the print they used in MST3K, but I'm guessing they tried their best to clean it up for the DVD. I don't know. I didn't like or hate this movie enough to go out and buy the DVD.) Most of the male characters were all miscast. The Buz and Critter characters were written (and written poorly at that) to be younger, around age 18-21, and the actors playing them are at the very least in their 30's.

    And in the case of the females, while their acting and dancing skills are what contributes to how horrible this film is, the fact that a good majority of the film is just them "bouncing around on the dance floor" is what saves this film from getting a 1 rating from me. And yes, you can say it, I'm a sick and dirty pervert. But come on! You try to sit through a movie like this, even if it is on MST3K, and not get caught up in staring at a couple of voluptuous ladies, even if they are dancing badly.

    I've also seen a few reviewers say that the music is terrible. In the case of the "songs" "sung" by "Critter", I totally agree with you (and yes I put "quotations" around those 3 words on purpose). However, the real rock songs aren't THAT bad. I mean, yeah, they're not very good rock and roll tunes, but I've heard WAY worse music to come out of the 60's. Although yes, it does get a bit annoying hearing the theme song after the 3rd or 4th time. But I'd rather hear that over and over again, instead of that sappy tune that "Critter" "sings" in the rain while flashbacks of Michelle just pop in and out for no reason. Although, another thing that saved this movie from a 1 rating from me was the fact that I'm a musician, and besides the ladies, I was interested in the gear that "the band" had. For me, the 60's and 70's was the Golden age of musical equipment. But it just goes to show you how bad a movie is when a music geek like me is more interested in seeing what kind of guitar amps they're using on stage instead of the movie itself.

    And finally, the biggest thing that irked me about this movie was the ending. OK, so Critter corners the bad guys, and calls the cops. Then Critter decides that he might as well be a man and go to Vietnam, but first he'll get hitched to Michelle, but not before singing a terrible song accompanied by Michelle's terrible dancing. WORST ENDING EVER!!! OK, in the time that it would've taken the cops to get there, somebody could've done something. Any number of things could've went wrong for our heroes. But no. The scriptwriter decided to give us a nice happy ending with a crappy musical number. I agree with the other reviewer who pretty much describes the ending as sold out. But that phrase works on so many levels. Yeah, Critter sold out to Uncle Sam and joined the army. But the ending sold out to schlock. They could've at least had a big gun fight or a chase or something, with at least one or 2 main characters dying. It might've still been pretty bad, but it probably would've been a heck of a lot more interesting that the actual proceedings.

    Basically, this film is not worth it unless you watch the MST3K episode. But then again, it's not THAT bad. I mean, it's REALLY bad, but there are still worse films than this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ted V. Mikels: Your guarantee of inept movie making. But FWIW, I thought this was probably the best film I ever saw with Mikel's name on it, in that it didn't make me want to throw myself into the woodchipper...compared to something like "The Corpse Grinders", this film comes off as pretty well.

    But this is in no way, shape, or form a GOOD movie. The characters are cardboard cutouts, the actors are mostly unattractive and charisma-free, the script is your standard 60's 'rebel without a cause' fare, and the whole film looks like it was shot on a budget of about $30.

    However, there is a moment in the film, when the band is playing the OTHER dance number that ISN'T the title track, sort of a Byrds/Burrito Brothers thing with a nice driving bass line and some plangent minor vocal notes and the dancers are choogling along (including our heroine in her first 'real' on stage dance)'s a nice moment. In the words of Mike Nelson (in another of context), it's a moment where I actually don't want to drive a fire axe through the chests of everyone involved. So the movie has that going for it.

    On the other hand...the putative 'star' dancer, who we first see leading other dancers...she has to be seen to be believed. I would really like to know what the choreographer and the director were snorting or smoking when they came up with the spastic flailings they captured on film and presented as 'dance'. Even without the MST3K coverage, the pure kitsch/comedy value of this train wreck of a dancer is worth the price of the movie. (BTW, the backup dancers are usually OK...nice bodies in bikinis, and they jump and shake the way that only very young women can.) That's emblematic of the entire movie...not so much bad, as incompetent and entertaining only by accident.

    Not worth seeking out, but maybe worth a quick skim through on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
  • This has to be one of the best MST3K movies ever! Since discovering it we have watched it numerous times and never get tired of making fun of it.

    The acting is so bad its good and the editing and continuity errors are some of the worst (and funniest) you will ever see. The music is actually pretty good and the go go dancers are great.

    The lead "actors" are amazingly bad and had pretty short and limited careers but that is what makes this film so good. Many of the on the road scenes look like the same road used in "Duel" and many other low budget movies and TV shows. The footage of 1968 Hollywood is great, seeing all the long lost venues that no longer exist.

    Its worth a viewing with friends for a good laugh.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    OK, this movie is so boring, ooooooooh sooooooooo boring.... no no you don't get it it's SO BORING IT HURTS!!!!!! it gave everyone i watched it with headaches...we actually started to bite our fingers just to have something to do... it physically hurts.... only thing i paid attention to were the MST3K comments.... and the dancing, ooooh the dancing. Basically it's about everything else other than what it's supposed to be about. Girl hooks up with dude turned drug dealer, young dashing bohemian dude drags along and becomes the janitor/songwriter in the club the aforementioned girl was... hmpfff... dancing. YOU'RE LIVING A LIE, YOU DANCE LIKE A CLOWN (more like a COW), I HOPE THAT YOU DIE! i mean c'mon, Steven Hawking dances better...

    My advice, never ever ever EVER try to watch it outside of MST3K.
  • I didn't think the movie was that bad considering what it was supposed to be, I mean the acting and directing wasn't untolerable and the soundtrack was pretty good given what the film is intended to be, although the editor does deserve a cruel death. Taken for what it is, a 60s drive in skin flick it actually isn't to bad and besides at least the film didn't take itself to seriously or at least hopefully it wasn't (with that Fuzzy guy buying drugs lol). It's not the greatest film ever made but it's not worth some of the abuse it's getting, I give it a 3.

    And I give the MST3K version a 10, this is what MST3K is capable of when they don't have to stick to SCI-FI movies week in and week out. Two of the most memorable moments in MST3K history were made in this episode in my humble opinion. First crow dancing on the table and Mike screaming "What the Hell is going on here!" Also I thought the running joke of the lead actor playing the harmonica with his ass was priceless.
  • This movie is so horrible, it's amazing that it was ever made. When, in the middle of a scene, a character just teleports into the middle of the screen for no reason, your jaw hangs open in astonishment that you're watching such a terrible film. The only time this movie is worth watching is when featured on MST3K, and then it's hilarious. Other than that, avoid this movie at all costs, and you'll be a lot better for it.
  • This movie was made & I know not why. It was confusing, it jumped around from different scenes. The acting was terrible & most of the that song "Girls in gold boots" was horrrrrrrid!!!!! I think the so called "dancers" were having fits because that wasn't dancing. They had no dancing ability it looked like pain lol. Once again though MS3K came in & saved the day. They turned a truly bad movie into a delirious joy ride! Thank you MST !
  • If you know, do tell me. I'm confused already. I got lost in the restaurant of EAT. So, um, let's see, a summary. I suppose I should tell you what this movie is about, and it's about...we'll come back to that.

    It's stupid. It has no plot. It has no actors. It has no, well, NOTHING. The dancing is simply woman jerking their bodies in a way that I think is supposed to be suggestive, but all it really gets across to me is how untalented they are.

    Dumb. Idiotic. And three cheers to Mike, Tom and Servo!
  • This movie was slightly better than Hobgoblins. MST3K gave it the treatment it deserved.
  • Mister-62 December 2000
    Ted V. Mikels - the undisputed master of trashy movies about trashy people doing trashy things in trashy places. And "Girl in Gold Boots" has his trashy fingerprints all over it.

    The plot - if you must. Waitress runs off with unstable, grinning grease-ball to break into the dance club circuit and picks up a draft-dodging loser along the way. They all make it to LA and watch in horror as drug-dealing, murder and go-go dancing make their lives a totally un-groovy experience.

    I don't ask a lot from movies like this - only that they reach the lowest common denominator in the most entertaining way possible. This one didn't, and that's the most charitable way to put it.

    Big hair, folk music, foot-long eyelashes, greasy bad guys with greasier mustaches and bright red stage blood are the call of the day (or, of 1969) and, if I noticed, there are a few "Gold Boots" in here.

    Or, at least boots that looked kind of gold - somewhere, anyway...I mean, there has to be, doesn't there? Doesn't there? I mean, that's the name of the movie, ISN'T IT?! HUH??!! Ohhhhh, I wish I had my pretty mind back...

    At least I had MST3K to help me through it. Thanks, Mike. Thanks, robots.

    One star for "Girl in Gold Boots", eight stars for the MST3K version.

    Just one problem, though - if the name of the restaurant was "EAT", what did they call their bathroom? Hmmm....
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