Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: [to Lesra] Hate put me in prison. Love's gonna bust me out.

Lesra: The man's innocent. And he's been in jail fifteen or sixteen years. It's not right.

Terry Swinton: I know that's what his book says.

Sam Chaiton: Two juries found him guilty, Les.

Lesra: Two white juries.

Lisa Peters: Hey, hey. Not all white people are racist.

Lesra: Not all black people are murderers.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: [to the Warden] I'm innocent. I've committed no crime. A crime's been committed against me.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: [to Les] It's very important to transcend places that hold us.

Theo: We're looking for two Negros in a white car.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: Any two will do?

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: He who bemoans the lack of opportunity, forgets that small doors many times open up into large rooms.

Mae Thelma Carter: Rubin, I ain't walking nowhere from you.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: I'm dead. Just bury me.

Reporter: Mr. Carter, now that you're out, are you still going to be The Hurricane?

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: Oh, I'll always be The Hurricane. And The Hurricane is... beautiful.

Book Lady: Okay, young man. That'll be twenty five cents.

Lesra: 25 cent? Must not be much of a book.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: [addressing the court] Twenty years spent locked up in a cage considered as a danger to society.

[last lines]

Announcer: Everybody wanted this victory and Hurricane has delivered.

Detective at Hospital: Are these the two men who shot you? Look carefully, Sir. Are these the two men who did this to you?

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: He said "no".

Detective at Hospital: Move closer.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: He said "no".

Detective at Hospital: Move closer.

Det. Sgt. Della Pesca: Take another look, Sir.

Det. Sgt. Della Pesca: I'm gonna take your black ass down Mr. Fucking Champion of the World.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: I got your black fucking champion right between my legs you short punk bitch.

Lesra: [observing the prison] This is some place.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: This is no place, not for a human being or anybody. Never get used to a place like this.

Sam Chaiton: [to Lesra] You know what Les, sometimes we don't pick the books we read, they pick us.

Terry Swinton: We all believe in your innocence.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: I've been innocence for 16 years. That's how long I've been in here. Innocence is a highly over-rated commodity.

Myron Bedlock: [to Judge Sarokin] Your Honor, this case was built on a foundation of lies.

[first lines]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, this fine young fighter will be right here in Pittsburg on the boxing cog, this Monday night.

Announcer: Hurricane Carter has defeated the welter weight champion of the world!

Lisa Peters: Your first book, huh?

Lesra: Yeah.

Lisa Peters: Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: [voice over narration] Hurricane is the professional name that I acquired later on in life. Carter is the slave name that was given to my forefathers, who worked in the cotton fields of Alabama and Georgia. It was passed onto me.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: [voice over narration] The one thing I could do, and the only thing was box. I had tasted my own blood and I loved it.

Det. Sgt. Della Pesca: Can you believe that black punk? Thinks he's champion of the world. Fighter of the year my ass. He's a low life criminal.

Judge Larner: Rubin Carter, John Artis, for the murder of James Oliver, it is the courts sentence that you be imprisoned for the remainder of your natural life.

Lesra: [to Rubin] Dear Mr. Carter, I read your book.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: You think I killed those people son?

Lesra: Now I know you didn't.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: How do you know?

Lesra: I just know.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: [addressing the court] Justice is all I ask for. Justice.

Lisa Peters: You can't understand living without you.

Det. Sgt. Della Pesca: You are making enemies that you don't know exist.

Lesra: Why'd you do all that?

Terry Swinton: 'Cause you were smart and funny.

Sam Chaiton: And short. We figured it'd be good for you to spend a little time with some tall white people.

Terry Swinton: Yeah, Absolutely.

Lesra: [to Rubin] I would like to come and visit you if that would be alright.

Sam Chaiton: Can he see us?

Terry Swinton: Yeah, he can see you.

Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter: Fifteen years on.