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  • Fred Lincoln did a fine job directing this vehicle for contract star Serenity, which gives the fans a whole lot more in the form of equally talented and scrumptious stars.

    Among these are my personal favorites Stephanie Swift and Chloe, both mega-talents in petite packages. The vignettes comprising seven sex scenes combine fantasy and fetish with quality results.

    Story premise (concept is credited to Steve Justice, who has an acting role as well) has Serenity and hubby Brad Armstrong suffering from marital problems, and Serenity visiting a sex club called "Sexcapades" to be cured. This free-form structure gives rise to a series of varied sexual couplings, with Serenity frequently in the position of a voyeuse (audience surrogate).

    Stephanie Swift is especially impressive in a couple of scenes, while Chloe is well-cast as a submissive permitting Serenity to indulge in some whipping and other BDSM-lite activities.