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  • I'm not a big fan of reality shows (I watch a few but not many) and even though The Challenge is a mix between reality show and competition show, I have to say I've come to love this show. It's been around a long time but has continued to stay fun and fresh the whole time. It started off with only Real World & Road Rules stars but has expanded over the years to include a huge variety of reality shows including shows like Big Brother, Survivor, Are You the One, etc. It's become so popular over the years that there are spin-offs all over the world of this show. Even CBS just recently started their own called The Challenge: USA and even has TJ Lavin as the host there. There's also the incredible spin-off called The Challenge: All-Stars where it takes all your favorite and best cast members from over the years and brings them back for a little nostalgia. This show really does get addicting, especially once you get to know the players and get invested.
  • The Challenge has been around a long time and even though I'm not a big reality tv fan and only watch a few reality shows, this is great and has been the whole time! It started off with only Real World & Road Rules stars but has expanded over the years to include a huge variety of reality shows including shows like Big Brother, Survivor, Are You the One, etc. This show really does get addicting, especially once you get to know the players and get invested.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    LIke all seasons of The Challenge, this one was nuts. Pretty much each season there are fights, hook ups and a brutal challenge. Most of the people on the show know each other personally and from other TV shows, so alot of the fightings comes from personal issues and not game ones. I believe the way these people behave on the show is how they are in real life. For the most recent season, they added the best twist they have ever had. In order to make it to the final you would have to put yourself into an elimination challenge and win. This caused the people who normally control the game (vets) to put themsleves in rather then the rookies, which always seems to occur. There were some iconic moments, particularly when Bananas took on Wes in an elimination challenge and when CT got eliminated by a rookie. I think if Cara Maria and Paulie were there, it would have brought more drama to this season and most likely Bananas wouldn't have won. My biggest problem with the season was when the producers pretty much made Dee a silent competitor after her controversial Black Lives Matter tweets. They even shortened an episode , which made no sense as a result of them. It was like she was there but she wasn't. I almost wish they would release the episodes the way they were meant to be seen as well as the edited ones that take Dee out of the competition. The final challenge as always was pretty brutal and was surprised it didn't go more then one episode. Overall it was an excellent season.
  • If you like reality tv you should definitely check this one, is has a good cast, good competition and of course a lot of drama. It delivers in Every aspect that you need from a show of this type. 10/10
  • aarthika-0992519 March 2021
    This is probably the only good reality tv series out there since it has been on air for this long. Very addicting and super underrated. I love the drama, the challenges and challengers.
  • The Challenge has been an MTV staple for decades now. This show puts former reality show contestants (originally drawing from the Real World and Road Rules casts exclusively) against each other in physical challenges and/or puzzles, all while they are trapped living in a huge, amazing house. Alliances, politics, backstabbing, hookups, fights, and general drunkenness have also been known to ensue.

    What separates The Challenge from other tv shows of similar nature is that contestants often return season to season, with some contestants having been on 10+ seasons. This allows storylines to continue across years. You might watch your favorite contestant rise from 'sweet rookie underdog'to 'multi season champion' to 'veteran bully'. Not only this, but the physical challenges (especially some of the eliminations and the Final challenge) are actually incredibly grueling and require those who really want a shot at winning to specially train year-round.

    I was just an elementary schooler when The Challenge began, so I literally grew up watching some of these people and continue to into my late 20s. That's not to say you wont enjoy it if you jump right into the current season without te background experience- the current seasons have drawn lots of brand new contestants from UK reality shows which has introduced a whole new set of characters and a US vs UK dynamic which has totally ushered in a brand new era of the show.

    The Challenge has it all- personable characters, ridiculous personalities, great athletes, high drama, endearing underdogs, malicious bullies, and a plethora of VERY attractive people. Phenomenal television.
  • xmeax13 May 2019
    Does not explore the worst in people like other reallity shows. It promotes hight competition but is very strict with agressivity which I respect a lot. The fact that most players are returning season after season just makes it more interesting when you see their development and how they change their playstyle, their rivalries, its amazing to see their strategy in the challenges and to follow the charecters.
  • Best reality TV show !!! I'm pumping watching this
  • Favorite show ever! So many seasons of intense challenges. More people need to watch this!
  • atlasmb8 February 2019
    "The Challenge" originated when MTV wanted to capitalize on its "Road Rules" and "Real World" franchises and the numerous young celebrities those two shows had created. Stars from each of those shows were pitted against each other. Over the course of thirty-three seasons, so far, its producers have looked for ways to keep it fresh, mostly by varying the cast. Like "Big Brother" and "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race" and other reality contest shows, they have pitted various factions against one another.

    As in the original "Real World", the contestants are mostly attractive alpha types. Those who have been successful on the show(s) have returned again and again, creating careers. This means some of them have had their egos stroked for years and they bring romantic and rivalry histories with them. This baggage fuels attractions and personal vendettas. These are real contests, but they are also soap operas.

    You can expect grueling competitions, plenty of chest beating, and juvenile hookups and alliances. For a prize of $1 million, these twenty-somethings will do almost anything.

    The best competitors display heart, intelligence, and physicality.

    These shows often come with their own "after shows", where an in-studio host asks probing questions about each episode and they show behind-the-scenes footage.
  • This show is one of my favourites it has all the elements of a great reality show drama, challenges, and really getting to know the people. The seasons are always different with a new twist and some of your favourites cast members always come back into the game the following season their not just gone for good after a season.

    I would recommend this show to anyone who loves reality TV, the challenges are not easy they are very difficult and take allot of skill to perform great to watch. It is dynamic and lots of crazy drama too!

    I cannot wait for the next season to come it is a great watch a mix between big brother and surviver but more difficult and hardcore.
  • I'll be honest - I don't watch a lot of reality TV. I don't exactly love screaming drunken fighting and drama. This show certainly has those elements, though they have toned down the drama in some more recent years.

    The weekly challenges and elimination matches they do on this show are incredible, highly entertaining, and are hands down more intense and significantly better than any other reality competition show on TV. To add to it host TJ Lavin is awesome and whomever is responsible for the editing on the show is a hilarious genius. Great mixture of thrilling weekly events and comedic moments. I'm not kidding about how amazing the challenges are - they often require a mixture of cunning, strength, speed, endurance, and agility. Brawn certainly doesn't make a good Challenger, it also requires brains and a great deal of heart.

    Another joy of this show that makes it unlike other reality competition shows is the repeat cast. If you watch enough seasons you will see the developing relationships between long time Challengers and see why the political and social aspects of the game work as they do. And, well, if your favorite gets eliminated there is a pretty good chance that you'll see them take another shot at it next season or the season after.

    The game has evolved significantly over the years as viewership has aged and the contestants themselves have gotten better. Watching early seasons (1-15) seems like a completely different experience than the later seasons (16-36). The Challenges are significantly harder in the later seasons and the competitors are much more sly about their political and social games.
  • "Politicking" - A term used by Challenge contestants to describe scheming and or back stabbing... basically, TALKING.

    I love the challenge, but the show has taken a serious hit in terms of entertainment factor.

    It used to be that the challenges were super difficult, and the contestants were prepared to battle it out in order to win the grand prize. However, nearing the 30th season mark we started getting worse challenges, contestants refusing to compete and a bunch of 'politicking.'

    The episode I just watched (season 36, episode 11) had a total of 22 minutes of actual challenge and 40 minutes of 'duplicitous scheming' aka politicking. As well as that, it had a cliff-hanger ending which meant I didn't even get to see the elimination match.

    It's a shame that the show has gone this way, but I guess it's a result of the times. Back in the days what people cared about most was the actual competitive nature of the show, but now, the show runners think the generation watching is more interested in the fake and overhyped drama, as opposed to the actual challenges that made the show a hit in the first place. This may be true since season after season they've focused on bland conversation (fake politics) way more than the actual challenge portion of the show. I hope they can get back to form soon.

    Between the fake drama, contestants choosing not to actually compete and the poor standard of competitors they're getting on, I don't know how much longer I can last. Here's to hoping I guess...
  • Cara Maria makes me puke. Just watch season 34 and see if u wouldn't feel the same.
  • Well yea, brainless muscle people from mostly all reality shows are here - from MTVs Ex on the beach, big brother, real world/road rules, love island etc. They put the most stupid of them together in one house and they have to do some challenges (well that is a good part). This challenges are interesting because it is a mixture of body strength, stamina and puzzles, well u can imagine what is the hardest challenge for people like that :).
  • nimitz54110 December 2021
    Lame show with people acting fake. This reality tv stuff sure has gotten out of control. Where do they even find people who want to participate... they must be really hard up, wanting to get likes on their twitagrambook.
  • This show was unfair to individuals because they were randomly paired up every week with some one else. No comradeship, or lasting team work. The finale was horrible, teams were changed constantly. Also one player had to play alone in each. Game. In a physical challenge, how do you expect one per son do the work of two. This was the only season I watched this shoe, and, only watched it because there were Big Brother & Survivor. Contestants on it. Unlike those two shows, this did not hold your interest , because you could not identify with any team. Also good players were eliminated because their assigned team-nmate quit. I will mot watch anoyher season.
  • lmcnea14 April 2020
    Your in a bunker get over it, not scary a bunker....why are you freaking out.

    who cares..not scary at all.

    So stupid, can see all the network wires running around.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Too many repeat people, would have been so much better with new people each season, show fails because of this. Great format needs new players each time.
  • As a lifelong Challenge fan from the first challenge when Real World cast members from different season drove a RV across country (Yes that was how the challenge started and it was on at the same time Road Rules aired), to my personal favorite challenge season Rivals 2, the challenge has seen a deep decline in entertainment. The reason why the challenge is not entertaining anymore is mostly due to the cast! MTV needs to work on bring back or in people that its audience will recognize, this season of Spy's was bad, 85% of the cast was either new or somebody that pretty much not worth TV time. CT, Cory, Amber, Amanda and newcomer Emily (The Rapper) are pretty much the only individuals that audiences can relate too, the others from this season are pretty much attention seekers looking to extend their 15 minutes of fame and 20 minutes of social media fame. Fessy, Josh, and Tori are pretty much "Puppy Dogs" to the show, and you can tell they have some type of political power with productions and the newcomers from this season are "Dreadful" to watch. Maybe it time to face it this show is not for me anymore and All Stars is more of a show for me to watch since those cast members are what I've been used to watching. This season of the challenge is only 4 out 10 Porkchops watchable.
  • Dumb fake drama with somewhat beautiful people that aren't even allowed to fight it out.
  • I don't know when it all changed. But I watched season 12 and really liked it! It was fun, with complex and creative challenges, so I started watching season 25. On the first episode, I saw challenges that not only accept violence but instigate it. It was really disappointing. I don't know why a TV network plays shows like that.